Wednesday, February 29, 2012

143 is the number for today..

And for one reason only.... WOYWW
Today I have a desk to see I am in the dining room
along with Paul..who is working from I don't have a full desk
I have a third... and no Paul isn't using two thirds. on third is Paul's mums
I get the rubbish bit of being cramped in the middle...not much room at all really

 see Paul's laptop and extra screen on the right
and Paul's mums things on the left
Mine is here,  the bag of pens and the case of crayons and images
 So I am doing this.. colouring as it doesn't require lots of room
 Paul's mum is hopefully going to finish her card..she started two days ago!!
usually I would help but have decided to say no... am doing my own thing !!
plus Paul is here so I have someone to back me
There is my desk... boring I know but I should have my own in about two months...yes my own desk
Can not wait to have my own space again

I am so sorry not to link back to the main lady herself..
just realised... how bad of me
pop over to Julia and say HI

Thanks for stopping by
CLaire x

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

50 follower candy

As promised but a little late !!! as I now have 53 followers
It is just to say Thank you for following me,
There is no picture as I have not been shopping but I will edit when I have a pic
once again Thank you...
It is for MY followers.. that's the only rule so to speak...
edited on the 5th March for the picture of a few things you will recieve

Add your name below.. I will be announcing the winner on 16th March
Good Luck to all
And another THANK YOU

Monday, February 27, 2012

What card...

Do I show.... I have so many on the PC.. some I made last year in Portugal
Some I have made for Paul's mum..
I do miss making for challenges... and really must start again
but not having my own space makes it a little difficult..
so I am going to show you these.. again made for Paul's mum
I did do them a couple of weeks ago
they both have sewing on them this is a fairly straight design
the next is has a lot more to it
I do prefare the one underneath
Would look nice in red sure there will be one in the box nearer the bottom
may take a while to get to it..I have said to myself to work my way down
This one is nice also.. I found the decoupage in the ready done box !!!
you wouldn't believe how many of them there are..
Few more weeks of trying to use up.

But I also have good news...
Paul has another job and we will be moving into our own place soon
YAY.. I seriously can not wait.. as much as it is nice of Paul's mum to have us
It really is not going to well... we are all stressed.. 
the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter
We just have to find somewhere ..we don't know the area too well
So we have decided to rent until we get the time to look around properly

I would like to say Welcome to my new followers...another three have joined me
How nice is that...
I will get round to the shop and get something new to pop on as candi
or I may just do a surprise !!
whichever I decide I will get the linky up and running tonight after tea

Thanks for stopping by
CLaire xx

Well the Birthday weekend has come to an end

And I am tired... Paul has gone off to work feeling a little tired also
But it was a nice weekend..and WE didn't do overly much
Friday was Paul's Birthday so Hannah stayed at her friends
And we ventured to the PUB... not done that in years!!!
and it was rather nice to sit and chat to one another..Found it quiet amazing how much we talked about!!
Then on the way home we grabbed food...yes food... fatty food
We had a mixed Kebab..mmmm and it was scrummy
Saturday saw the day of shopping... then birthday cake... which is also fatty food but scrummy
Then I made a card.. as we where informed that Paul's Daughter is going to be started off
So grandson number two could be here anytime this week
Panic as I thought I had another two weeks...anyway that's done
but today I am showing you Paul's cards..
yes I made two because I didn't like the first one

You see... I could see how I wanted it but it didn't work out
although it is still an ok card
Scarborough is where Paul was born
The page came out of a british atlas from 1993
One Paul's mum is actually parting with
So before she could change her mind..Out came the
This is the second
Not a brilliant picture but you get the idea
Maybe I should take some more and add later..
Well there you have it Pauls birthday cards..
I will post later on the new baby
Thanks for stopping by
CLaire xx

While I am here...will pop these onto

Friday, February 24, 2012

It is the man in my lifes......

