Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Post 160... how did

I manage that ...
Have I really sat here that many times. !!!
I know I have not made that many cards.... Or have I..
Now you may laugh... you may go wow
or you may even go..that's not many !!
What am I babbling on about !!
Well this morning after doing my post's Hannah wanted to look at all my cards
So we started by putting a few on my desk.. 
NOT enough room
we then put some onto the floor.. but 
the dogs were sniffing them and getting in the way
so I decided that putting them on the bed would be best... 
so hannah took them into her room...
guess what
NOT enough room
Our bed it is then
I left her to it for half an hour..and look what I came back to
it was so funny walking into the bedroom and seeing them all together
and looking at them there seems to be a few that I have not shown on here
so I will have to have a look through and show.
We didn't count how many there was
but I think I have enough to last a while..lol
Had to share this seen as Hannah spent so much time doing it
the Christmas are one side 
and birthday etc the other

Hannah took the pic too. and even manged to line the easel cards up in a row on the back of the bed

Right I think that is is from me for today...
I am going to see which cards I have not blogged
and take some pictures
and also make some
double chocolate brownies.
I will post a pic of them tomorrow..
Thanks for stopping by xxx

Lil Christmas Willow ..

Another take two of a image
This time it is my Lil Christmas Willow
I had previously coloured her black and white..here
but this time she is full colour...
And looking very Christmassy don't you think
I used greens for her dress this time round as I have more shades
then used the traditional red to highlight stripes
here is a close up of her

I know I go on about this, but I really can not wait to colour her with my Spectrum Noir pens
when I get hold of them once were in the UK. so I can do shading better.
(with practice anyway)
Thanks for stopping by xx

Fairy Tales part two

I should have posted this last night
but I got myself comfy on the sofa watching
James Bond with Paul
no contest really, Daniel Craig or blogging !!!!
Well this is not part two just another card using the same image...
a freebie from E.Dulemba, (thanks Judie for the info I should really save images as the designers name)
Anyway I made her different this time round
I coloured her in... 
As you can see by the previous post I did paper piecing
and I have to admit thought she looked rather nice
but I wanted to see if she would look better coloured
so here she is
Now I do like her coloured as well
but I think I like the first one better
here is the card finished...
I am going to colour her again as I am now not so keen on the black
I think it makes the card look a tad dark
I added a touch of glitter to her wings 
Anyway I have a few ideas for another version
so watch this space
thanks for stopping by xx

Monday, August 29, 2011

Fairy Tales..

I have managed to make three cards this afternoon
Paul is home so busy working in the workroom
so I have been quietly sat making cards.
trying my hardest not to talk to much
anyway I have made a Back to school card
Am sure this will come in handy once we are back in the UK
here it is
Now I can not remember were I got the image from
But at the bottom of it there is a website which says
www.dulemba.com ...
I have been over and tried to find but can not
I am entering this into three Challenges so have made it to fit all three (hopefully)
the Challenges are
Catch the bug - Warm colours and Paper piecing
Allsorts - Back to School
Make it Monday - Anything goes
Anyway how its made
I printed the image onto white cardstock
then onto the orange backing paper
I then cut out the sections I wanted to use for the 
Paper piecing
they were then glued into place.
I have not coloured her at all left her black and white
As I think she looks rather nice

Then I layered card and paper and attached her on top
down the left I edge punched the same paper as I used to paper piece so it matched
then I added flowers and the sentiment
I do hope this is ok for the Challenges
thanks for stopping by xx

Christmas.... the dreaded word for

some people, but I have once again made a card
I am well over the amount I need to make !!!
I have used an image from Tickled Pink 
She is called Lil Christmas Willow
and she is so nice to colour
Although for this card she isn't colourful...
But I have made her colourful for another card
which I will make up today
here she is
The backing paper is the inside of an envelope !!
I cut two slit's and put the grey card through 
instead of cutting the paper and layering.
I then added a square of red card 
then on top a die printed with the sentiment.
As you can see I went for grey's when colouring
Then just a splash of colour with the tree
and of course her eyes
It took me a while to get her to look right
Because it seems harder when using pencil's
to get the shading right
(roll on Christmas...lol)
I am rather please with the finished card
and I will be having a go at doing the same
but with a different Digi image from Pink.
Thanks for stopping by x

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I am a tad..

Delicate today,,, 
The BBQ went very well last night
Everyone ate and drank lots...well drank more than ate
there wasn't a lot of us, just the 4
but we managed to polish off you ready for this
3 bottles of Vodka
half a bottle of Frangelica
half a bottle of bailey's
so all in all..we are a little hung over...
and to make it worse.. I woke up at 530 this morning
even though it was 1am when I went to bed.
I am now in the mood to make a card,
so I am going to do a little blog hopping
and see if there are any challenges I fancy doing.
If not then I will just see what I can come up with

I may post today..or it may be tomorrow
The car is not well once again, so that has to go to the garage tomorrow

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend so far..
I will be popping over to see.

