Monday, November 26, 2012


Well I know I must have told you all that I was going....
YES I was a little excited about it...
and YES I had saved up for the occasion
and wow did I have a ball..
look what jumped into my hands..
yes your seeing right..all these pens..

 this  means I only have about 20 more to buy to have the full set..
As I bought a bumper set on the sly !!!
then I saw these new edge punches which I thought where a bargain at
2 for £18
 I also go lots and lots more but...
they are now all wrapped up for me for Christmas...
 I also bought the proper end dots for my promarkers.. which are now on the pens I have in my unit
took me hours sorting out though !!

 And next is Kath.... I knew she was going to be at the NEC
as Kath had been blogging about it her blog is Here
so I had to find her.. took a couple of hours but here she is
That's me on the right with the curly hair..
listening and taking it all in
 And she looks nothing at all like her blog picture.. !!!

She has a fantastic accent too..I stood and listened to her for ages..
but didn't like to disturb her teaching...!!
I do have permission to show these as I have asked Kath.. !!
right thats it from me as
I'm a celebrity is on and i am missing it

thanks for stopping by
CLaire xx

Shabby Art Planner

Evening... and I do hope you're all ok
This post should have been done a week or two ago
but I have been working lots of hours not leaving many hours in the day for me
and the dreaded housework.. and what with the run up to Christmas in full swing
making it so much harder to find me time
but hey I am here and I have a Christmas Planner to show you

Over at the Shabby Art Boutique the lovely Kerryanne 
shared with everyone a printout to make a organizer for Christmas
Now as soon as I saw it I had downloaded and made it
here is what I did 
Picture Heavy.... !!!
I made the book from cream card stock and used
Tim Holtz distress ink to do all the edges and make it look old and shabby
Took me ages
I used Paul's huge stapler to staple together..
as it is tougher than a normal one..and the staples are thicker
and it is holding it together nicely
 onto the book
Front cover
 All I did here was add some holly punches and gems for sparkle
 First two pages.. made to look old and shabby
the only thing written is the NEC.. post on that to follow
I added a raindeer charm to one corner just for interest..
 The next two are the card list pages..I knew I wouldnt have enough room on the one sheet
so I have two sheets for the list and also made a pocket for a tag which also has room for more names
 Oh and I also made a tiny envelope and placed it in the corner.
 Gift list... as you can see I have taken pictures before I started writing in
 All I did with these two was to add a shiny bauble peel off
 This is the back.. you can not see it on the photo but I have put lots of stickled on the tree

Anyway I thinik I can link this up to a friday thing over on Kerryannes blog so that is what I am going to do
I will also enter this into
Make it Monday.. Linky

Thanks for stopping by.. am off to do my second post of the night xx

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Promarkers vs ME

Yes the dreaded pens... I got so confused over about a year ago as wether to buy them or copics
what colours to buy first, or do I need to have them all at once
well  in the end I bought Spectrum Noirs to practice with..and I am not so keen, I bought them while in Portugal but didn't open until I moved back to the UK. When the time came to colour, some of them where dry and unusable..!! which put me off, but the ones I have used are nice to colour with.
I have bought some Promarkers I say some... I bought three packets of five just to see what they where like.
I spoke to Paula about what would be best and went with her ideas. Paula even sent me a link to her blog on storage. So I had a go and here is mine

Sat on the shelf above my workdesk, as you can see it isnt looking very full of pens
Well that is not the case now as I bought a set of 56
and I am slowly adding them a few at a time so no one

Here is a quick pic this morning... I will add some more next week, I have about another 20 or so to add
I have a list in my bag of the pens I have left to buy, so am sure I will come back from the NEC with a few more. I am also hoping to buy some stamps so I have something to colour too
Right time I did some cleaning before I go to work
Tanks for popping over
CLaire xx

