Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Another week has passed, were has it gone !!!
Well I don't think my desk has changed much since last week, 

As you can see.. I have lots of card embossed ready for my Christmas cards... 
your now thinking arrrrggghh
I have to be organised... 
some Tilda's coloured ready, and some images from 
Tickled pink
To the left of my desk are two books...
I got them from my Mum in Law for my Birthday
(A big Thank you to  MIL)
One is an embroidery on paper and the other is
Flower Power Papercrafts..
I have to admit... I have been wanting to print off some templates for sewing
But (huge sigh) have been to busy to be able to sit and sew.

I have made one card with a Tilda on you can see it nearly finished on my desk
It isn't for anyone, I just wanted to make a
Right I had best go I have lots to sort out..

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Monday, June 27, 2011

I have a new friend

How good is this... I get a new friend on my Birthday... 
He or She is a bit green though...but not in a ill way...
and he or She was sat on my hand quite happily 
Long enough for the photo..

 I will post some photo's of cards tomorrow...
when I have more time...
I am going to go and eat Birthday cake

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Less is more.... for Paul...

You could read that and think something else...

Anyway I have to do this post as Paul has done his card for this weeks
Less is more challenge... 

I wasn't watching so I have no idea what he used or did....
So nothing much I can say on the matter..

apart from...I have had a lovely Birthday, the weather is brilliant, 
and I have spent the day with Paul and Hannah doing... nothing..

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Birthday card for mum

Well this card had become a labor of love.. 
Your thinking why !!!
it's only a card for MUM
Well I could vision what I wanted....
(seriously I could)
I wanted it to be big !!
so went for A4 size
I had bought embossing folders to try and get to the vision...
(actually bought more than needed but shhhh)
The vision was there...
I started to make the card..
You can just see it to the
I had some of the flowers ready, 
I had sat there and threaded beads onto wire and hot glued them !!
(nope can't buy them
I had a few leaves
now the leaves took me a while, as I only have the one die !!
so for each leaf into the machine it went
(good for my arms is what I kept telling myself)
I had attached the embossed card to the front...
realized I would have gaps... so on goes a ribbon at the top
(not the vision)
What to do with the side's
Anyway I could go on for hours....
BUT I won't
In the end I opted for columns... 
like you see on big buildings...
Round ones...
Have I got the picture of them in your head yet??
(I hope so)
They don't really look much like columns..
(but think columns)
here is the finished card..
With the dreaded Peel Off's on..
I do sort of like the card..
when you have a vision and it doesn't quite turn out that way
it sort of puts you off it..
But it is finished, and as Paul says
"mum won't even know she has it..or realize what its for"

I opted for a picture of their wedding day, thinking Mum would maybe remember
or notice it is her.
Or the off chance she would remember Dad.

Here are a couple of close up photo's

Can you see my beads !!
I now just have to post it,
I have made the  box for it to go into, 
I just need to get a postage box from the Post Office,
 so Hopefully it won't get tooo squashed in transit.

Carry on enjoying you weekend

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Less and Simple...

This post is for Two Challenges... so I combined the names...and not very well....
(rolls eyes)
I tried though
(little grin)

Less is More  - Sketch 
and here it is.

Clear it out Challenge  - Clean and Simple

Now you know were the blog post title came from.
ok so I will try harder next time to come up with a better name.

Here is my card.. 

It is a 15cm square card,
with a strip of red card through the center
(I would love to tell you the name of the red card, but am afraid it is just called Red)
Then I added three handmade flowers using foam pads.
The flowers are made using a die in my machine
They also have a red peel off gem in the middle.
I then stamped Happy Birthday using my new ink, 
yes new ink... NEW INK
its called Versafine - Onyx black
And it is lovely to use

I hope it fits the criteria of both Challenges.

Those of you that pop over regular..
I have also finished Mum's Birthday card
SO If i get chance later I will pop some pics on
I am rather happy with the result, 
apart from one thing (rolls eyes)
It looks  like an Anniversary card !!!

Thanks for stopping by xx

Half a Dozen Embossed....

