Thursday, March 29, 2012

One whole week

And not one post from me..
I bet not one of you
Well truth be known I have been ever so busy...
last weekend we where house hunting once again
and I am pleased to say WE have found a lovely house
WE BOTH like.... it isnt until a time like this you realise
 how different your partners taste is to your own
I mean we chose a house in Portugal so so easy
but after three weeks of driving around a looking 
we are finally taking the plunge...
Anywhere there she is....quiet big... and you see that HUGE bay window at the front top
Well I have to say.... if all goes to how we have planned
that will be my workroom !!! lots of natural light
anyway I am excited.... but also nervous
We move on 10 April, so I am trying to slowly pack things
not that we have a lot here...although it has been mentioned by Paul
That my small box of craft things seems to have grown to 7 drawers of craft things
I blamed it on the fact that the UK has amazing craft shops...
and you just cant leave without buying
I do have a card to share with you...
I made this for Paul's nephew who is 16
and loves Assassins Creed (PS3 game)

 As you can see I found images on Google to make the card
one of the man himself Etzio in the stance he does when walking
And one of a tower which in parts of the game he jumps from into hay stacks
I tried to do it fairly manly...using dark red and blacks... 
as you can see in this pic there is one panel empty
that is where I put the verse once Paul had thought of one..
He loved the card a lot and has asked me to make one for his DAD

Well that's what I have been doing all nine days I have been away
I am hoping not to be away for so long this time...
Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you tomorrow
Paul's mum wants me to take her to the local craft shop !!!
would be so rude not to I
CLaire xx

Toni.... if you read this...I have posted your candi...Hope its got to you in one piece !!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Candy Winner

I am so so sorry that this is late....
how can life get in the way so much
Paul has been unwell and I have been rather worried
anyway to cut a long story short he went to hospital yesturday
to have a CT scan... so we are waiting on the results
lets hope they arrive pretty quick..
Then I have Hannah Birthday TODAY !!!
so arranging something special for that seen as it is the first one back in the UK
and wow it has taken some arranging..
anyway enough on me babbling... here is the winner
Chosen by The Birthday Girl herself before going to school
Toni if you can private msg me your addresss I promise to post as soon as possible
I do have everything together and sorted after going shopping !!
so don't think your just getting whats in the pic...

right time to go
have a lovely day and I will be back tomorrow with a card to show and maybe some party pics
CLaire x

Friday, March 16, 2012

Thank Friday it's crunchy

Sprang to mind this morning when I was walking Tasmin
Don't ask me why, as am not sure... the things I think about while walking
in a little world of my own...
I have been thinking about mothers day lots
not for me but for MY mum... 
now she doesn't know who I is it really worth making a card
for her to look at and tear up... I can't add things to she eats things
(even buttons off clothes !!!)
So I have made the decision not to take one with me
BUT I am going to take some flowers, if they have to have them in the office
at least someone will get the nice flower smell and it will hopefully cheer them up
Here they are...from Tesco..
they should arrive with me later today
I may just may make a little card to go with them
but I am waiting on them arriving to get a colour match
I have a card to make for Paul's mum..
I am rather hoping she is going out today so I can make it
otherwise I am going to have to lock myself in the bedroom again
although it is rather nice being out of the way !!!
Two weeks or so left..
We are house hunting again this Saturday near Brighouse
a couple in Bradford and near to Halifax..
lets hope I have allowed enough time between each one to get to them
I do have a card to show....
 I showed another from the same set the other day
again this has been coloured since Portugal
 Isn't she sweet
I added mulbury flowers with gems in the center
Doily that I bought from a cake shop in York
the sentiment is a stamp from Pink Gem Designs
I don't actually know any little girls but loved the images
so another one to the collection
I have to make some MALE cards
ideas on a postcard
right time to try and craft
Will pop back to do the old blog candy !!!
thanks for stopping by
CLaire xx

ooo and while I am at it..lets enter this into some challenges

Monday, March 12, 2012

I don't like Mondays...

Tell me why..... lol
Well it is the end of a weekend..and I love weekends
Tell me why....
oh ok I will shut up...
I had lots to do with family..and this weekend was really good
I met my second grandchild... Tyler Michael
Now the first grandchild Olly is feeling a little left out so we spent some time playing
before Olly introduced us to his baby brother
And look a picture of me with Tyler
 And I was in NO WAY broody...just enjoying holding him
watching all the little faces he was pulling
 but it is nice to be able to give them back
here is Paul
How proud does he look.... He actually spent more time holding Tyler than I did
and even said once we was home..He enjoyed it !!! 
wow hes going soft
I do have a card to show too
I made this last week when I had a play day
 The image is from The Clipart Fairy
Coloured when I was in Portugal with pencils
the backing paper is from baby girl set I won
the rest from my stash
the sentiment is from Pink gem designs
(I think)
I am going to pop this onto 
Make it Monday Linky