Morning peeps.
Well it is Thursday meaning one more sleep here in Huddersfield
then off I travel to Grimsby to stop at Pauls mum's for one sleep then its
NEC time...
Can you tell I am excited ??
I have a HUGE list.. too many things on it to the amount of Cash I will have in my purse
But I am taking
I think I mentioned Hannah making bunting for christmas
Well here is the cute little snowman she chose on Google printed out and ready to be cut
 So yesterday while I was watching catch up TV I cut them all out 
so here they all are waiting to be coloured
I am so tempted to do a couple but I have to leave alone, it is Hannah project not mine
Above is the finished cracker for Paul. 
I just tied it with gold ribbon added a heart like on the present inside with a tag
and taped some red ribbon on each end
I didn't over do it as the card I used has a pattern and thought it didn't need anything too fussy, did not want to spoil it.
right I am tootling over to Shabby art blog to see if I post my organizer.
watch this space
thanks for stopping by 
CLaire xx

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I am getting Excited

I have just THREE sleeps left..just three until I go to the NEC craft fair.
I so can not wait to get in there and have a good look round. I have just been blog hopping and a blog I follow lady called Kath is jetting of to be there too
So I may just have to say Hello.. although I have not met her before, and to be honest she may think that I am a total wirdo walking up as though I know her.... lol It would be rude not to.
If by chance I do see her, its a big place so I probably won't.
I am at this moment in time printing multiple images of a snowman for Hannah.
She has decided that she would like to colour them, their scarfs and hats that is, and made a christmas bunting for the hallway
Where did she get this idea from well here..
 Hannah made these for where I work to hang around the Halloween table
The little ghost came from Bugaboo last year, I printed it off just before the PC went bang
 We attached them to some bright orange ribbon after Hannah had coloured them with my Spectrum Noirs
So just below is the Image she has chosen off Google to make the Christmas bunting
So I am thinking of sitting in the front room for an hour or so and cutting them out ready for her
while I catch up with some TV. I found out I can watch it through the playstation.. BBCI player

I also have something else to show later, although I need to hop over to the blog to see if I have to link it up
At Shabby Art Boutique, Kerryanne has made this years Chrstmas Planner, it is lovely
I have printed off and made my book, all old fashioned, I am very pleased with my result
I am just waiting on some stickles to dry on the back.. then I will take photos and post it here later on

Well that's it from me for now I am off to make a cuppa and get cutting.
Thanks for stopping by

Monday, November 5, 2012


Hiya peeps... 
just me here to show you something I made
I was blog hopping a couple of days ago
and when over at Julies blog 
I saw an amazing cracker
and thought I would like to have a go at that
so I asked for template which Julie sent Via email
Pop over to Julies blog and take a look
and if you like send her a sure she will send the template
anyway here is my take
It is slightly different in shape 
As I made it to fit around the red present
One of Pauls smaller pressies for Christmas
So I adjusted the measurements to suit myself
 and I surprised myself as I made it correct first time
and am rather pleased with it

The paper I used are Papermania - Home for Christmas
I am so pleased I bought these 
they are lovely 180gm so thick enough for making things like this
and the designs are lovely.
All I have to do is take a pic of the finished cracker
but just imagine it ties with gold ribbon
with a white heart stuck to one side

I am going to make one for Hannah too
but need to buy something to go into one.
Well thats me for tonight
Thanks for stopping by xx

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Evening to those of you that are reading,
it is Friday once again and no work for me until Monday
So I have time to do a post
I am showing a card that T.B.H I am a little stuck on
Although I like it how it is
I think it needs a Christmas Picture
but I didn't want to use a decoupage Forever Friends
Any suggestions Welcome
I have had the sewing machine out again
I think it finishes off the edges nicely
but oh it seems to take forever.
maybe it is just me being a beginner
now onto something much
although smelly
Look what have arrived at the farm this week
yes really small cows.......
How cute are these.. I am going to have to take my camera
and take better pictures
this was taken of my mobile and it isnt that good
and she stood and looked at me
I will also try and get some pics of the smaller ones
that are being kept in the huge sheds
now they are super cute, but very timid
Well thats it from me tonight
I am going to do my game on facebook
then watch some TV with Paul
have a lovely weekend and be carefull with those fireworks
CLaire xx0000000

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Forever Friends at Christmas

