Friday, July 27, 2012

Christmas Surprise

It had been a while again..
I just don't seem to get the time to sit and type up post's
I am showing you an old picture that I found
So old It was before we left Portugal
look at the lovely sunshine behind the card
 The image is from Tickled Pink
part of a set they did last christmas although I think they are still available
I used papers out of a magzine
 She is coloured with pencil
with gems and ribbon added 
I am not sure where the sentiment came from 
its a long time since I have used it
I am going to link this up to

Paul bought me a scrapbooking Kit the other day
Papermania Henbury Lane
and it has lots in it to start me off.
I just need to go through some photos and make a start
the first page will be something to do with Paul Hannah and me.
I need to have a think

Thanks for stopping by

Thursday, July 19, 2012


I have spent some time colouring of late
I thought I would stock up on images
but... yes the dreaded BUT
I haven't really got many that I can use
I have to add I am using my Spectrum Noir pens
I have a few pens that have no ink left !!!
some that I have used once and they seem to have no ink left either !!
so blending isn't working..
I bought them last year but didn't start using them until i moved here
so april ish.. they where sat in there packets for 6 months.
Would that really make a difference??

All in all I am not getting on very well with my spectrum noirs.
I have watched lots of tutorials
I have even tried to copy pen for pen
but mine do not turn out right
and it gets upsetting..

Now I did buy them so I could get used to colouring
I had then planned to buy copics as they are more expensive.
so they should be better !!
now I am not so sure.
If I can't colour with these will it be a waste of money

yes it has put me off spending more money
Do I just stick with pencil..knowing pens look better
if its coloured right.
I have even looked for somewhere local that teaches
No luck there.
anyway here is a disaster
 I had planned on this image for Paul
as he loves Lara croft and obviously Angelina
 The skin just will not blend..
its patchy and just doesn't look right
and the picture below shows how it has bled

The hair bled terrible
and the shorts looks  wrong..
So all in all I am not a happy bunny
I had a lovely email from Toni (My world sort of)
Thank you Toni... 
I do use 280g card not paper.
and believe it or not i didnt colour to the edges !!!
Maybe I have to buy a different card...
I will try all you have told me and see how I get on
I am going to go take Tasmin for a long walk
we usually do about 5 to 6 miles about lunchtime
it seems it is time to go as she is sat by the front door 
looking at her lead.
Thank you for popping by
and as always thank you for all your help
any suggestions welcome
CLaire xx

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thank you Teacher

Hello peeps..
I am doing a quicky today
This is a card I made a long time ago
I may have shown it already am not sure and don't have time to check
But I have altered it slightly anyway
It is for Hannah teacher 
she has not been in her class long
but Hannah is very fond of her
and when we found the local garden center
Hannah bought her a key ring
So I thought it needed a card
 It has a Tickled Pink image on it
coloured with pencil
( I am not getting on with my pens..more on that later)
then I added flowers and gems 
I added the love-hearts so I could add the No1 Teacher to the largest

As you can see inside I made a small envelope for the ksy ring
secured it to the insert
and presto finished

I have also started some prep on my Christmas cards
I have been cutting out and sewing edges with sewing machine
I just need images... but am not having a lot of luck..
I have images...its my colouring
but I think I will have to do a whole post on that one
as I have questions for you experts out there..
thanks for stopping by
CLaire xx

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's ME

Yes it is me Tasmin.. the one in the picture
I managed to get the picture on but I don't always look upside down

Lowdown on MUM
Well she has been busy with the thing this morning
that makes all that noise and follows her around !!
So while she is upstairs with it going round every room
(I think she feeds it bits off the floor)
I thought I would say hello
The big window in the room has water running down it again
meaning short walk later..
I prefare the long walk in the woods. but I know mum won't if the windows are wet
i have found picture's on this big box thing mum uses to type into
of a card I like, I watched her make it
so I thought I would show it, seems like MUM has forgotten
 Isn't he nice
he looks like he would take me for a long walk
and He has a ball !!!
can you see it 

here he is even closer
Mum took lots of these but I think this one is best
I had best go as the machine has gone quiet
(it must be full if bits off the floor)
Thank you for visiting mums page thing
hope you wasn't upset it was not mum and it was me
Tasmin xxx

Monday, July 9, 2012

New Baby

Evening all
Well I am allowed to do a post
yes Mr Blogger has decided to work tonight
yeah.... clap hands.
is it just me having problems
here is a new baby card
I decided to do its suitable for either
Now I have forgotton what I sent to a friend.. maybe this was one of them
I sent a few...
The Image was a freebie from a comp I entered while in Portugal
I have coloured it with me pens
The paper is wrapping paper 
bought in Portugal...
I then added ribbon and a very cute charm
A small silver dummy..
I've had a busy time...
what with dentist, doctors
car breaking down..yes the dreaded no car syndrome
how we take it for granted, 
its takes five minutes to drive to Hannah's school
but takes 45 minutes to walk..
doesn't work out right... yes
what I didn't realize is how steep the hill is !!!
WOW it gets your legs.
first  few days where fine... 
then it hit the old legs.. either that or old age
keeping me fit though
We now have a car that works..
although the garage have told us that
it will not pass its MOT in December
Am sure by then we will be able to buy a new one

Lots of things have not been easy since being back in the UK
You don't think about getting credit with no credit rating
most places will not entertain us until we have lived back here
for at least a year.. and that means on the electoral roll
mmm we didn't go on that will last month...
oh well we live and learn

I have had a job interview but sadly didn't get it
but I am happy... 
I have my craft desk and lots of new things to play with
I just need the time..

thanks for stopping by
and I hope i will be back soon
CLaire xx

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Somewhere Safe

 Evening bloggers
wow I can not believe it. Mr blogger has finally let me on
I have not been able to get on here for what seems like ages
anyway I have not been overly busy with cards
I have been doing lots of things in the garden etc
I do have a men's card to show...
Browns and Orange..
The papers are freebie from a magazine
I have had them for ages.. 
 Why does it look wonky
I often find when I take a pic it looks wonky
but have measured it and its all ok
I actually enjoyed making this and it went together really easy
I have also been busy doing house things
Taking up curtains for the bedrooms
and adding liners for them
I had some pelmet left over so thought I would make this
Yes a purse for my kindle...
how nice is this
I like it lots.. but there is a story  to go with this
I have not used it...
I have been reading the Fifty shades books
and they have a lovely story behind the
Paul was playing on his PS3 and I was layed on the sofa reading
I popped to the loo... putting the kindle on the floor
came back to 

Yes as you can see... broken Kindle
I have phoned Amazon 
and it is three weeks after guarantee 
so nothing can be done.. I could not read nothing
not a happy bunny..
Although I now have the Kindle App on my mobile
So book three is now finished
I can craft
So after all the work making the new purse it is just sat there
doing nothing.
I will have to add it to my Christmas list.

I had a lovely birthday surprise
I got a paper cutter... its lovely to pop a piece of paper in 
and in a second it is measuring with rulers...
I have used it once or twice
Will show some pics in the morning
Keep yur fingers crossed that Mr Blogger lets me on
thanks for stopping by