Sunday, April 7, 2013

Quick Hello

Hello from me to you...
I have been away such a long time
Thankyou to those who have sent msg's
I am fine thankyou 
I have had a lot on of late..
Been layed up in bed with a very bad back.. 
not being able to move.
Having to have someone to help me in and out of bed
and shower ..everything... 
Also having a tooth out.. 
which didn't go to plan so I have been to hospital
for them to slice my gums to get roots out..
and it hurt..
and it still hurts.. constantly.. 
I may have an infection
Dentist tomorrow to find out
And at this moment in time I am FULL of cold
Not sure where I have managed to get it from
but its sure here to stay... and my throut is so so sore
I can not talk... Paul thinks its lovely and quiet !!!
Men eh..
I think its not funny at all... it hurts to swallow everything
Anyway I am meant to be cooking Beef Wellington
not for me... I am on purree
so suppose I best get going
I have been crafting though
but not paper...
Wool... I have made a few things..
I will have to photo and try and get on here to show

Thankyou once again for those who have sent msg.
Some I chat to on Facebook.

Thankyou for stopping by
CLaire xx