Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ramble time

Well no photo of a card to show you tonight, although I have made a card, I just thought it best to take a picture of it in daylight.. might look the same colour then. I have had a busy day what with one thing and another, I decided to spring clean the living room, thinking it wouldn't take very long, but once i got in there and moving furniture, I thought how about a change round, spending an hour moving things, and getting it all spick and span, I sat on the sofa with a coffee and thought, no, I like it the other way better, so spent another hour putting everything back, so it did take longer than I had planned, then I was busy in the kitchen. which reminds me, Hope you all had a lovely Easter, we did although very quiet, but we did make Hot cross buns, here is a Pic

Don't they look yummy... They did taste very yummy, and helped us remember the good old UK for a while..

Right I had best get on, Ironing to do

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter Everyone

Happy Easter Day Comments For Hi5

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another book makeover.

I recently made Hannah my daughter a book, with Hello Kitty on, it was only a cheap lined book but I thought it would be nice to cover it and make it look pretty, We have just put the house on the market as we are moving back to the UK, and I had the idea of writing everything down in a book, IE dates for meetings, when we have people viewing etc, So I made myself a notebook. I put a picture of the house on the front and added some peel off stickers and a few things to make it look nicer... here it is..

I even made a pen holder for the side, so when we write in the book it will be in the same color ink to then end, unless of course lots happens and I have to make a second book.Fingers crossed for selling x

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Flower time

I recently went to the UK for a weekend to see my grandson, and we stayed at my partners mums house, she had been making cards for years, and I have to say it very good. she does not have a machine for doing embossing or using die cuts as she doesn't think she would use it often enough, although I think if she did get one then she would be surprised at how much she would use it.. (an idea for a Christmas present) anyway, she has a room full of units draws and shelves and each one is full to over flowing with card making things, I can not even begin to tell you what she has, as it would take me weeks to look through all the drawers, I did use a couple of her punches while there, as she has some really amazing leaf ones... While there she gave me a few bits to bring back, I say a few but actually it was quiet a lot, three new pricking pens, envelopes, die cutters, a circle cutter, the list goes on, So when I got home I had to play with the dies, as I wanted to know what they looked like. And they were very nice, so nice I made a thank you card which I forgot to take a picture of ,and added a couple of the flowers from the flower die.
I recently spoke with her on phone and she said how much she liked them and would I be able to send her a couple, so I spent a few hours making them.
 And here they are, I ended up doing about four of each color, the flowers on the right are ones I have made for myself, they have the ribbon threaded through and a brad holding them together... the die I used is a Marianne Design Creatables, the code for the die is LR0108 
They are a little fiddly when taking them out if the die, that is what takes the most time, if anyone has any tips on getting them out please feel free to leave me a comment...

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Christmas Tree

Right I am on a bit of a roll tonight with post's as I have been busy taking pictures and getting it all ready to post, so here is a HOW TO...  In a previous post called Christmas card time I showed a card I made with a Christmas tree on made from paper, and thought I would show you how I make them so here it is... I hope the pictures explain properly. 

Here is what you will need.

After cutting out your squares you need to fold them in half diagonally as shown below
Then you will need to fold inwards against the folds
The end result should look like the next picture,Crease well, I use my bone folder.

Then you need to fold down from the point inwards as shown
And do the same for both side, but only on one side, if that makes sense
This is the bottom layer of the Christmas tree, as I used the largest
square to show you, now do the same with the other three squares

And there you have your Christmas tree pieces, all you need to do now is put a little
blob of glue at the point of each part from the smallest and put one inside the other.
Here is the card I made using a tree.

I hope this is of some use to someone.

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Quick Girly Card

This card was a quick make as I had 30 mins spare and didn't fancy doing housework, so a card I made.

The Clip art is from http://www.digiwebstudio.com
It is part of a set, which I have yet to use, but watch this space, as a full day of crafting is nearly here.

The card is for my niece who has her birthday very soon, the reason for the quick card as I have to get it into the post.

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Thank you card Four

Picture first on this one, I LOVE blue roses, so that is what inspired me to do this card blue, and it being my Favorite color, again this took me about five hours to sew and only about ten minutes to put together, I used blue miri card for the backing card to make the light blue card stand out. I would be very happy to receive this card, and have told the other half if he wants to add a nice verse to the inside and use for my birthday then he can...

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Thank you card three

Just me again, with another Thank you card, this one is brighter than the last, as I chose the decoupage first and then chose the thread after,

I do have someone in mind for this card, an aunt of mine loves birds, so I think this one would be perfect for her.

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Thank you card Two

Hello this card I made with my neighbor in mind, as it is two gentlemen, a father and son, so I chose to go with blacks and grey, I like the end result, and would also give this to a female friend, as I think it would suit both sexes.

