Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tilda has somewhere to sit...

Well I thought I would do a quick post, while I have five minutes spare...
To show you Tilda... and her new winter seat..
the winter scene behind her is a bugaboo digi... one of my free ones from winning !!
I did show this pic on my previous post... but today you get to see the full card

I do have other ideas for layouts, which I am going to try out, but first
I need to get colouring, which is what I am going to do tonight,
Paul is on the PS3 so I will chill and colour.
As usual I also made the insert match and I remembered to take a pic of that also
I think Tilda looks rather cute on the bench...
I might have a go at colouring her in greys and have the bench and tree colour, see how that looks !!!

anyway I best get off here and get some prep work done...

Oh and we have a house open day on sat, so I am busy making rooms look like a show house !!
Well trying, it's hard when you have two dogs and a daughter who tend to trash your hard work straight after
Am sure they are following me from room to room, making a mess !!!
So when I think its all ok... I turn round and wonder if I actually did that room !!
wish us luck, we really do need to sell...

Thans for stopping by xx

Monday, July 25, 2011

I won..

I am pleased to say, that I won a prize...
Over at Catch the bug.. they had a Christmas in July Challenge..
And I entered every day.. I won third prize on Fridays challenge - Anything Goes..
My entry was this 
And I won 3 Digi's, how good is that.
So I went on over to the shop, logged in and decided which three I wanted
took me about half an hour
(rolls eyes)
this is what I chose
I chose Sean and Dog as I have Paul's grandson's birthday in feb, and I can colour him to look like him
This one I chose as I thought it would come in useful for my Magnolia Tilda and Edwin
(I have already coloured and made a card, and she looks sweet)
And this one Paul chose... for Olly's birthday card..
(looks like Olly will be getting more than one card.. lol )

So today I have had a play, and I have made cards... 
I so can not wait to colour with my new pens now
I will have a file full of print outs ready and waiting
for when I get to Paul's mum's house.
(I have permission from Paul for a folder of images to colour)
ha ha I so sound like I am under the thumb... but I am not, 
I just let Paul think he has me under the thumb, 
I have the file filling up nicely already.
here is a sneak peak at Tilda
I will post the full card tomorrow.. I am going to go join Paul in the living room
Have a coffee then it wont be long till bed

Thanks for stopping by again xx

First card for this week....and it is...

For two challenges...
Less is More - Button or Ribbon *plurals thereof*
Make it Monday - Anything Goes.

So the card I made was this...
I have made mini versions of this and added them to cards, but I have not made a full card one
And I kept it less is more by choosing to do a white shirt, 
I have to say that I am going to make another with a striped shirt but make a tie..
talking of ties... this shirt has one..
On the inside... and yes I know... 
stop laughing...lol
(ginning face)
I have put the top knot on the wrong way up..
you see I thought it looked wrong  (rolls eyes)but stuck it together anyway, 
then fixed to the inside of the card, 
it looks fine.. UNTIL
I showed Paul, who wears shirt and tie to work daily...
first thing he said... the top knot is the wrong way round...!!!
Anyway... I now had a dilemma... 
No more paper left... All gone..
So it has to stay like that...

Thanks for stopping by xx

Evening all..I was wondering if you could help...

As you know I have some pens arriving ready for moving back to the UK in December
and here they are..
Are they not nice...lol.
Anyway.. I have question for those of you that use these kind of pens ie copic's, promarkers
I have been reading on the internet that you need special ink for your stamps !! 
Now I am confused once again.. I know it' easy to do so..but come on...
I have Versafine ink pad... now is this suitable for colouring with my new pens?
Will it run when I use my pens??
Is there a specific brand I should buy for using stamps with these pens ???

PLEASE PLEASE could someone advise
I have been googling,
 Some people heat set the ink !!!! 
some say Memento !!!
I have read a lot that stazon is not good at all..

So as you can see.. am now not sure what I need

Also...as an after thought...(from Paul)
Will they dissolve the image from just printing via the PC..ie, digi Images.