Not exactly half a dozen things embossed.. 
But Three Challenges combined..
How good is that... Three Challenges done with one card...
(clapping hands to ones self)

I do have to admit, I made the card today so I could enter... 
I am getting a little addicted to these Challenges (huge sigh)
AND I used some of my embossed card I had ready for the Dreaded
Christmas card making session
(rolls eyes)
So I have to restock, as I had made enough for 20 cards.

Onto the challenges..
(in no particular order)
I am not favoring one over the other..there all cool blogs.
Go have a gander.. am sure you will be playing along in no time

Sew Many Challenges challenge #58 Dry Embossing
Alphabet Challenge - H is for Half a dozen
(I have used stars for my half a dozen)

Here is my card
As you can see I have used two different patterns of embossing, 
the first layer is my chicken wire, 
the second is Craft concepts - In Bloom,
Then again for the blue stripe I used chicken wire again.
(I love my chicken wire pattern)
The size of the card is half A4.
I have then attached a digi from 
Tickled Pink Stamps
Which is coloured using Pencils
(although Hannah added some felt tip on the hair when I wasn't looking)

Hope your all having a lovely weekend..

Thanks for stopping by xx

Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's time to..

Make them Christmas cards...
I know some of you will go into shock..
we only have 5 months to go ..eeeek
so I have made a start..
here is the first card..
As you can see it has the greeting in Portuguese as I have to make about ten for friends over here
It is A4 folded in half then a decoupage topper added with the sentiment under.

Today I am going to be spending quiet a bit of time embossing and die cutting
ready for the cards for the UK.
I was thinking (rolls eyes) if I get things all prepared it will be a lot quicker in the long run.
also Hannah like to use my machine so she can help with the process.

so I am going to get of and start turning that handle and get stocked up
I will probably post a pic of my efforts later

oh and I am going to enter this into 
Make it Monday
pop and have a look there are some very pretty cards

Thanks for stopping by xx

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Made By Paul

Not sure I should be really be showing this as my birthday isn't until Monday, 
(shhh I am not going to get another year older I am still 21)
But I don't have any other cards to show... so here it is..

 It is rather cute !!!
Paul chose the picture on Google, 
I don't have any Blue Nosed Bear stamps, and Paul wanted my card to have them on
so Google was the only option.
I sat and did the cutting out, although I did cut more layers than you can see
I also cut the bottom image to size 
But Paul put it together, but didn't use all the layers I had cut
and why...
I think it was because some of them were a little fiddly for his huge hands.
(And I didn't tell him to use )

He is now in the process of creating the verse to go inside..

can't wait for that, as every card he has sent me has his own verse in
and they all mean so much..

I am going to enter this card into 

Make it Monday Challenge - Anything Goes

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What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 107

here are the pictures of my work desk this week...
that I couldn't get to load this morning.. (phew)
As you can see not a lot happening this week,
 I have a few projects on the go, more Tilda's to colour,
decoupage to cut out, 
and lots of ready prepared decoupage in the plastic tub to get put onto cards.
I just need to sort out papers to go with them
You can just make out MY birthday card on top of my machine that Paul has made me, and a little matching tag.
The box has mum's birthday card in... which I will show at some point.
then there is the file with made cards in and the pile just by the side. 
I really do need to start sending these to people as I seem to be getting quite a pile.
And it will just be more to pack when we finally move.

So there you go My work desk this week, free of Hector.
Next week may be more interesting, as Hannah is now on school holidays
so will be wanting to play with everything... 
( she has been told she has to ask before touching anything)

So bring on the craft time together.
should be fun

Thanks for stopping by xx


Is or has anyone else had problems getting the photos onto post's..
(I say whilst banging head on desk). 
I am having problems (head banging on desk once again)
So at the moment no pics.... so

I was up early photo's taken of my desk as I left it last night....
photos sent to the PC... all ready..
the start of my post written...
(without looking at any other posts I might add)
and they just will not attach to the post...
(head banging on desk started at this point)
I do not like it when things do not go right..
AND it being someone else's fault just makes it worse. lol
Because it can't be my fault, can it (sigh)
 I have been on Google chrome, Mozilla, and just explorer.. nothing works
I have even made a call to Paul at work, asking him why...
(come on he should know hes a computer programmer)
but nope, he isn't sure.. and will look later...

