Saturday, December 31, 2011

This is for everyone

To one and all...
A short poem

If it didn't bring you joy
just leave it behind
lets ring in the new year
with good things in mind

Let every bad memory flee
that brought heartache and pain
and lets turn a new leaf
with the smell of new rain

lets forget past mistakes
making amends for this year
sending you these greetings
to bring you hope and cheer

Happy new year 2012

Here is to a very crafty year ahead
with more smiling and laughing

Thank you for a brilliant 2011
Claire xx

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Not a very Happy day

Well we have had a really nice Christmas
Spent most of it with Paul's family
who are all so nice...
Had some sad times, funny times
but all been really good.
It was a really nice first Christmas back in the UK

If you follow my blog
 you will know that we have two dogs
Tasmin (black cocker spaniel)
Kiya (cream and brown cocker spaniel)
Tasmin is with us at the moment
and Kiya was living with Paul's son Karl

Kiya I have to say is no longer with us
We have had to have her put to sleep
We did the Horrible deed this morning

She will be missed...
and we will think of her often
It was a very hard decision to make
but after talking with a Cocker Spaniel expert
at great length, about her behaviour
her strange ways etc. 
He told us she would get worse
as she got older... so 
we knew it was the right thing to do
She was the softest dog most of the time
but has slowly got more aggressive
Biting myself, Paul and even Hannah.
She had even started to stare at walls
and shake !!!
he told us it was epilepsy

Here she is as a cute little puppy

Here she is with her little teddy
And here are a couple of more recent pictures

Hannah has been spending time with her dad
so she does not know this has happened
Hannah will find out tomorrow.
am sure there will be a few tears
as there was this morning at the vets

Right I am actually going to go and play
I am trying my pens
to see if I can colour as fab as others do.
So watch this space..

Claire xxx

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Well today went as planned 
We cooked for just four..
Turkey crown with all the trimmings.
TOOO many trimmings
yes I ate way to much...
But then don't we all....
I do hope you have all had a wonderful time
and that you all got lots of Crafty goodies
I didn;t get anything crafty as I got it all when we arrived.
(and I still have not had a play)

Tomorrow sees a very busy day...
I am cooking for all of Paul's family...!!
Yes they will all be here...
So on the menu is
Turkey... Roast Pork and Ham..
served with the trimmings.
only not just for four..
we have a few more..!!! 18
So I can see myself getting up at around 7am to start the vegetables
It will be fun though
as it usually is when whole families get together
(just secretly wish it was mine :o(  ,,, )
I have been to see mum..and she was OK
Once again she didn't know who I was
but she smiled which was good.

Right I am going to go 
Have a snoop about all your blogs
Paul is playing his new PS3 game
so is not very chatty

And I hope to have a picture post soon
I just need to get some ME time to play
Thanks for stopping by
Claire xx

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Christmas

Well we have four days left
just four whole days
Nothing is coming together as planned
there is so much to do, and no way I can get it all done
I seriously need a magic wand or a fairly godmother
neither will appear so
Pull them socks up and get it sorted
I went into the local shopping center today
and couldn't find anything I wanted
So presents are not on my list anymore
Bar humbug
I just have all the baking and making to do
All in one day.. 
So much is happening
what with Job interviews
doctors, vets etc...My time is not my own...
I do have a quick card to show...
Paul's Christmas card
very basic but I like it
Blue nosed bear and friends
I did find the image on google
printed it a few times then made the card

 Here it is close up..
I just have to sneak off and write it
I still have not played with any of my new craft goodies
and it is starting to annoy me...
I want to
But Christmas comes first..

I do hope you all have a fantastic time
with Family and Friends
If I don't get on here again 
You will hear from me in the new year..
Claire x

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I am back

But maybe not for long
I am so so busy sorting things out for
The dreaded day
So much to do in a week...
As well as look after Paul's mum
Who has had an operation on her foot
and also her dog who has its leg in plaster !!!
We arrived in the UK last Sunday
And boy it was cold...brrr
But after unpacking the car 
and then spending Monday sorting out
I finally had time for this
 Yes the envelopes that have been waiting for me
And wow was I excited..
Bet you can guess which I opened
And yes you where right
 My spectrum noir pens...the full set waiting for me
(only thing is I still have not even opened the packets)
I am so wanting to sit down and colour
but I think I have time and something else needs doing
I also got these
Yes flowers.. Lots and lots of flowers
Can't wait to use some..
 Then I opened the stamps from Pink gem designs
and all the ribbon I won in a challenge
Some more flowers, 
but these I can put together as I want
stickles and a Tilda stamp
 So much to try and play with
But no time at the moment.
Tasmin has settled in fine at grandmas..
she has taken to sleeping on the step

The step is there to help Paul's mum reach when washing up
But Tasmin likes it there.
I have so much to tell you all 
But it will all have to wait until I have a good hour
to type up the post
I will give you a clue tho...
We nearly never boarded the ferry !!!!