Anyway any help and advise will read  over and over again, before I order some ink pads..
(for my UK stock..lol)

Thank you so much in advance, and sorry to be SUCH a pain

Hugs Claire xx

Oh and I have more post's to do.... so you will be bored of me soon

Saturday, July 23, 2011

So so so Excited... BUT

I am happy happy happy today....
Excited isn't the word

And guess why.. bet you can't..... lol
(big grin.... so big my face is hurting.)
go on smile with me.... you know you really want to
I have ordered something...and am excited...did I tell you that...lol

Spectrum Noir pens....
Yes even after my grumble yesterday.... about shipping costs....

Well I had to have them...yes I wanted copics... and have been looking for ages...but kept getting confused with all the colours, even downloaded charts...lol
I then saw these new pens advertised, and have been waiting on people to give honest opinions..
and today I have checked out blogs of people I know have got them and used them,
it seems they are good... very good, and some even say better than copics !!
Now this I do not know as I have not used copic's before..
But I have ordered some

Well not just some, the whole set... yes every last one of them... I want them all...well not all, all.. I will let others have there own, but I want a whole set.

And they are on their way to...wait for it...
My Mum in Laws house
(sad face)
I wasn't going to pay for shipping.. and Paul did say its not long till we move... 20 weeks to be exact.

But on the up side... I have a lovely parcel to open when I get to the Uk... AND better still pens to play with...
I am now going to sneak my Magnolia stamps into my bag... I need something to colour..lol
Although... my mum in law has told me if I order anything else I can get it delivered to her house, and she will keep it safe for our return... how kind is that..
So I was thinking....
Do I just do one HUGE order... lol
My shopping list, Well one page of it... 

I was thinking of starting with page one 
and working my way through !!!
Imagine what I would have to play with by December...lol
Right best go... it is sunny and I am going to go and sit outside.
I have pics printed off, colouring utensils and lots of water
Let's see if I can't spend more than ten minutes out there

thanks for stopping by xx

Am still Excited....

Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday's Catch the Bug

And it sure does live up to it's name... 
I have caught the bug
Over at Catch the Bug it is Christmas in July challenges all week 
Today is Anything Goes, but with Christmas theme..
Today life has got in the way of me posting until now... the main reason being 
I have not had time until tea time to make my entry..
I have used the freebie Friday which you can fine here 
here is my entry
Well the close up shot...isn't Deacon so cute,  I really enjoyed colouring him.. 
I had best show you my full card now 
Look at Deacon sat on his candy cane... 
I will be using him a lot for the ickle boys in the family..
I also did the inside of my card as I normally do, just most of the time I forget to take a pic..but guess what
(happy smile) I remembered today
So there you go..here is my entry... 
I wish everyone luck who has entered this weeks challenges, there has been some amazing entries, and I am so so pleased I am not going to be one of them blog owners that has to choose

Thanks for stopping by xx

The new pens.. and a very very big moan

Spectrum Noir  pens...

Well I really really want these.. and have found them to order...the whole set for... wait for it...
£75.... how good is that....
I got all excited...so much so I was going to order....
as usual.... 
I live in Portugal...and because of that I have to pay... £15 delivery !!!
that's two more small sets of the pens....( pfffttt)
that's refil's..
So I am not happy, not happy at all... 
Yes I could order them and have them delivered but I then have to wait 10 to 15 days...
when in the UK they will be there the next day..
Are all sites like this.. or do I only find these..
I know they have overheads etc.... BUT..

I hate being here.... 

It makes me cross... 

there my moan over... 
I need to go shopping to get more card
The card for catch the bug won't happen if I don't

Thanks for listening...

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Yes it is that time again over at the Stamping Ground with Julia, go have a look... there will be lots of work desk's you can snoop at, and they won't even know you have been looking...unless you leave them a lovely comment to say you have been and a quick HI.... there all very friendly over there am sure they will pop to you and say Hi back

