Monday, May 30, 2011

Trip to the Vets.. didn't go as planned....

I am a little late posting tonight, as we took our eldest dog to the vets.. Kiya does NOT like the vets, or people or anything for that matter, but we are wanting to take her back to the UK when we go, so she needs to have blood test's etc, so we had to take her. I had been in earlier today to ask if it was ok to bring her, (that took me half an hour, what with my very poor Portuguese) and she told me that as 6pm there would be no other animals in the vets.. so 6pm in we walk... one cute little dog sat there all well behaved... mmm... Kiya started... and I mean started, she went mad, poor little well behaved dog didn't know what to do... so we were quickly ushered into the back out of the way. I sent Hannah back to say sorry to the owners for Kiya's behavior.The vet walked in and that was it... am surprised you couldn't hear Kiya were you are.... so my lovely better half (Paul) had to hold kiya down while they injected her with the sleepy stuff.... mmm.(rolls eyes). that didn't work to well, as Kiya somehow managed to slip out of the headlock and bite Paul..  this happened as the needle was going in...but how good was Paul he quickly grabbed her again and in the sleepy stuff went... we then had to take Kiya for a walk, so it could take effect.... five mins later and here is the reult...

Now doesn't she look cute.... I can tell you it was lovely.. 
The vet told Paul to pop her onto the table and she would be through in five, just to make sure it had kicked in properly. We stood and waited... no movement from Kiya as all..eyes closed, basically dead looking.
The vet walked into the room and somehow and we still don't know how, Kiya started to growl !!!! amazing sense or what. Thats when the vet wanted the muzzle on her...

While she was under the vet took the opportunity to snip nails and trim hair...
it is now 21.35pm and Kiya is still drowsy its lovely and quiet.

I am now going to potter with my machine and emboss some card etc ready for playtime tomorrow

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tilda... is now

Finished and on a card... I was going to leave it until tomorrow then enter onto Make it Monday challenge, but I can't wait to pop her on here... I may just  have to make another for tomorrow. 
(Or pop a picture on of the two of them together...)
here she is..

I went with plain white for everything apart from Tilda. The only other colour on the card is the center of the flowers.

But then I couldn't just make the one card and forget about Edwin.. so here he is also
I went for doing them as a pair, but with slight differences, Edwin's card has less flowers and the ribbon is a little plainer.. I am very pleased with these, they are the  first cards I have made with my images, and I know I can have lots of fun making many more... I have a lot to make before December arrives as I have to get them all posted off in the last week of November...and I am thinking everyone will get a Tilda or Edwin card. Am sure you will see more cards with these images on, I am going to go to the local book store and see what colour card I can find (while I am there I will take a pic of the selection, you will see I am very limited to colours) 

I know it is a bit late but I have entered these into Clear it out Tuesday challenge

I am now going to turn the PC off for a couple of hours and go enjoy the sunshine while having a BBQ

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Less is more..

I have been blog hopping, and I stumbled on this blog... Less is more
So I had to have a go, and it is harder than you think, as everyone knows we like to add a bit of this here and maybe a bit of that there,,,oh and then maybe a couple flowers.... !!!!!
Here is what I came up with

I have used a 15cm square blank white card.. and stamped Happy Birthday in the bottom right hand corner.. then I have added the pretty butterfly. And its finished, how quick is that..

Here is a close up of the image

Anyway I am entering the Competitions

Week 17 Recipe - Pick a Square

I have also found this next competition to enter into.. 
There are a lot of lovely cards there already, Wish me luck, I will need it.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Card for Circle Challenge

Hello and I have to ask...How has your day been??

Mine has been delightful, I have been sat in my workroom making cards.. lots of them, seven to be exact, and if I didn't have to go out then I would have made more...  I was on a bit of a roll.

Anyway the reason for this post...Is I am entering competitions
Sew many Cards--- challenge no 55 Circles.
Make it Monday --- Anything Goes
Here is the card I am entering..
I have used Nellie's multi frames MFD025
I cut them out on my machine and then threaded some thin pink ribbon through. I also used the  sunrays embossing folder, then made some flowers, and inked Happy Birthdy sentiment.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Grass cutting

is done... well almost I have the top right hand still to do. (phew)
 Not that you can tell from this picture.. as it wasn't taken today..