LATER.... (yes later..that isn't good enough)

so I ask him nicely to connect to the PC from work..
which he does... AND
Nothing he can see is wrong....mmmm
(banging head commences again as I say thank you)

so No photos to show you...
I will obviously pop another link on when I can upload them.

I am now going to go back to banging my head on the desk
while trying once more.

if that doesn't help then I will just have to sit and make another card.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Card for a man...

Wow another hard card to make but I think I have managed ok...
The card is for 

Catch the Bug Challenge

Make it monday

I do try to enter this one weekly

Although not completely happy.. 
Well you can see the tape through the Vellum !!! 
you couldn't earlier...
and then POW its there....
I only put a little bit of dst on anyway but look !!!

A little annoyed.. 
I also made a little mini tag... just in case there is a pressie to go with the card

There a close up of the cute little brown car...
The Vellum is from a card magazine, 
I am using up papers I have stashed in a huge bag..
I have a lot of Vellum, as don't usually use it,
Now I know why.

So if anyone can tell me how to use it, so you don't see glue through..
would be of much help..

right I had best get of this PC, 

Thanks for stopping by xx

Round the House with G

This post is to show a card I have made for two challenges
they are getting rather addictive (Rolls eyes)

Something From Around The House at 


G for Get Well at 

I make a lot of easel cards as I like them, I think they tend to stand up better.
I tend to make them half A4 size,
Less cutting a measuring.
(am I not just lazy)
For a little surprise
Underneath the easel part I have made a little pocket, 

And tucked inside are two teabags..
You can't beat a cup of tea when your not well..

I hope this meets with criteria of both challenges

Thanks for stopping by xx

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A must see post, but only if you have a sense of humor

Monogram at Less is More

Right I was sat looking at the less is more blog and mumbling away to
myself about Monogram...(out loud obviously)
Paul is sat next to me, busy on his programming
(he has finished my card.. post to follow)
He then pipes up.. "I will make one..
"whats it called" 
I reply (scared face)
"less is more, Monogram"
and then read out the rules... (I wonder face)
He then asks for my box of Gold peel offs and card
I pass them over  
I then leave him to it, wondering how many stickers he will use
and how much mess there will be.

When I get back...
No mess and nearly all my stickers are there.
 (and put away in the draw they live in, in my tall unit)

Here is the card..... 

I just sit there looking...
(totally amazed face, and not wanting to laugh)
 Paul then says
Paul has taken it literally !!! 
Although it is Monogram.
So I am entering Paul's creation into the competition
(I hope this is OK)
And I think he will probably be the only male entry.

Here is a close up of the work of art...

I will use it as a tag for a present for him in the Future..
A very small present
Thanks for stopping by xx


Go have a look there are some really lovely cards on there this week as always.
I have been sat in the work room making cards most of the day.
( trying to finish one card more like)
I keep getting distracted by blogger and my addiction to hopping over to other blogs
Hence this post..

Here is my entry for Less is More
I Printed the letter T straight onto the card the font is Algerian
I have used a new (to me) embossing folder of a tree.
and then I cut to the size of the tree.
Here is a closer view of the card, as you can not see the embossing very well above
Fairly simple card for 
Less is More Challenge Blog.

Thanks for stopping by xx

How funny..

is this.. 
I printed out the picture chosen by Paul for my birthday card, four times, as I like decoupage... 
anyway, I sat cutting out last night while Paul and Hannah watched Lord of the Rings, the film I had watched the day before while making card...(damm I have just given you the answer to what I was watching while making Mums birthday card)
This morning I was all set to make my card,, when Paul said, I would do it like this...and proceeded to tell me how... (frown on my face now) I don't like to be told how to... unless i like what is being told to me...
Your going to like this....
He is making my
I passed it over to him to finish
LOL... isn't this funny, His hands are so BIG he can't peel the backing off the pads... and the fact that some of the layers are tiny, and need tweezers,,, 
but I have not told him that...(hehehe)
I can see them being left off... 

oh and he is now muttering away to himself... 
oh and saying I should be making him a coffee, as hes busy !! (huge sigh)
Do I get coffee when I am busy !!! NO I DO NOT.