The reason my post is late...is this...
I know....a mess.  i just tipped drawers onto the desk
but there is good reason for this...We are moving back to the UK in December.. and our belonging's will go into storage..
(shaking head) 
EVERYTHING apparently... me not happy, 
you see I had got it into my head that My machine and a few bits would fit into the car !!! 
As we are driving over, they wont take up much room, and once in the UK I will have something to use, you see we don't have a house to go to, so we have to find somewhere once back, which could take a couple of weeks, then  couple of weeks sorting things out..so could end up a couple of months... 
(shocked face now) 
So I was sorting out... and secretly starting to stash things... I have a smallish bag which I have assured Paul will be going with me in the car...to which it is ok..so I am in the process of seeing how much I can get into it...lol
We will be living with Paul's mum for a couple of weeks, and she has a craft room, 
a craft room I would love... I think she has more punches than any shop has !!
And am sure I will be spending many happy hour in there with her.
Anyway here is the desk last night
Lots better..
to the left is my shopping list... I will have to show you in another post
to the right is projects to do..in sleeves keeping clean
right best get on

Sorry its late and thanks for stopping by xx

Day four...

Yes you guessed...over at.... drum roll please...
Well today's theme is.. Snow Business - Something with Snow
Now this got me a little worried.... I don't have anything that resembles snow (grumpy face)
you know the things most people have in their stash..stickles I think there called.... 
I went on the hunt.... not very far, just into Hannah's art and craft box under her bed... 
(Cheeky Grin)
I found some glitter stuff,  it is white... well sort off, not really sure if it has a slight pink tinge to it
it will have to do, I have not got time to be internet searching and ordering.
(although I will be adding to the list... more on that later)
Anyway enough of me babbling on... 
Ok so I have a snowman.... IE snow
 and I also have my snow glitter stuff, under his feet, 
and then on top of his hat and the bauble... 

ooo the bauble.. I had a play... I did some paper piecing, so it matches the backing paper,I quiet enjoyed doing this and I am going to have a go at other images..so watch this space.
He is a Bugaboo Image, and I think the sentiment I bought from them too..
(rolls eyes)
It was in the same file on my PC !!! 
Right I am now going to get tomorrow's made, by mistake I used it on another blog post
(silly me)

Thanks for stopping by xx

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday Catch The Bug

This is a very short post... I am so not well today, I am having problems with my finger !!
(see an earlier post of mine to see why)
Well it is another challenge over at Catch The Bug..
Todays challenge is a sketch..
And luckily I have the card made ready, was just waiting on MR linky to appear
I followed the sketch on yesterdays card also so it looks pretty similar
I went for Green and Blue.. as I am intending on sending this one to my brother...with a funny verse inside
I have not added the verse yet...lol.

Thanks for stopping by and sorry it is a short post..
see you tomorrow for something to do with snow..!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tag Teddy

Just me again... I seem to be stuck to the PC chair...lol
I honestly have just this one post left until tomorrow... you see, I should really be talking to Paul, via Skype
BUT I think he is still in his meeting/presentation as he is showing DO NOT DISTURB, So I thought I would give him 30 minutes just in case... and what to do... blog hop...
So that's what I have done and I have found Challenges...(rolls eyes)
which is not that hard as there seems to be hundreds out there.
Anyway here are the following blog's I am entering my Tag Teddy into.

Clear it out challenge - Anything Goes

The image is from Catch the bug  it was a freebie last week, 

As you can see the tag is for Paul's grandson's Christmas pressie... although am sure I will have to make a few more the same
Isn't he cute...peeping up from the frame...and he has a little robin with him

Thank you so much for stopping by xx

Tuesdays Catch The Bug Challenge

Another day over at Catch The Bug 
Today you have to create a project/card using the Free image
So I decided to go with the sketch you need to use tomorrow, as It works well.
I have made a different card for tomorrow also
I chose red papers and card on a plain white card blank
I think I have coloured her in slightly wrong... yeah maybe I shouldn't have pointed this out BUT I feel I should,(sighs while rolling eyes)
 the bottom of the tree on her head should really be part of her hair...(another bigger sigh)
 but I do rather like it this way too, and I suppose there isn't really a right and a wrong way !!
(tell me there isn't)
As tomorrows card is coloured the same...lol
there you go, pop on over and have a look
I am now going to catch up on the housework, as I have not done much the last few days

See you all again tomorrow for day three's challenge - The sketch

Thanks for stopping by xx

Monday, July 18, 2011

Over at Catch the Bug..