Birthday Today...
As you saw from a post yesterday I made him a cake...
But couldn't decide on what to do with the top...well here is the cake

I made the letters on paper then put them on last thing to take picture..they can be moved so they will look a lot straighter than they do in the picture...Paul likes it..said coating it in chocolate would have been tooo much,
And he fancies it with custard not on it's own...pheww.. will add icing suger
Not very good I know but I didn't get time to do anything else..
I was summoned !!!! you see some people are the type of people who leave everything to the last minute and then need help...
well I was the helper....your wondering what I was doing
Well Paul's mum is terrible and I had to help her make a card for Paul
She has known for 46 years what day his Birthday is on....but forgot !!!
So I was looking for a picture on her PC... it had to be this certain picture
Two hours later..after going through numerous CD's I found it..
Wrong colour.. so then had to change the colour..and what was the Picture...
A rose... now I know and you know if I go onto google and type ROSE
then we have hundreds of pictures in an array of colours... copy one check its ok
and use...but nope...this rose had to be done so another hour and colour is changed from red to yellow..
four printed out and off she goes to cut out for decoupage.. I am left making the right size basic card..
Then sorting out card for layering and backing paper..
We didn't finish it as she was still unsure on how to do it
So that will be todays job.. good job Paul is working really

Before he went to work he opened the card (s) I made
and loved one more than the other...
Will post them soon
Thanks for stopping by on DH Birthday
CLaire xx

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Afternoon...I wasnt planning on doing another post until later on...BUT
My mobile keeps going off everytime I get an email... has to be blogger
so I thought five mins to check it out...and guess what
I have now reached 50 Followers.. I know it is a tad sad when you get excited over blogger
but hey the big 50
Thank you to May for joining me.. click on her name to see her blog
I've just been over and I am liking what I see
So it means I will have to do a 50 Follower candy
So am off to see what I have that's new and unused..
So watch this space
I will leave you with a couple of pics

This is Paul's cake... now I cant decide on whether to cover it in chocolate or not !!
Or a light dusting of icing sugar....mmm
What do you think...
CLaire xx

I am waiting

Patiently for the first of the cakes to cook...
Yes I have only just started.. 
I am making sandwich together...I do like a thick cake..
And am not sure on how the oven will bake...its electric !!
I will post pics later on when I have them both made... just to
I do have a card to show...amazing I know..but also late
It's the valentines I made for Paul..
I found the image on good old google and liked it
so printed it off and coloured with my..wait for it
Spectrum Noirs... Yes I have used them..
 wow that pic is a tad blured.. I will go take another
there a little bit better....
Well my shading isn't brilliant I know but for a first attempt I am pleased
and the picture is HUGE.... half A4 card... maybe should to smaller cards when colouring
but Paul liked it...I added a heart pin to the ribbon and some hearts and a gem for her earring..
I think it looks like me and Paul..what do you
Thanks for stopping by
CLaire xx

A day late

I am so sorry about this but yes it is WOYWW but its Thursday
I had all good intentions yesterday to get the post done 
But after one thing and another I I thought first thing today
So I won't go on and on here is the very small desk I have
Yes that is my work space... small isn't it...
I have to admit most of my things where scattered on the bed!!
You can see I have two cards on the go... I was making Paul's Birthday card
started the tri fold one wasn't keen so started another
still wasn't keen !!! me mojo sure doesn't like me still
I have finished both though and will show them tomorrow..
Paul's birthday then so I had best get off and make a cake while it is still quiet in the house
Once Paul's mum gets up anything could happen
oh and a quick card

thanks for stopping by and so sorry I am late
CLaire xx

Monday, February 20, 2012

Second card of the day

Well I should be doing the ironing...but I thought it could wait
its waited a week whats a few more hours eh...its only laying around in the basket !!
I have some more to show... and actually having some me time
I thought i would play catch up rather than craft... yes I am nosey and HAVE to know whats going on around me in blog land
so here is what I have to show
 Yes I have more Christmas cards... although not for my stash
again for Pauls mum
Using up all the sewing things she has..and I can tell you I have lots more to do
But I have put it on hold until I get Paul's birthday card done
I have ideas, but nothing started and only three days to do it in
Men's cards are always the hardest to do !!
So I had best get on

oh and while I am on I will link these up to 
Make it Monday - Linky
Thanks for stopping by
CLaire xx

Busy bee....