Thanks for stopping by today
see you all soon
CLaire xx

Friday, March 9, 2012


Well can you imagine me looking like this...
yes..... that was me about five minutes ago
Paul just phoned to say he has landed at Stansted and will be home in 3 hours
me excited ...... nah...well...just a little
how sad am I
anyway I thought I would do a post while I am sat straightning my hair
although my hair isn't getting very straight
so here is the card
I have made this as I have more news..
Tanya Paul's daughter had another boy yesterday
she phoned me at 3am to tell me the news, so I could tell dad !!!
Tyler Micheal weighting 7lb 3oz
as soon as I have one I will be posting a pic..
I have had this made about a week
I used the papers from the pack I won over at Paula's blog
the Image Is one Paul's mum had as a decoupage
but I was naughty and copied in black and white
I then coloured the little teddy with my pens
We are hopefully going to drive over to meet Tyler over the weekend
Busy Busy what with house viewing also
Thank you so much for stopping by to one

I will add this to some challenges later..I must get ready
two and half hours to

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Still playing

Well am still playing..although have been called away a few times
I have managed to get back..
This time for the Moving card I came up with this
 The car represents the move.. 
he postage paper behind is from Bobunny called EtSetera Stamped
I bought paper for the first time !! I have only ever used downloaded and printed..
the quality is so much better bought... I have to admit I bought two
One to use and one to keep... why to keep I ask myself.. 
Cos I like it and you never am sure I am not the only one to do this
This is the new stamp I bought.... package..
My idea is to stamp this onto the insert just under the new address
when we finally get one... still looking at the area..via google
need to visit a couple of times and stick around for a few hours

Right thats me for sure I can come up with something else
before the day is out... I have tea to sort out now
so I had best go

Paul will be phoning me later on..with info on the house sale
the Portuguese don't want to be busy

am entering this into just one for now
Make it Monday - Linky

Thanks once again for stopping by
CLaire xx

I've been playing

I have decided to make 
We are moving cards...or should i say We Have moved..
(don't know the
so here is my first attampt..
Not 100% sure I like it...I know what I want but not quiet got there
You see I like it.... but it didn't work out how I wanted..
I am thinking on the next one I wont distress the backing paper as much
so it will be lighter..

I do like the butterfly... maybe destress more !!!
anyway here is attempt one..on my day of
am going to go play some more

I am going to enter this into a couple of challenges.. just for fun
Papertake Weekly - Anything Goes
Allsorts Challenge - Spread your wings
Alphabet - Busy bugs

hope its ok for the all
Thanks for taking the time to pop and have a look
CLaire xx

Monday, March 5, 2012

I am oh so lonely

Why is it that when the other half is not around we feel lonely
yet when they are there most of the time we sometimes wish they would go
Well Paul is spending the week over in Portugal
doing the hand over as he leaves the company in about four weeks
after working for them for 27 years...!!!!
He can't wait for his last day... 
so I am on my own and feeling very lonely... but I have good news though
I have moved things about today in the bedroom...and look
I have a desk in the bedroom where I can work in peace..which is where I am now
doing my blog post... no one to interrupt
I have the PC back in here after some major work
it went a little funny so had to have new grafics card and other bits put it
which Paul so kindly did this morning

And this is the draws I have in the far corner...And yes they are a tad messy
because I had to dump things in them to move the room round
most of them have the same sort of thing in them tho but I am piling things on top as well
You see being in the UK is bad...very bad... I can go to a craft shop and spend money.
no postage added....and I seem to be doing that.. Although I do have an excuse...
I have been looking for the blog Candy..and I do have a couple of bits for it..
which I will take a pic of in a few...and add to the post...
So there you have it...the craft can begin..
I have lots of ideas..and things I want to try... so ME time now..
I have a week... so let the crafting begin
CLaire x

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Is it Snowing..

Where you are tooo ????
it is here in Lincolnshire, not settling but rather big flakes.
Looks pretty out the window... but not the kind of weather I like to go out in
Unless of course I am building a snowman.
I have been busy again this week, but once again not much on the card front
I have been to the local craft shop..and found another garden center that sells crafts
But I was very good... although I do plan to go back through the week on my own
No one to see what I
I have a card I can share though
made for MIL though not one for me
 Again stitched with decoupage
I do rather like this one...the colours are good 
the butterfly is pretty..I willl have to find the pattern for this 
and sew a couple different colours

I have bought a few I am going to start making some cards
the idea I have are We have moved cards.. get the basic cards made
then all I have to do is print and make the inserts with the NEW addy on

Right I had best go.. Take pics of the new goodies and sort out the blog candy
Thanks for stopping by
CLaire xx