Evening... second post in a day
your certainly not used to that lately are you..
you can sit down before you fall
Well I am here to show you a Christmas card
As you may or may not know I don't have any of my images
as the PC broke taking them all with it
so I have been to the local garden centre to the crafty bit
and bought some decoupage sheets
and a pack of 12x12 papermania Home for Christmas paper stack
with the thought of doing some cards
and also some layouts once I get some photo's printed
here is the first card I made
 Hes just about to peg his stocking up..ready for Santa
 His little birdy friend is in his stocking waiting
I used some lovely ribbon with Merry Christmas on it
instead of a sentiment, although I might add a name nearer Christmas
once I have decided who this card will go to
I am so behind on the crafting it isn't funny, 
I may end up buying cards this year
I just don't have the images to colour.. 

I do have some news though..
over on Facebook Paula Holifield has announced
she has a little boy.. Nathan weighing in at 9lb 7oz
and hes is so so cute..
Brilliant news mother and family are doing well..
Am sure once Paula is home she will pop an update on her blog.

well that's me for tonight
I am going to go have a go at making a Christmas Cracker
more on that tomorrow

I am going to link this up to..
Make it Monday Linky
thanks for stopping by
CLaire xx

Wall art

Hello there
long time no see... 
I am still around, still crafting
but not many cards at the moment
I have been making wall art for Hannah;s bedroom
Hannah wanted her bedroom decorated in purple
which we have done
 The purple paint did not look so purple in the tin
believe me the darker colour is dark..
it looks rather light and nice in the picture

I even used my spectrum noirs to colour the pull cord purple
to match the wall... 
I have plans on changing the plastic white bit on the end 
to a really nice large purple ball of some kind
so I am on the hunt for something.

 Hannah also wanted some prints on the walls
she has seen a few in b&q but the set she wants will cost me
wait for it.. £200+
So we made a compromise and I said I would make her some
 This is what I came up with. I have made three in total
Paul gave me some off cuts of his MDF
which I covered with wallpaper
 I then used Pauls electric stapler to attatch the cord
above is the back of the wallart
Here is a close up of the flower
I used some stickles in gold on the stamens
not sure it stands out in the picture 
but looks lovely when it is on the wall..

I have also made these two also
here they are up on the wall.. 
Again I used stickles to make them stand out a little..

so that is what I have been up to of late.
I have made some Christmas cards which I am hoping to show later
I have tea to sort then I have time to blog.

Thanks for stopping by and snooping in Hannahs room
CLaire xx

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Going Buddy Promarker Candy

you will never guess what is up for grabs
A whole set of Promarkers
Do a happy dance
and thats before they have even announced a winner
One can

pop over to Going Buggy 
Enfy's has lots more info for you..
she has some amazing ideas on her blog.
so make a cuppa as you could be there a while

I am going to dream away until the draw...
keeping everything possible crossed..
and imagining all them pens arriving at once
being able to colour anything !!

Time for me to get ready and head to work.. 
Thanks for stopping by 
what brill news eh
CLaire xx

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's Official

The PC died tonight
taking along with it ALL my Pictures
Digi Images.. anything card making related
Papers bought from clipart Fairy
I could go on and on..
they are all gone
So I have just a few stamps
I don't really do stamps.. I like Digi
as then you can make them to the size you require

So I am gonna have to start all over again
Invest in everthing again.
But where to start
Do I replace all the things I had..
Or do I go for everything new !!
What would you do..

There are my tickled pink Images which I love 
and a couple of them I have not even used...
So don't even have them to photo copy !!!

I can do posts still as I have Paul's laptop
his best works one too... from his old job
not his job now....
I have found these images via google

Sarah Kay... I loved this little girl when I was young
I even had a duvet cover set with her on..and this last image
was on the pillow
So I am going to see if they print off ok..
Once I work out how to print from the
Might have to shout Paul to help set it up
I have a few hours hunting on the net now 
For something Christmassy
I have nothing left

Well best get lookin
Thanks for stopping by
CLaire x

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Very Unwell

Yes my pc is ill.. and my PC has all my photos on it...
yes the ones I have taken of cards to blog about
So I can not get to them.. yes I could take more
but most the the cards have gone to homes theywhere intended for