There is a week long challenge.. Pop over and have a look,as tomorrow is using a digi they give you for free !!

Todays challenge is... Non Traditional Colours Christmas Project.
I have used a digi from them called Christmas word Joy

As you can see I have used orange and yellow
with a sparkly gold bauble

I am now going to colour the image for tomorrow and hopefully get that card made up ready and maybe even the sketch card for Wednesday.. not thought about Thursday's entry yet.

Thanks for stopping by xx

Christmas card in July

Yes you read that right, 
I have noticed that a lot of blogs are asking for Christmas cards, so thought I would start on mine...
I now have about ten made... but showing just one today...
It is going into some competitions... Well you never know..that random org may pick me one day
(rolls eyes while thinking... your not that lucky Claire)
Onto the blog's

Catch The Bug Challenge blog - Christmas in July.. this blog has weekly and daily competitions going on... hop over and have a look.

Make it Monday - Anything Goes

Now the inspiration for this card came from one of the books my mum in law sent over for me for my Birthday in June, although in the book is was made for a birthday notice board
I liked it, so thought maybe it would work for a Christmas card.
It did take me a while to make as getting the ribbon to stick and stay straight was a challenge
and the cutting out of the flowers on my machine, one at a time..lol
But I think it came together quite nicely..
even Paul likes it... !!!

Right time to get on, Tasmin has brought half a tree in my work room, and chewed it into little pieces, so I need to sweep that up, and I have spent way too much time blogging this morning... 
I am also in the mood to colour, so I need to print out some digi images and stamp some Christmas Tilda and Edwin's.
(grumpy face as they are the only two stamps I have)

Thanks for popping in xx

Happy Birthday, flowers, and a ickle kitty

Wow.. am I not on a roll today... (huge grin)
Not really, I am just playing catch up as I didn't post much over the weekend... see earlier post as to why...lol
I have four Challenges to enter with this card...I was only doing two but noticed  two more  it would fit into.. so here are the lovely blog's..

Allsorts Challenge Blog - Free and Easy

I have used a clip art from Digi web Studio , it is called Little Playtime.
I often buy from here, although have not used all that I have bought.
(rolls eyes)
the paper is from The Clip art Fairy, website.. 
Go have a look at both sites, there are lots of cute images to choose from
I then added some stick on dots and a hand cut flower as the stopper, 
The tag fits snuggly on the underside of the easel in a little pocket 

Yet again another easel card, I really must try to make something different

Thanks for stopping by x

The Finger...

Happy Monday to you all.. hope you had a good weekend..
Mine wasn't brilliant, I am still in a bit of pain, even with taking the painkillers
Grab yourself a coffee or a nice cup of tea.. I shall begin..