Hope you all had a lovely weekend
I was at a party... Paul's grandson...mine too really....
I just don't think I am old enough to call myself one
but love the fact I am
here is the Birthday boy opening his pressie

 As you can see mum is expecting another anytime now so grandson number two will appear!!
here he is with Grandad...wondering were his cheesy puff went
 And this is when he saw his cake... 
He did take a fancy to Iggle Piggle as you can see...he has the head in his hand
We did manage to stop him from taking the Ninky Nonk train off tho
It was a lovely day..
Now for a card to show... but how sad...I didn't take a pic of the card I made for Olly
so this one is to replace it
 I made this for Tanya and Scott's wedding anniversary (Tanya is Olly's mum)
Going for bright colours and something different, 
adding flowers in the same colours as Tanya had for hers on the big day
 Close up so you can see I added some Stickles
 The little bee saying B Happy

Tanya loved the card and has put it with her wedding things..!! how sweet

I have a couple of bloggy comps to enter into so here goes

Allsorts Challenge - Anything Goes
Alphabet Challenge - Animal Antics 
Make it Monday - Linky
Saturday Challenge - Bingo... I used Ribbon Flowers Glitter
Southern Girls - Distress it
Cutiepie Challenge - Flower power
Thank you all for stopping by
CLaire xx

Saturday, February 18, 2012 last

Well today saw the end of the book shelf saga...
Well at least for a few days... Paul spent the last two evenings and this afternoon finishing off
And I have to say they look pretty damm nice..
 There you see...the finished book shelves...they measure 3 metres long by about 7 foot high
And I like... and I could quite easily fill them up with craft things... 
So I am hoping I get something similar when we move to our own place..
Here is Paul stood in front, and of course Tasmin had to be in the picture also..
All that is left to do is for Paul's mum to fill them with her books
and that may take a while, as they are all over the place..
Hector came out of his home today for a play.. in our bedroom
and I think he enjoyed himself a little to much
he climbed all over the place and didn't really want to go back into his house

Well there you have it...the book shelf saga has come to an end..
So maybe just maybe I will get some crafting done this week
Tomorrow sees the day of the party...and I cant wait..
I picked the cake up today..and wow its lovely
For those of you without small children it is
In the Night Garden.. and it is the Ninky Nonk....
It also has Iggle Piggle sat in the corner with his blanket
How sweet... I just hope Olly recognizes them
Right time for me to get some party food ready
Will have some pics to show soon..of Olly and the Cake
take care of you all and thanks for stopping by
CLaire xx

Friday, February 17, 2012

Morning all hope your all looking forward to your weekend
and I hope it is an exciting one..
I am going to a Birthday party !! how good is that
Although It will be Jelly and ice-cream time
it's Paul's grandson Olly's First Birthday
I have made a card... and I will get round to posting it on here...
if and when I remember to take a pic, I made the card when I was still in Portugal
Paul is building book shelves tomorrow so I may get time to craft at some point
anyway onto today's card
One of my followers will recognize this..
but it isn't it is a double (ish)

Hand sewn then layered onto white card stock with bright yellow
the purple bow was to add a contrasting colour
Here is a close up of the sewing..

Right time for me to fly... I have to get my hair dry etc..and go looking for
Wait for it....
Book shelf (again)
Thanks for stopping by
CLaire xx

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Best laid plans..

NEVER go to plan when I am concerned..
The things I was going to do... but as usual I have not had MY time
I have made time to post on here.... 
and then I am going to go lock myself in the bedroom
Until Paul gets home from work.... STRESS isn't the word for it
and some people just HAVE to be right
Anyway I am showing you a card... yes a card
Not one for me I have made for MIL
Very simple as I am using up what is laying about
And believe me there is a lot to use up

Christmas card...I seem to be making a lot still... but then I keep getting told
I do have to send at least 70 out !!!
I had best keep

Right ME time...
I will post later on with something I have made for ME
Hope your all well
and a HUGE welcome to new followers...
I don't always moan and groan.. honest..
CLaire xx

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Morning all..on this rather bright but cold day
I do hope it gets batter, as I have to take MIL shopping,
Not only for food, but for wood for bookshelves!!!
Having been out already for the wood and at the last minute she changed her mind
Hopefully today she will actually buy, get it delivered and then I can have a craft day
Mr MOJO seems to be wanting to play
and I don't want to turn him away.. now he has returned so fingers crossed

I logged on to post a card but instead was greeted by an award..