Thanks for stopping by xx

Friday, August 26, 2011

CDAC entry number two

I have made another card for the challenge over at
go over and have a look, they supply the images to use
This time I have used 
Whoopsiedaisy digi stamp
she is a cute little ballerina
Now this is the first time I have gone for using Flowers.. 
not handmade ones but bought ones
I found them at a Chinese shop, there wasn't a great selection
but what you see is what they had
Isn't she cute 
I have coloured her with pencil as usual, 
And even did a little bit of shading round her this time.
I used backing paper from humphreys corner, it was a freebie
I then attached the corner of a square doily with the layered image over
then onto the flowers. 
I wasn't sure on how would best work as it's my first time
I played about with them for ages
on a piece of paper
but when it came time to glue them
they ended up different anyway
But I am fairly pleased with the result
The large pin is a hat pin I made a small bow and stuck the pin through 
and then stuck the pin into the flower
the smaller ones are normal sewing pins I just added purple beads
(from Hannah's bead colection... shhhh)
by super glue-ing them on
I think I am going to pop back to the Chinese shop
and buy some more flowers
I noticed silk ones
which I was thinking I could pull apart..

Right I had best get on..
BBQ to sort
Thanks for popping over and hope to see you here again
Claire xx

The weekend is

is here once again... yippee..
Seems over the last couple of weeks I have had no time at the weekend
for crafty time.. Paul has no deadlines, so he isn't working
and we have had friends over in Portugal so we have been going places..
Last weekend we went up into the mountains..
It was lovely, we went rock climbing, paddling in the stream 
and even bumped into these gorgeous animals
 I couldn't believe how tame they are.. even so I didn't try to stroke them
You can just see some of the mountain behind him..
Now this one decided he was hungry and invaded someones picnic
I am so glad it wasn't ours and it was locals...
they just pushed him away.. I certainly wouldn't move him !!
here he is helping him self !!!
Here is Paul with our friends children,Rock hopping through the stream
I am quiet far back here as I have the bag's, shoes to contend with
And it is so slippery, I went in further than planned a couple of times..
Soggy wet sundress and bikini bottoms...
(big grin)
Oh and not forgetting the bottom of the bag!!!
This one is when we first got down to the stream, as you can see shoes off and paddle
Paul will be telling me off for putting this on here..."I look fat" haha
Hannah doesn't look to sure about rock hopping, but after five minutes
she was off.. and I was left behind.

Anyway this weekend is just as mad..
tomorrow we are going to the local market again
then in the afternoon it is our turn to entertain
BBQ time... 
I have lots to do, BBQ marinade to make
and clean the BBQ from last time
why do I leave it.. I really should clean it after the last one
Are you lot the same !!
right I had best get on.
I have another post to do with a card to show
Thanks for stopping by xx

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bag of rubbish

Yes you have read that right....
I will explain...
I am sat here with a coffee, having ten minutes break from cleaning windows..
the job that takes me three hours to do just the downstairs.
anyway onto the bag of rubbish..
It isn't rubbish so to speak it is CANDY
you have to go to Lazy cats and see the post
It made me giggle..
Penni's husband has done a post on her blog !!!!
and is giving what he calls a bag of rubbish away.
Click here and go see the post it will make you smile all day
I thought it was so funny... 
but then thought about it... what if Paul was to do the same....
I would be so upset.. as he doesn't know what I use the most
or what is my favorite thing !!!
doesn't bare thinking about.
Here is the bag of "rubbish"

I just have to say..thankyou Simon for the bag of Penni's rubbish

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Simon says Childrens Challenge

It is me again.
I am writing this post for Hannah as she is entering
While I was making my card 
Hannah decided she wanted to make her own
and has been bugging me all morning to post it into the challenge
The image is from Crafter Digital Arts Center
part of their challenge
so here it is
Hannah has done everything even down to taking the pictures
The only thing I had to do was make sure the dies were the right way up
when she was using my machine
Hannah is nine years old and is hoping you all like it
She is going to give it to Lynne(old neighbor)
 to say hello when we move back to the UK

Thank you for having a look at Hannah's card xx

I have found

a lovely new site that is doing challenges
They are doing a Progressive freebie challenge
so if you join the site and the challenge they send you
Digi images to use to create a project 
to enter into the challenge.
this is the grand prize at the end of all the challenges
Pop over and take a look 
I have chosen  priscillastles digi image
and this is what I have made
I decided to go for mainly black and white
with just a little green
I have left the card without a sentiment for the time being
as I am not sure on what to use it for.

Here is a closer view of my colouring
As you can see it is with pencil
There is also another challenges that this card may fit into
Papertake Weekly - Dies to Die for..
 I have used my multi frame round dies 

I am now going to go and play with one of the other
digi images from CDAC and see what I can make.