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Thank you card

I have a selection of cards to show, they are all 15cm square cards.Here is how the first card was made.. The other cards I will show on separate posts..

This is the pattern I chose for this card, ready to be pricked out so I can spend a couple of hours sewing.

Here you can see that I have started to sew.

This picture shows the sewing finished and my chosen decoupage cut and ready to be added when the card is put together, the sewing took me about five hours, but putting the card together about five minutes.

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Easter Card

Well here is a easter card that we made during our morning of making a mess, although I did forget to take a picture of the mess..

We made a very basic pop up card 8 by 10
Then we added the pop up mechanism, using DST. I then left hannah to it and this is what she made
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Mum in Laws Easter Card...

Right this card took a lot of thought, as I wanted to make it fun, as well as have meaning to Easter. Yes it is another Lilac card, as Mum in Law likes the color, but it is the last one in lilac for a while, anyway it is a easel/stepper card, It is made from two A4 pieces of white card. I then measured and scored for the stepper side making sure the easel side was right at the same time I then used DST to fix them together. I then made the cross, using a stencil I have, I have just been hunting for it to give you the name but can not find it, Anyway I found some easter egg pics on google, and bought a lovely bunny from a local flower shop. This is what I cam up with... 

Behind the cross is silver mirri card, I think the little bunny looks rather cute with the eggs round him, and I really enjoyed making this card, It would also look nice in yellows and oranges, which I may make to send to my mum.

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Another Easter Card...

This card I made, and I have to admit it took me a little while to do, but I do like the end result, although it would be nice with different flowers in the middle.... now mine is no way near as good as this one made by Elaine...
http://crafticious.blogspot.com/2011/02/pop-up-card-valentine-flowers.html .. click the link and have a look, she does some amazing cards.

Onto my attempt... here it is...I wont go into the hows etc, as you can see how from the link above...

Now I can assure you that I used RED card and paper, but the pics makes it look rather orange, and I have made it for an Easter card, as I do like to be different.

I need a little more practice I think, so I may make a very pink girly one.
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Easter will soon be here

Well today over here in Portugal, has been lovely, so much so I have spent most of the day outside..but I still managed to make an easter card for the Mum in Law... I have  not taken any pictures yet as I am waiting on daylight again, as my camera skills are bad enough without poor light to get in the way also..
Tomorrow I am spending the morning with Hannah my daughter in the craft room making even More easter cards, am sure Hannah can make a mess along with me.. so I will be posting some pictures tomorrow of what we managed to get done and how much mess we actually made..

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Blog Layout

Right I have decided to give my Blog a little bit of a makeover... and the results are.....

Well I do like lots, still a couple of things I want to add... BUT.. I would like to say sorry for earlier posts... because I have changed the layout the text isn't were it used to be and some if it looks messy... I will get round to sorting it out.... Hopefully...

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Note Pad for Hannah

Right then what do you think to this......

Yes rather boring, and very basic.. My thoughts too so...

I decided to make it a bit more appealing to Hannah.. so out with the stash of papers, scissors and half the units...and I changed the look of the book.

And to be honest really enjoyed doing it, as it was a quick fix, and didn't really take any planning.

Here is what I came up with

Hannah loves Hello Kitty at the moment so that is what I did. Sorry the first two pictures look a bit orange, I don't think the flash worked quiet right.

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Chocolate holder.

Hello it is me again, The other half is sat doing his Blog so I thought that I would add a couple of things to mine..

I was once again Blog hopping and I came across this idea, It is again easy to make, although I did adapt it from the measurements that the blog gave me, as I wanted to put three bars of chocolate inside it.

I Made it for the other half as you can see, I stamped Love you onto the card stock in black and silver, although you can not see it on the front, I then added a piece of green ribbon with a bow, that matched the ribbon I had used inside the flowers, I then attached the flowers,

I thought it looked a tad girly so I made a shirt and added a bow tie brad to it, and stuck that on the other side.. then all that was left to do was to add a little tag.. and it was finished...

Corner Book marks..

Hello there, this is just a quick one before I go to bed, I was blog hopping yesterday, and came across Corner book marks, and had to have a try, now your going to ask me which blog I was on, and to be honest I can not remember, but if I do go onto it again I will Update this post with the blog name. so here goes.

    Cut a piece of pattered paper to 15cm by 15cm
The paper here I printed from Paper printables

Then Fold in half

Then in half again

Now fold diagonally

Open up with one layer of paper at the top

Now fold the bottom layers inwards along the diagonal crease you made earlier

It should look like this when folded

Now you can decorate to how you want them to look.
I made these quick as they were a first attempt so they are pretty basic.

I made the blue one for myself and the bumble bee one for my Daughter.

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