Yes this is our home...In Portugal, with the HUGE garden.... well it seems huge when your having to cut the grass with a push along.. how to describe the size... the wooden Pagoda thing in the front garden leading up to the front door,(which now has climbers growing up) each set of down poles are 6ft apart... and behind the house you can just see the garage, it can hold two cars driven in one after the other, and then on the back end there are three rooms, which could be converted into more bedrooms, oh and there is also a outside shower room ready for the pool we will never have...(rolls eyes)
 The top left of the picture which in fact is the end of the garden in the back, now has orange, grapefruit and lemon trees.. but I now have to mow round I will have to take some more pics from my height so you can see the size properly, anyway I should have it all cut tomorrow... I gave up as I was getting too hot again.

And I made a card instead, although I am not happy with it...the paper I though was purple now looks blue against the pinky peach card.. And now makes the purple flowers I put on, out of place.. 
I sat and put some little diamonds on...but you cant really see them... It need something more on the bottom part....
Right shower time and then shopping..

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 I have added this bit... I noticed a challenge so have now put this card on a separate post.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What a Wednesday... :o)

Good afternoon, 
Hope your all well out there... today has been so so hot again, I decided I was going to get all the grass cut, first thing while it is still cooler... but I only managed to get the front garden 
grass cut, (which takes an hour anyway) I did start on the back, but couldn't see for sweating.. your thinking YUK... lol  I must state I was straight into the , So now I have about one tenth of the back started, and the rest still needs doing, but my thought is if I do a little bit daily first thing, then I should get the back finished before the front needs doing again.

Right the reason I am posting is I made this card instead, it was a quick make at lunch time, while I was enjoying my coffee, and sandwich.and if your now looking closer, you can not see what was in my sandwich, I was very tidy.. (huge grin)
Now someone may recognize the papers, or the decoupage, if so let me know which blog I was on when I downloaded them, and then I will add a link.. I am terrible, I blog hop, then I find something FREE, have a play and then forget were I found it... I do like the chocolates image , and the sentiment is just perfect for my other half...

I am going to enter this into Make it Monday challenge.. even though I made it today... 

Hope your all having a good week so far... I am now going to sit in a nice cool corner of my work room and colour some images ready for making into cards....  until the other half comes home from work, Hannah is doing homework so its all quiet, just how I like it.. 

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I've been in

the garden colouring.... it is so nice outside that I have been sat on the patio, the only reason I am not still there, is that I am now tooo warm, (phew) and the sun is way too bright and I cant really see what I am doing. And I have to get ready to pick Hannah up from school.

Above is Edwin, from Magnolia rubber stamps.... This is the first time I have coloured these as they are new.They are only coloured using pencil,as I still need to invest in some copics.. (huge sigh with bottom lip sticking out)Edwin in the middle I did blue as I wanted to see if he would look ok,, but now he is done I am not sure.. with it being a Christmas stamp I think he has to be red and green, although I am sure I can incorporate him into a Christmas card.
Now Tilda I have done in red, but only managed to get one done, and just the faces of the other two.. again I think I will see what she looks like in blue, and I may even try Green... I remember having a long coat in green..with fluff round the hood and sleeves. 

Oh I WON a prize..yes I won a prize on a competition... on Make It Monday.. I was chosen at random for leaving a comment on someone else's card... So I am waiting on my prezzie to be delivered... lets hope the postman doesn't get taken again.... How exciting... Must remember to email my mailing address...

Right until later...have a nice afternoon, 

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Monday, May 23, 2011

New toys....

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, I have popped on a couple of bloggs I follow and it seems people have been busy crafting, and if not crafting shopping.. 

I was so excited on Friday as the Postman somehow escaped and delivered my new toys..
My two new stamps which I saw on Toni's blogg and HAD to have some. I just need to invest in some Copic Markers now. (grumpy face)
Then while browsing on the internet I also bought these, three embossing folders and some dies. I know that instead of these I could have bought some copics, but I am still not sure on what colours I need, When I visit blogs I do write down colours people have used for skintone.. and now I am confused.. there seems to be quiet a lot !! so which do I buy !!!!
I have not had chance to play with them as we have decorated my room, although it was worth not playing, as my room is now sparkly tydy, mainly because there is nothing in there,it is all piled on the dining room table and I have yet to get all my storage units back in...but to move them I will have to empty then again, take them to the other end of the house then carry everything through, and re-fill.. MY job for today..once I get of the PC that is. And also trying my hardest not to Play as I move.. (big grin) which I may not be able to do. As I am bound to see something I have not used for a while and think.. that will be nice with this decoupage...and then I will sat playing with card,paper, glue and not moving back into my room.
The other half laughed when I said I would have everything back into the room today.. He knows me too well I think... 