Right I am going to see if I cant do some on Mums card.. 
(and get out of the way of the flying sticky

Thanks for stopping by xx

Will post my card later...IF it gets finished 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Fathers...

To all them very special men out there, even if there not dads, just husbands, sons, brothers  Hope they all have a lovely day.
I don't have my DAD with me anymore, but I will be thinking about him lots
Miss him terribly
I am now going to make MY Birthday card... yes you read that right, (big sigh)
I am making my own card, I did tell the other half he could have the room for a couple of hours,( secretly hoping he would)
But nope, he has chosen a picture to go on the front and I am now making... 
I have a week so no rush.. 
I have been blog hopping and there are a couple of nice competitions so I may (huge grin)
have to make a couple of cards and enter...
Not really sure on what I am going to do with all these cards I make, as most of them 
are sat in a gift bag... collecting dust..waiting for a home to go to.

Anyway Craft time for me

Have a wonderful day with Dad's etc

Thanks for stopping by xx

Friday, June 17, 2011

Clue to last post....

Look under the card..... you can just see the title in between the

Folks tis Friday..

Meaning the WEEKEND... (clap hands with me)
I love weekends, 
as I have Hannah and Paul at home, so the house isn't so silent..

Also means walking on the beach, and general family life, 
forget the BBQ this weekend though, as it is raining.. although it isn't cold, 
I have had BBQ's in the UK when it has been raining and colder than here... (brrrrr)
so will see how the weather goes... 
I will also have  a little card making time as Paul is on deadlines for work again...
(grrr, not so good as he spends tooo much time at his laptop the joys of having a computer programmer as a partner)

On a brighter note... (not too bright though)
Hannah finishes school on Wednesday for summer hols!!!!!!!!!!!
 so I will be rather stressed right up until Sept
YES  you did read that right Sept, she has such a long summer holiday, 

I have got a couple of folders ready of stamped images, for her to colour and I am getting some scrap papers and card into a box ready for her own card making days.
I will post Hannah's cards on here also, 
only because she will moan if I don't, I might not even say whether there mine or Hannah's and see if you can tell the difference, ooo now there will be a challenge for you ( HUGE grin )

I Don't have a card to show you today, but I have done some crafting, 
I have gota little bit done on my mums birthday card, 
It is A4 so going to be a nice BIG card
As you can see I am making a window card, Normally I wouldn't add extra card to the edges,
But I thought it may be best in case mum is a little Heavy handed
Or one of the other patients gets there hands on it, here you can see I have done two corners but not the two closest

LOL, bet you can not guess what I was watching while making this... I will let you leave me a comment !!!!!! don't want to make it easy and give you the answer ( silly smile)

I have also made a mess

You see all the gold spray !!! just to cover a button, and believe it or not, it still has not
stayed gold, every time I pick it up the gold wipes off. (rolls eyes with a huge sigh)
I also have gold fingers.. but don't think they would be very nice on the card.. and I may need them again.
So any ideas on that would be a help.
(taking into account I am IN PORTUGAL, and they sell NOTHING practical for card making)

Here is the front of the card, although not finished, 
AND the picture isn't straight but then its not stuck down yet.
All I have done is added some embossed card to the front and I am in process of covering up joins..
They really do need to make A4 embossing folders..
 Whats the point in having the machine that does A4 when you cant buy the products eh... (my fault for wanting A4 machine I suppose)
And that is it

I am going to trawl the internet to see how I can cover the joins with ribbon without 
it being flat... I fancy doing it ruffled, but on my attempts this afternoon it keeps coming of the dst... 