On Thursday I was preparing tea BBQ pork,to go with rice and salad,  but the knife wasn't cutting too well, so out comes my super knife sharpener (my steel)that I have had since I did my chef's course years ago.. anyway I thought I might as well sharpen all the knifes in the drawer.. half an hour later all sharp washed and put away..tea sorted..
I woke up on Friday normal time of 6.45 just a normal morning (rolls eyes)
Go into the kitchen to make coffee and do Paul's pack up, get the bread buns out and filling etc...  by this time Paul is showered and in the kitchen, He takes over making the coffee while I start to cut the bread buns...and OUCH.
Well it went down hill from there... Paul saw what I did before I realized, as I had sharpened the knifes I didn't feel the knife slice the tip of my finger off, I just noticed the blood... straight to tap (deep breath, now the head is spinning)
I grab some tissue and wrap it round my finger... thinking OMG I feel sick....
Now at this point I hadn't seen the tip of my finger...as it was still on the chopping board... but Paul being Paul.. picked it up and showed me.... to which I just slapped his hand because to be quiet honest I didn't want to see it.. I wasn't feeling to good anyway...
The finger tip.... went for a fly across the kitchen, towards the dog... Tasmin saw it coming...
OMG Tasmin will eat it... so there I go chasing my finger tip across the kitchen... I get there first...(phew)
I had to pick it up (yuk yuk yuk) I put it into the bin...
Paul takes over the making of his pack up... washes the knife and board, throws the bun with blood on in bin too...
I am stood next to him..feeling rather strange...  All of a sudden I get that horrible feeling, you know the one when your just about to be sick !!! So I toddle off to our En suite bathroom, BUT
wait for it...lol.. On the way I start to go dizzy, my head is pounding and I am getting hot... never ever have I felt like this before, and to be quiet honest I was a little scared.. but I kept on going, and managed to get into our bathroom.. I am now facing the toilet... 
Nothing is happening... I know I need to be sick..but wait...the toilet is getting closer... OMG It is so close I can nearly touch the water with my nose...
Next I know I am slumped on the floor with my back against the sink.. mmm how on earth did I get here.. 
I shout for Paul... no use he's still doing his buns in the kitchen... I am now hot...so hot that I am sweating all over... so I think... lay on the tiled floor....cool down... deep breath Claire..Paul will check on you in a minute... 
I am laid there for what seems like ages... getting hotter and breathing in and out...you know the type..like when your in labor....  My finger is throbbing along with the finger next to it.. I double check just in case I did manage to cut two..but no just the one... 
now can you not just imagine..me laid on the bathroom floor...sweating, arm upright with my little finger pointing up...breathing like I am just about to give birth...( big grin)
I hear the bedroom door...and Paul asking if I am ok... I ask him to help... he opens the bathroom door, and looks shocked, asking why I am on the floor, and why I have been in the shower !!! 
I must have looked a right sight... anyway he helps me up and walks me to our bed... I am now feeling silly, as I am trying to explain IN GREAT detail of what happened and how I am feeling... 
I sit there for five minutes then decide it's time to look at the finger... and YUK
This pic was taken later on in the day, as it took about four hours for it to stop bleeding, 
It doesn't look that bad like a small slither...lol..
here is the side view... you can see how much I cut off, the red part is  how much gunky stiff is making my finger look rounder again...
So I must warn you... If you sharpen your knives remember that you have... although from experience many years ago, it is best to be cut by a sharp knife than a not so sharp, you get a much cleaner cut...lol

I will NOT be doing that again in a hurry.. 

The main reason it hurts... (stupid idiot face) second reason, I have had to rely on Paul to wash my hair, and have had to have bath's !!!! So I don't get it wet.. 
Hate Baths..!!!


On a lighter note...look at my craft friend 
As usual Tasmin is sat by my side.. well not literally, she is on my PC chair, while I am on Paul's, She sit's there for hours while I craft, Bless... Although she has on a few occasions tried to bite my little finger thinking it looks nice and red, it must be edible... 

There you go... Claire's stupid morning... Sorry it was a long post, but you know me..once I get typing I can't stop...and there was lots to tell...

My coffee is now cold (grumpy face) so am going to go make another..and do yet another post...
A card this time though.... for a couple of challenges... (so so addictive)

Thank you very much for stopping by, and hopefully you didn't fall asleep...

I made a Mens card...

You see Over at Less is More  they are asking for circles... 
At Crafty Creations  they want Boyz to Men
So I rummaged through my folder of papers, to see what I had with circles..
(jeez am running low.. roll on moving back to the UK) 
I found some... so set to work on a Clean and Simple..
here is the end result
I even managed to do a little tag for a present to go with it..again clean and simple..
I have to admit..I am liking the clean and simple.. 
I do hope this card fits for both Challenges..

Oh for those of you that follow me.. the finger... I will do  post in a few.. 
I took pics... and I can use that hand better now...
Get a coffee or cuppa... I will try to explain the going's on's of the not so happy morning.
Thanks for stopping by xx

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Linda B's blog Cnady..

I have to admit I found this amazing Candy over at Toni's blog... so I had to go and have a look...
Another talented lady among you all..
Wow look at this... I spy blue flowers...
I would be over the moon just to win the blue flowers..
This is over at Linda B's blog
Hop on over and take a look, I also have a pic in my side bar as I did that first 
then realized I had to do a link..
so wrote the post also...

Claire xx

Friday, July 15, 2011

Card Holder...

Well I have not made one of these before but saw it on a blog I often visit, so thought I would give it  go..
and it is so easy.... I printed out the template after adding my digi image..