Right I had best get of here and get moving.. I need to aim for half of it away before lunch.
Wish me luck xx

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A card made for a Man

As you can tell this card is obviously for a man, having the shirt and tie and also a cute waistcoat, it is a basic easel card but made with two A4 pieces of card. As you can see is is stitched on the shirt and the waistcoat and beads have been hand sewn, the topper star is also stitched. Hope you like it.
Sorry this is a short post, but over the weekend we have decorated my work room so I have to get all my crafty things back into there, which will take a few hours.. then I have to move the PC back in..

I am entering this card into
Make it Monday 
One stitch at a time - Challenge #"bling it on" 

Thursday, May 19, 2011


VERY VERY short I have new toys....yes new toys, I have a Tilda and Edwin, so I am going to go get messy with ink.. oh and then there is the embossing folders, and new set of dies.... NO COPICS though...(huge sigh)

I may post a pic later of the mess....depends on how much mess...rofl.. but then with will be LOTS..

thanks for stopping by xx


My answers to this little quiz..  

I saw this on Toni's blog and thought I would play along.. After five mins of trying to copy and paste without getting all of Toni's blog onto this post,  here it is..only with MY answers not Toni's...if you have time then have a go, post onto your blog, leave me a msg so I can hop over and take a look...

A. Age: I was born the same year as Kate Beckinsale, David Blaine, and Peter Kay. don't think I am quite so nutty as them lot though. (lol)
B. Bed size: Kingsize, although Portuguese Kingsize, so could be just a double.
C. Chore that you hate: Ironing.. so much so I will leave it until someone in the house needs clothes.
D. Dogs: We  have two, Kiya and Tasmin, although Tasmin is MY dog..
E. Essential start to your day: No day should start without a cup of black coffee, mine is usually drank while making the packing ups.
F. Favorite colour: Blue any shade will do.
G. Gold or Silver: On cards I like to see silver, as jewelery I wear gold.
H. Height: 5'6" but in heels can be so much taller.
I. Instruments you play: Sad to say ;o( None

J. Job title: I don't work, and haven't since moving over here to Portugal, but when I was in the Uk I was Assistant Manager for ELC in Grimsby.
K. Kids: One Daughter called Hannah, who is taking after me, and loves making a mess with paper and card. 
L. Live: in a country I don't like.. But hoping to move back to the UK soon. (fingers and everything crossed)
M. Mother's name: Your going to like this one.... wait for it...Pamela Anderson... but as my mum always says...mine are real !!!
N. Nicknames: I used to get called a lot of names...but now the only nickname I have is Fruitbat.
O. Overnight hospital stays: one, but for two weeks... I blame Hannah...rofl
P. Pet peeve: People who drive too close when behind me..
Q. Quote from a movie: "Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."R. Right or left handed: Right 
S. Siblings: One older brother
T. Time you wake up: 6.45am everyday.
U. Underwear: Does this mean do you wear it..which of course the answer is yes, or what type... pretty lacy has to match.
V. Vegetable you hate: Them baby sweetcorn things....I love sweetcorn, corn on the cob, but them miniature things..what are they all about..YUK
W. What makes you run late: Waiting on others... or traffic
X. X-Rays you've had: just my teeth.
Y. Yummy food that you make: Chocolate cake, Cheesecakes, and I cook a mean BBQ pork with rice and salad.
Z. Zoo animal: Giraffes and Flamingos.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What a day...

I have had today.... not only am I still stuck on the card I had planned to make but we have had lots of thunder storms, really loud, but very pretty lightning, I was amazed at how dark it went over here...then to top it, we had no electric..which is quite normal over here when we have thunder storms.. but it just makes everything darker.. the house can be dark anyway but with no lights it is quite spooky.. looking out of the window now it is nice and sunny, you wouldn't even know it had rained for three hours.

I popped on to show you a quick card I made while it was dark..

It is just an A4 folded in half with backing paper from Making Cards magazine with matching topper, I had a little paper left over so I die cut the butterfly  to add dimension, then added ribbon to the left. I have no idea who this card is for, I was just in the mood for crafting.. and my other card is still sat staring at me... I must get it started.