The person that gave me this has recently started following me
I would like to say a very HUGE Thank you..
now here is what it is all about..

The Liebster Award is given to smaller bloggers who have 200 or less followers in the hope it will bring them new followers and friends.  
The tradition is that it is then passed on to five other blogs to help them too.  
If you want to accept the award the steps are:

So of course I accepted.. who wouldn't.. so this is what I have to do and have done

1.  Link back to the persons blog who gave you the award and thank them. - Done
2.  Post the award on your blog. - Done
3.  Give the award to five fellow bloggers who inspire you. - Done
Here are the Lucky peeps I have chosen

Now I am going to add one I feel I have to as she does amazing cards
but has over 200 followers, but she inspires me too

4.  Leave a comment on their blogs to let them know. - Done

So there you have it.... 
Thank you for the award and thank you for following me and popping by to say hi
Love the comments so keep them coming
CLaire xx

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Just a very quick post...
Happy Valentines Day....
yes it's that day again when most of you out there get
Flowers, Chocolate and a lovely card..
I am flying out the door so will not know what I have in store for me until later on

Enjoy your day whatever you may be doing

and I will post pics later...I have to seriously catch up
Claire x

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Whats on MY workdesk week 140

Wow.. I am actually posting on a Wednesday.. 
and what happens on a Wednesday... yes we all go to Julia's for a desk party
and have a jolly good snoop at other peoples workspace.. be it small like mine
or amazingly huge and  packed with lots of tools and things to play with
Although there is a downside to my Wednesday
My so called mister MOJO has left and has been left for quiet some time
I have also had a few problems with where I can craft... The dining room table is a no no
Paul's mum has taken over it...(can't complain it's her table)
My craft desk in the small bedroom has been a no go as it was folded away..
What with the snow and cold, and warmth of us in the room, condensation was a BIG issue
so much so the whole room was rather wet !!!
Paul's mum has a wall full of books, well not on the wall but shelves on the wall.. 
and because the room was guessed it the books where damp/wet
So I have spent the last two days moving books, drying walls, floor and windows constantly
so had to move my little craft area into another room, then just didn't get time..
but the good news is... I moved it back last night..YAY
Not for long the wall behind my desk will be full of books again soon
So I will have no work space again !!
but here it is......
 Not much to see really
I am still unpacking and getting sorted
 You can just make out the two cards started and not finished
And more things to get put away.. or at least stacked neatly
I have Paul's Valentines card half finished, and I have a anniversary card to finish and get posted today!!!
Yes I am pushing it for them receiving it on time.. then I have to start on Paul's Birthday card
and four more family cards !!
So I am going to go lock myself back in the bedroom and get on with making cards
Wish me luck and thanks for stopping by my desk
CLaire xx

 This is what I have been doing...yes knitting
Another dish cloth/floor cloth and the start of a scarf for Paul.
 If someone would kindly send my mister MOJO back... I would be so happy
I say only a man would walk out on a women when he is needed !!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

50 Invitations

ooo I am a little excited as I can now show you the invites I have had made for a few weeks
I have been waiting for the lady to pick them up..she came yesterday so
here are just a few

 Background inked and blended
I decided to do three colours and not just blue as I had originally planned
 Then I added a rose in black which took me a
not as long as the blending did though
 Then I inked the word Invitation again in black, which took even longer
 Here they are all finished... I added ribbon to each before layering
with matching coloured card stock
 Close up Blue
 Yellow's with a hint of green
 and here is the Green... Not sure if you can see but I also added stickles to the roses
To make them a little more girly!!!
 Here is a side view.. you can see the printed date and time etc.
Envelopes to match... I was going to colour the roses, but decided black looked fine

 Here is a matching guest list.. this was done as an extra.. to help keep track of who's invited !!
 Here I have bundled them up into fives to make it easier
I also did the same with the envelopes.

She loved them so much so..she said I may have to make some matching Thank you notes for after the party
I did enjoy making them... just wish  me mojo would come back !!

I am entering these into the following
Allsorts Challenge - Free and Easy
Make it Monday - Linky Party 
Papertake Weekly - Sketch
Thanks for stopping by xx