I then coloured her in.. 

 then all I had to do was cut out, make the base and sides..and voila it was done...
I was expecting it to take a lot longer... I actually spent longer colouring her in than actually putting it together
it then needed something more as it was very plain... so
I added some hand made flowers, jewels, butterfly etc.. 
 I am pleased with the end result
the digi image is from Tickled Pink  if you go over there is a link to there website.
I did buy it as a digi, but they do come as stamp's, I just find it easier with digi..

I am going to pop this into two challenges... another post I have managed to do, to enter more than one challenge

Simon Says Stamp - Anything Goes

One stitch at a time - Anything Goes

Hannah also made a couple card holders too...  while I was making mine...
here they are

Right I have to go..I had a little accident this morning, and sliced the end of my little finger off, so it is hurting, but I needed to blog.... nosey that I am.

Thanks for stopping by xx

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I received an Award...

A blog award from Toni over at My World Sort Of .. How exciting ..
I am totally thrilled, so much so, when I read it on Toni's blog I was lost for words
(plus over the moon and excited)
Here it is ..how yummy does that look
I would like to say a very very BIG Thank you to Toni
All I need to do now is write seven unknown facts about me
Then (here comes the hard bit) 
Pass this on to 8 more blog's
All blog's I follow are amazing so this has been a hard decision

Toni - I ALWAYS without fail check in on Toni, her work is Amazing, Also Toni was the very first blog I started to follow.  I often ask were she gets all her things from. Especilally the gorgeous blooms Toni nearly always uses. It was Toni that introduced me to the world of Magnolia..( I hope it is OK passing the award back, but it is well deserved and Toni's blog is my number 1)

Kath and Buddy - Another blog I visit regularly, Always makes me smile, as you never know if it is Kath or Buddy telling you whats going on in the cubbyhole. Kath is very talented, and Buddy is just so so cute x

Julie - A blog I stumbled on while snooping from Allsorts Challenge blog, Julie makes some amazing cards, usually with a gift box to put them in.

Debbie - I only found Debbie last week, she is the sister of  a friend I used to work with, and like me has not had a blog long, but wow, she is talented, and her blog page is so sweet.

Clair - Another new blogger like me, who I visit regular.. I found clair on MIM... while looking though entries.

Maddy - All of Maddy's images are cute, and perfect colouring every time, but she also makes little ornaments to match...and they are to die for...

Tracey - Again I found Tracey via a challenge, she has made some lovely cards using colours I would never think to put together,

Wendy - I am not too sure if it is just Wendy that runs this blog or a group, but I love it, I have been following for a while but just recently found out that the clip art I have been buying is actually what they design !!! her blog is full of her creations, cute ones at that.

Wow that took some sorting... getting all the links ready... now onto the less interesting part.. 7 unknown facts about me...

1 - I am a bit of a clean freak, I don't like thing's untidy, if anything happens to be somewhere it shouldn't be it will be back in its place in no time.(except the craft room... it sometimes is a mess) As I don't work I do tend to spend about four hours each day cleaning. (cleaning clean things at that)
2 - I used to be Assistant Manager of the Early Learning Centre in Grimsby before I moved to Portugal, I loved my job and was very upset when the time came to leave.. I would be so happy if I could work there again.
3 - I have always wanted to dive with sharks, or dolphins.. I have managed to swim with dolphins when visiting Cancun,but they were in a dive centre, not in the ocean,  but as yet not managed the sharks. Paul is a qualified dive instructor so when back in the UK I will be on an intensive course ready for the dive of a lifetime...Sharks watch out here I come.
4 - I spend toooo much time on one of the games on Facebook, Frontierville is addictive.
5 - I love to be in the kitchen, (not eating... ) cooking, I am a fully trained chef so often spend hours preparing a meal. And I love to make cakes.
6 - I am also a qualified cake decorator... but.. Portugal don't do proper icing sugar, I have tried many brands, but the icing is always a grey colour not bright white as it should be.
7 - I am divorced, was married for 15 years, I have been with Paul for 3 and I am happy happy happy.

There you go... more about me...  right I had best get a message sent to My 8 fave blogs so they can get the award too...