Morning all..oh best check time...yes it is still morning.we have 7 minutes left... then it will be afternoon... were does the morning go... I have just managed to sit down to have five.. I have been doing my second favourite thing and cooking and baking, I do make a lot of cakes, usually in the form of chocolate... here is one I made for hannahs birthday...
You can even see the chocolate fairy cakes behind it...(big grin)
I didn't come on here to talk about cake....I came on here to talk about this..... 
Very unhappy me
You see this has been sat on the right side of my desk for three days now, I have an image coloured and papers ready that I was going to use, card stock punched out for frilly trims etc..I even had an idea of cross stitching the image to card!!! but every time I sit down to put it together I look and think....mmm....what.... how....this way...nope...that do I go basic, or do I try and go fussy with flowers. (I am not a fussy card person although I do think they look amazing,I just cant seem to add the right things in the right places)
basically I am STUCK

I am sure I will come up with something eventually, but I really wanted to do this card, although it is looking like I am going to have to pop her away in a folder for another day and start something fresh and new...

Oh and the postman hasn't escaped yet... so my new toys still are not here... boohoo.

Hope you all have a lovely day and evening it is now 12. 15 pm  see how time flies

Thanks for stopping by xx

Just a cheesecake with chocolate filling covered with fresh cream and strawberries.. :o)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I think someone has pinched the postman

Well I have ordered a few things over the internet, as I can not get anything from here apart for card and paper, they are not a crafty bunch the Portuguese, I ordered last week, early in the week, and thought that I would be all happy and excited by now and sat trying all my new things, embossing folders, stamps etc.. BUT we have had no post since last week, not even the usual weekly flyer from the local supermarket !!! (very grumpy face) 


How dare they when I have important craft things on the way...  It is bad enough when I see something I like and have to then spend time on the net finding somewhere that will deliver to here, as not a lot of craft places in the UK will post to Portugal, and then there is the postage on top of things I order, and if they are heavy it costs me more,,,, I so want to move back to the UK so I can go to a local craft store and be once again in my element, with everything in front of me to see, with a basket I can fill...  (have to add...fill to the top, or even a trolley)

Rant over now..(BIG sigh) I will go make a coffee and play with the boring things I already have and not my nice shiny new things (sigh)... and keep looking out the window JUST IN CASE the postman has escaped. 

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bumble Bee Card

Hello everyone out there, I hope you have nice weather like we do over here in Portugal, it is so nice I don't want to be inside.. I have still manged to do a couple of crafty bits, while sitting in the sun..cutting out and some colouring.

This card I made last weekend, It is part of a set of 8, I used up some papers from Making Cards magazine, I was only going to make one, but was enjoying my time in my craft room and made 8.

Here is the card..

The basic easel is made us A4 white card stock, I then layered using Pale yellow card stock, then the Patterned Vellum, adding some ribbon. On the sentiment I used a paper pricker to add a small pattern along both edges, and embossed some white card, then added the sentiment to the top over some matching ribbon.
The easel part of the card is just 14cm square pale yellow and vellum again with the cute  bumble bee.

I am entering this card into the following competitions, - - Darlin Bugs of May - - Anything Goes - - Anything Goes - - Anything Goes --Anything goes

I hope you have all had a good weekend

Thanks for stopping by xx

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hello, hope you're all OK out there, and busy making lots of cards, I was very busy over the weekend and managed to make 8 cards, I was on a roll, and I was also enjoying myself in my craft corner in the study. In my own little world surrounded by Card, card and more card.

Anyway I follow a few blogs but I do have a favorite and I always look at this one first.. I was looking on Monday and the lady in question had coloured some amazing Christmas stamps ready to make Christmas cards, here is the link to the blog post so you can see for yourself
I had to know where they were from, as they are just adorable, so I left a comment asking, and I got a reply.. Magnolia stamps. So tonight I have spent a little while searching and found one of them, but one was not in stock, so I have ordered another. I am now a little excited as I know at some point next week the postman will ring the gate bell, and there will be my two stamps. What a fun day that will be.. me stamps, ink, paper... MESS.. and hopefully at the end a nice coloured image to show... 

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Step Daughters Birthday

Well it is nearly time for my step daughter to be yet another year older, 23 years young.. I wish I was that age again... I made her a card using Louis Vuitton design, as she loves fashion, I did have to pinch things from the internet to do so, as I could not find anything to buy that I could use... Naughty I know.
Here is the card, this view is of the card closed. It is a A4 card, so I made it from A3. It is just a really easy easel card

As you can see she is called Tanya... On the front I attached two toppers, one for her name and one with the shoes and purse, then added a die-cut flower, and a gold brad for the purse button, and some star brads round her name.
Here is the card stood up, As you can see I made a pocket for a hidden tag to go in, again using  a matching die-cut flower, I also added a Louis Vuitton tag. 

