Sunday, April 7, 2013

Quick Hello

Hello from me to you...
I have been away such a long time
Thankyou to those who have sent msg's
I am fine thankyou 
I have had a lot on of late..
Been layed up in bed with a very bad back.. 
not being able to move.
Having to have someone to help me in and out of bed
and shower ..everything... 
Also having a tooth out.. 
which didn't go to plan so I have been to hospital
for them to slice my gums to get roots out..
and it hurt..
and it still hurts.. constantly.. 
I may have an infection
Dentist tomorrow to find out
And at this moment in time I am FULL of cold
Not sure where I have managed to get it from
but its sure here to stay... and my throut is so so sore
I can not talk... Paul thinks its lovely and quiet !!!
Men eh..
I think its not funny at all... it hurts to swallow everything
Anyway I am meant to be cooking Beef Wellington
not for me... I am on purree
so suppose I best get going
I have been crafting though
but not paper...
Wool... I have made a few things..
I will have to photo and try and get on here to show

Thankyou once again for those who have sent msg.
Some I chat to on Facebook.

Thankyou for stopping by
CLaire xx


misteejay said...

Oh you poor thing - sounds like you have really been in the wars lately. Hope all goes well at the dentist and that your sore throat improves quickly.

Sending you big hugs.

Toni xx

misteejay said...

Hi Claire, hope things are going okay - can't believe it is more than a year since I visited here. Time just seems to fly and before you know it a hugh amount of time has been & gone.
Are you still crafting?
Hope you and the family are keeping well.
Toni xx

CLaire said...

Wow.... its been a very long time
I have moved home... now have three grandchildren (step) and am still busy... I've not been on here for a year.. well I don't paper craft anymore... I have been baking...
I PROMISE I will do a post or two... I will get Paul to set Laptop up.
Thanks for stopping by and saying hello... xx

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