Thanks for stopping by xx

Stamping ground number 116

were you can go take a sneaky peak at other peoples work desks 
or were ever else they tend to do all things crafty

Well here is mine and I can tell you it isn't that exciting this week
As you can see I have my S.W.AL.K stamp out and some stamping done
although I am not colouring until I get to the UK, 
They are going into the folder on the left which is full 
of lovely things to colour with my new pens
then there is also some flowers and circles
that I have cut using me machine.
See I told you it wasn't very exciting.
Am sure if you go over and take a look
there are some more exciting desk's to look at
which is where I am going now..firstly to Kath's
Thanks for stopping by xx

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Less is More... week 29

I have missed a few weeks as I just have not had the time 
But I am back.... for a few weeks, or until we finally move
I don't have much to do now so I can spend more time 
with my craft things hiding away in my room.
so today is the first day of starting to do Challenges again
and were better to start
this weeks theme is.... Things that move..
so here is what I made this morning...
Sorry the picture isn't brilliant the light over here is not good
As you can see it is a shaped card
I am getting fed up with square
It is actually part of a book card
but I have re sized and added the image

The little buzzy bee is coloured with Pencils
and I have added a verse to the inside
I hope there is enough white space showing
I may even make another for the challenge
as the theme this week has endless possibilities.
Thanks for stopping by xx

Monday, August 22, 2011

A card

Yes I have a card to show you
Sorry I have not been on here much
bad Claire, I do miss blog hopping 
so if I havn't been commenting am sorry 
I will do my best to pop over to you more

I have a card to show..
I've had this decoupage made up for some time
so decided I would make the card up to get it out of the to do tub
here is the decoupage, it's a twisted one

Nice and Christmassy !!!
is that such a word, or have I just made that one up...!!!
I thought these would be quiet hard to make but it was easier than the normal layered ones

here's the full card.. mainly red and green layering with a fewsticky dots in the corners. and then a added sentiment that I got from Bugaroo blog
Quick and easy to make.

I shouldn't be making Christmas cards now as I have far to many !!!
but there fun to make.

I am going to enter this into

Make it Monday were anything goes.

Morning all..

Now I was online over the weekend for a brief moment in between all the going out
and sorting out.. and I noticed that over at a Thousand Sheets of Paper blog
there is an amazing Blog Candy !!
and guess what it is..
1000 sheets of paper
here is what it looks like
then there is also among the give away this

Its unreal..
You HAVE to pop over and have a look at the amazing cards Amy makes,
 I have been following her for a while,
 just missed her blog candy last year.
which was just as good.
Keep up the brilliant work and Thankyou for the opportunity

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Please help.. if you want to

I have a huge favor to ask... 

I  received an email from Carolyn on Wednesday which made me sad..
Carolyn's daughter has cancer
and Carolyn is asking for help

After reading it I answered straight away with a yes.
Your now wondering why I answered YES Well here goes

I  am not going to just copy and paste the email but I have chosen part of the email to show..

"If you could find it in your heart to send her a 
"Thinking of You" or "Your in My Prayers" card to boost her moral a little 
I would really appreciate it. 
If you think you could, then just reply to this email 
and I will send you her address here in Canada. 
If you can't send a card.... that's ok too ..... 
just add her to your prays an I will be grateful for that too."

Since the email Carolyn has put a post on her blog
so if you want to know more click Carolyn

Hopefully you have hopped over to have a look !!
I think it is a lovely idea
Although I am British The card will be arriving from Portugal
So if any of you would like to help am sure 
Carolyn, and especially her daughter
will be so very happy.
here is the card I am sending
It is a book easel card
Which I thought would represent a bible !!
and bibles have prayers in them.
I added a cross to the right hand page
not entirely sure why..
I just thought it would be nice.

I added the sentiment on the pc
before printing out and cutting and layering
I added ribbon, stick on dots and
homemade flowers and swirls.

I have also added a message on the back of the book
and of course my signature.
I do hope it gets to Susan in one piece 
and isn't squashed 
lets hope the post men and ladies
are careful
Hannah made a card also.. 
but that one will be a surprise.

Susan and Carolyn, your in our thoughts xx

I am so a bad blogger...

Especially of late... but is so nice over here,
 and I have been busy keeping everything tidy
just in case we get someone wanting to look round. 
(huge sigh)
then in the afternoon I have been in the garden, 
or dog walking
so I have not been blogging... 

I have been doing little bits of crafty things in between
you know when its too hot to be outside
but you should really be doing something else
and you happen to go in the work room !!
damm that die flew into my hand and the card out of the box 
OMG the handle is turning...lol
sort of thing
So I do have a card to show.

A Christmas card.... yes another..
and I have to admit... 
I don't have to make anymore.. 
I have more than enough for friends for this year
but I keep making them.
I have lots made, but have not used on my blog
I should spend some time on here
and show them
A bit closer up...
as you can see its a decoupage.. 
I decided to pick out the yellow on the snowman's hat
to use as layering
and went for purple's
I know exactly which friend will get this one

I won't get much done over the weekend..
as we are going out with friends..
the car is fixed so the weekend of fun attempt two
Hannah has already packed her bag
swimming suit, towel, and I saw an apple going in the bottom of the bag
( smiles) 
It is by the front door

I am waiting on an email as I have another post lined up
and will be asking for your help... 

Thanks for stopping by xxx