As you can see there is a tag inside the pocket, and it has a short verse on. And just enough room for us to sign our names.

I am entering this card into. . . 

one stitch at a time challenge #61 "fancy folds"
Make it Monday    MIM #36  "anything goes"

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Lazy Weekend Ahead

Well I have just been talking with the better half and he has lots of things to do for work..with deadlines closing in quick, so he will be programming most of the weekend...which means... I can sit and make cards...and not feel guilty for not doing housework.

So I should have a few posts over the weekend with some of the cards I make. Tonight we are watching a film so I may take the opportunity to cut out decoupage or even colour and get things together, so I am organised for early sat morning.

Hope you all have a brilliant weekend

Thanks for stopping by x

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Well I have to admit I was slightly excited yesterday when I logged on and saw that two people had left a comment !!!! I would like to say a big thank you.... it is so nice to at last receive them.

I have been blog hopping this morning also, and it has put me in the mood to make a card, although I do have things I should be doing today.. am sure they can wait until tomorrow.. oh and I am also looking into where I can buy some copic markers from, that will deliver to me here in the back of beyond of Portugal, I find is quiet amazing at how many places will not deliver outside the UK !!! Oh and what colours are best to begin with... it is a bit daunting when you can not see them in front of you, and that you are getting the colours you will use, and not ones that will just sit there. Right I best be going.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pink Birthday

Hello, quick post this morning as I have a lot to do as usual, I made this card for Hannah to say well done for getting top marks at school.
I do think the more you encourage children the better they will work towards getting them top marks, and as we have only been in Portugal for three years and she is fluent and managing to get top marks at school I think she deserves a well done.

I am also going to enter this into a competition, the first one I have entered on blogger so wish me luck !!! Here is the Blog page below.. pop over and have a look. the competition is "challenge 60 emboss it" 

Here is the card, 
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Monday, May 2, 2011

Santa Ometer

Santa ometer

Here is a little something the other half has made from scratch, click the link above. 
(santa ometer)

Paul is a computer programmer... and came up with this for my daughter Hannah.. she Loved it, and believes it's true,  anyway I think it's ace.. .have a go and tell me what you think... oh and let me know if you have been bad or good.... I have been good.... Makes a change...

have fun and thanks for stopping by x

Another month has gone by, it is now May, only 8 weeks until I gain another year... I am secretly hoping to be in the UK, but will see how things go.

I couldn't think of a title for this post as I wasn't sure really what I was going to talk about, then I thought I would upload a pic that I have taken today and then tell you all what happened

The above pictures are of one Lizard I have just quickly put them together, He does look rather stressed and there is a reason for that...and I was very quick in taking them. here is what happened.

 I was quietly sat in the study, cutting out some decoupage ready to make a couple of cards, when my dog Tasmin started barking, and barking and barking, which is not like her at all, I got up and looked out of the window to see Tasmin running backwards and forwards towards the front wall and barking.. But I couldn't see what she was barking at, she does occasionally bark at people walking past but there was no one,,, I opened the window and shouted her, and she came inside... sat in front of me then went running back outside, straight back to the same spot,and started barking again,  so I had to go and investigate, I have got into the habit of taking the camera with me when outside as you NEVER KNOW...

This is Tasmin.. smiling.. How could she scare anything !!!

When I got closer Tasmin moved and sat down thinking she was in trouble, she does tend to sit down when we tell her off, which I suppose it good, anyway there on the floor is this poor lizard, he must have been frightened, I would have been with something like Tasmin barking at me, I got the camera out quick and snapped a couple of pics, but he was still uneasy and kept opening his mouth to make himself look bigger.
Tasmin wasn't going to leave him be as when I walked off and shouted her to come she did but then went back, so I had to go fetch her and lock her in the house for half an hour, then check and make sure our friend had hidden out of the way before letting Tasmin back out.Poor little thing, I hope he comes back again, I like the lizards in the garden.

I did take a photo of another a bit later, one who lives in a hole near to the front gate but that was on my mobile so I will have to get the other half to upload that as I still haven't worked out how to do it... 

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