So am sort of stuck...
I can use Pauls blog with but no pictures..
I knew I should have copied from the camera and not moved
Oh well we live and learn
I am just hoping that dearest Paul can mend it..
without loosing all me pictures...
All my Digi images the lot, I have just bought a lot of new ones..
I will have to see if the links work and download them again
Fingers crossed
if not then start from scratch it will be

Will cost me a fortune to buy them all again..
so as you can guess I am a little annoyed... and Upset
and to make matters worse
I have new pens...
Promarkers... yes I have bought a few...
And I have even made a start on storage...
The idea came from Paula Holifield
Paula even emailed me the file to help..
Am sure once I get the full set it will look fab
oh and a DVD
I forgot to buy it while I was in town yesturday
so will buy it at the weekend.

here is the link to the actual blog post
pop and have a look.. Paula will send the file is you ask her
I will pop pictures up of mine as soon as possible

I am rather liking Sarah Kay images 
I have just been looking at some
oh and Kenny K.. who ever does her
I will have to investigate further on that one..

I am not sure if I have told you all
But I am working now... so time seems to fly
I don't like not having time to craft like I used

anyway.. I had best get on with seeing where Kenny K is bought from
Thanks for stopping by
CLaire xx

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Evening all... 
It has been a while since I had the time to post..
But I have time tonight
while files are copying on the PC to hard drive
as the PC is poorly
so I am having to move everything before Paul does what he has to
to hopefully make it work
Fingers crossed
I am showing two cards on this one post 
they are a pair in a way both similar in design
both using classic cars.
the decoupage came out of book
to which has no name.. sorry
 then I just did a quick panel with sewing on it
for a little interest
 the second card I decided to do as a aperture card 
and use two decoupage
again adding a panel of sewing
 Here they are together

I like the colour combo I have used and will definitely be using it again
for male cards.
right thats it from me for tonight
I have new toys and really want to try them out
thanks for stopping BY
CLaire xx

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Christmas Candy Winner

well this is a quick post..... 
The winner of my Candy as chosen by Hannah
by lucky dip

Could you please send me an email will your address 
And I will get it into the post as soon as

Thanks for those of you that entered... grand total of 4
CLaire x

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Get well soon

Over at CDAC the next challenge is up and running
and if I am totally honest I forgot about it
I have had the image sorted and ready to go onto a card
but just not had time to make the card up
So last night after spending my craft day painting the kitchen
I thought I had best get one made up so I can get my entry in
here it is
The Image is by Priscilla Styles

 I have paper  pieced the sofa... and the wall paper behind
Then I coloured kitty with my  Speecctrum Noirs
And looking at this I have not coloured the flowers on the window sill....
he is rather dopy looking isnt he..
thats what made me decide to do get well
he looks like hes flopped there and is not moving until he is better
Right time to go again..
Life is getting in the way of this blogging and crafting
thanks for stopping by
CLaire xx

Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday morning

And what a horrible one it is...
I have not seen so much rain in ages..
I have 30 minutes before I have to tootle to work
I have a card to show you all
Made for a boy
15cm square base card
layered with blues
The Yellow I wanted to look like a strange star
not sure I got that look
I made it from scraps
so it is not one whole piece.
 I coloured the image using my Spectrum Noir pens
and it was nice to colour
Must order some more...mine are now dry and not working
the Image is from Bugaboo !! I think

 He is so cute.. I think I won him in competition while I was in Portugal
long time ago now
I have arrange for myself to have a craft day on wednesday
I have been busy all weekend so I have the day free
my evening up until will be getting things ready..

now I am not sure if I have shown these
its me and Hannah ready to go into a cave
can not for the life of me remember where
all I know is its on the
 Here we are... again this time in the cave... not much headroom..
and I can tell you it got lots worse..

Paul found it amusing taking pictures but I am not showing them on here
It would put you off your food for
and I suppose we was not really dressed for it
it was hot and sunny out but oh so cold down there
Right I have to go now...
work to get to I may get back online later
while having a late lunch
thanks for stopping by
I will link my card up later !!