It's the weekely phone the Uk tonight, so I may not got any blog hopping done..
But I will visit you over the weekend.
Have a good one all of you

Thanks for stopping by xx

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A special card for my Followers

I got all excited earlier as I have 11 followers... 
and said I would make a card.... 
I did think about making 11, and then asking for your addresses so I could post.. 
but then thought maybe not such a good idea, as some people don't like to give that info out.

So I have spent a couple of hours this afternoon (working carefully round Hector) and made this...

It means a lot to have followers..


I am entering this into a challenge
Simon says stamp collection - Bingo
Pop over and have a look its a fantastic blog,
 I have used the bottom line going across, Shape Ribbon Sentiment

Another post...

Well How happy am I.... 


 I know its nothing compared to some people... but 11.... wow

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to those that are my followers... and also a huge SORRY for boring you.....

But please don't leave ...

I know I should have made a card, but Hector is still sat at my desk..
and it looks like he is there until Paul gets home to move him,
(I am a wimp when it comes to picking him up, I don't trust the tail, it hurts when he whips)

I am going to celebrate in style...
Have a nice cup of tea...Not that I should as I am only allowed two cups a week,
 and I had them Yesterday.
I might have to add here... I can drink as much as I like,, it is just that I only have 40 teabags left...and they may have to last me till Christmas... so two a week... ISH

But its a special cuppa it is..

I am going to try and get some things from my desk, and make a thank you card.. will post later when it is finished


thanks for stopping by xx

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday? 106

Would you believe I logged on Blogger at 8am!!!
 Straight to Julia's blog, Stamping Ground

And I have been stuck in the world of work desk since... ( Huge sigh)
I should have just linked my desk and then gone Hopping... (shakes head)
But NO (another even bigger sigh)
Me being a Nosy Parker...(lol) 
Thought I will just look at a couple then start typing my blog  post up..
mmm (rolls eyes while thinking yeah right Claire)  NOT a good idea... 
I have now looked at all of them, unless of course anyone post's there post before I finish mine,
 Like they have been doing!!!! ( rolls eyes)
 Making the list just longer.... !!!!!
No wonder It has taken me so long ..
I blame you guys for posting while I am trying to look through the list.... 
the ever growing one... 

As you can obviously see I am concentrating on my post.. 
(I am not going to look to see if anyone else has posted..I am not..)

Right onto what this is about, now I have waffled on!!! 


With a live animal perched on top... (not good for wanting to craft)
The reason being... 
I opened hectors house to pop his breakfast in, his house is in my work room, as is the PC..
I then thought...WOYWW.... sat down and well...been here ever since...
Got up to take the pic.... 
not even realising Hector had got out and wondered right across the room!!!
Climbed up the drawer unit and onto my desk..
I know this is what he will have done as he does it everytime he comes out.
One problem though, 
I cant craft, as Hector doesn't like sharing space. !!
 even when it isn't his (can you tell its a male)

He moved into the middle of my desk when I was taking the Picture.
Just to let me know its his space for now..
So I will be staying away until he decides he want to go back into his house..
which I hope is soon,
 (if only I had done my post first, not blog hopped, while people were adding yet more links for me to look at, then hector wouldn't have got out, and I would be able to craft...!!!)


As for what I am working on... as you can see by the desk, not a lot, I have put a lot of my things away, 
I need to get the card for my mum made for her birthday, that's the wedding pic you can see, I wanted to incorporate that into it somehow.. I wanted to put lots of flowers round, in the colour of her bouquet, but its a black and white pic..
 and obviously I wasn't there... 
Phone call to someone in the UK who was there and might remember.
 then it has to be posted to the UK, and I know from experience even when there in a box the flowers  get squished.

I think it will end up as an easel card ,  with the photo as the main topper.
I am choosing to use the pic of her and dad on her birthday card, as mum is in a home, 
she has Alzheimer, along with lots of other things, and I was hoping (fingers crossed)
she would remember herself and dad.
And hopefully make her smile on her birthday, A tall order as she doesn't know anyone really
But maybe just maybe she will be having a good day..

I just wish I could be there to see her open it

Right that's my post... A bit long really,
(secret grin of getting my own back)

Thanks for stopping by xx