time for me to dash
Hope you have all been OK
I have missed popping by
but will try to make more time
Thanks for stopping by
Claire x

Saturday, December 10, 2011

I am on the Celtic Sea

Hello there...I am sat on the ship
it is rather rough...
Hannah is in the cabin not feeling very well
Paul is fine...I am feeling fine
The dogs are not liking it. 
We took them for a little walk
but they where not happy  
So we have decided to check them about 
8pm then leave them until the morning.
Bless them.
I would go into more detail on the going's on 
but I don't have much time on WIFI left 
after talking to family through Skype
Just thought I would leave a short post..
and have a look at others blogs.
I will be back on here as soon as I can
I hope your all OK. 
Will be in touch soon

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Goodbye for a wee while

Hello there my blog friends.
I do hope you are all OK
This is my last post until I am able to post
once back into the UK :o(
We do have internet here
but I will not have the time
I would like to say a huge

to all that have decided to follow me this year
you have all made my year very special,
and having you visit my blog has made me very happy
I have met some wonderful people through blogger 
and I do enjoy visiting your blogs back.
You have made me smile and laugh 
at some of the comments you leave
and some of the post's I have read,
but you have all helped me when I have asked
You have all helped me spend way toooo much money
on one thing and another 
as I will have so many nice things to craft with
once I have all them packages open
The ones I have sat waiting for me in the UK
Name and shame time
Toni - Flowers
Although I have not managed to find the exact same
as Toni uses, I have ordered 100's (maybe a few 100) of others in all colours
Toni often adds flowers to her cards and they look amazing
Paula - Spectrum Noir pens
After looking at Copics for a long time Paula showed the spectrum Noirs on her blog... I thought they would be a good way to get started before I buy copics, get to know the basics then move onto Copics.
Chris - Chris often colours in pencil, 
and her cards look amazing, her layouts are brilliant and I often visit her blog just to see how "her lady" is !! her story's make me laugh

I will be back blogging before Christmas
and I am 100% sure my first post will be picture heavy
I plan to take a lot of pictures of our journey over
I will even get Paul to take a couple of me
then there will be a few pics of
Right that's it from me
will catch up with you all very soon
Once again

Claire xx

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday today

And I am on a serious countdown
All the boxes are now in a truck 
and the house is empty 
and is one very large Echo
apart from the things that are going in the car
oh and us three

I can still get onto the internet 
but for how long we are not 
so this could be my last post until I get to the Uk
or I could bore you again Tomorrow
Did I mention we was moving to the

We went out for tea last night but didn't have pizza
we ended up having pork kebab with rice and chips
healthier I suppose.
Today we went into Porto
and had KFC... 
Toast for tea later on...

While in Porto I found a craft shop
Well a shop that had the usual rack of 15 different coloures of card
they had a stand with Pro Markers in... yes promarkers
3euros and 95 cents each..
which after having a quick look on Good old Google
is expensive
I wasn't going to buy them anyway
as I have pens sat waiting for me..
but I did get a little excited
although I also thought all the years of being out here
the week before moving back I find pens!!

I have a new book..
One I can sit here and write list's in
I LOVE list's they are so helpful 
I just don't have anything to make the list's pretty
like pictures, ribbon or paper
anyway that's my afternoon entertainment
writing my food shopping list for Christmas

We will have Tesco, Sainsburys and any other supermarket webpage open to help with what to get.
We have a fresh Turkey on order already
it is just everything else.
If I was in the UK I would have lots in by now
So this year will be the first year of me being
"A last minute shopper"
one of the ones that's rushing round Christmas eve
and if I am totally honest..I am not liking it
I like to have everything sorted at least a week before
and just have the fresh things to buy
So I am guessing I will be slightly stressed

Presents will be another list
but we are unsure on what will be available
and what's the "in toys" this year
so it may be a case of buy whatever is left.

So I am going to go make a coffee 
and start writing my lists.
Hope your all OK wherever you may be
Thanks for stopping by xx

Monday, December 5, 2011

It has started

Hello there...well it has started..
Our life in boxes..although only a few
this is just a few of them...
I will update later on
The men that are packing went for a break 
so I snuck in the living room
to take the picture
Find the card making box !!!!
I will take some pictures later on
before we go out for tea
Now that is going to be fun
What to have !!!
Pizza, pasta, salad,
or some kind of meat with rice
Will have to see what there is when we get there
I fancy a nice Ham and Onion Pizza
Right am going to have another nosey about
catch up with you later
Claire x

hello all

Well today is the day
I shouldn't be on here..
But we are waiting on removal company to arrive
They should be here soon then the packing will commence

Everything is out ready for them
so we are all snug in the study
It is raining and cold
and boring
No card making things to play with
just the internet

and there is only so much you can Google
I do have a card to show
I made this one ages ago...
Again I have used a
Tickled Pink Image
Lil Allsorts Kira
I have used a cuttlebug embossing folder
that has the sentiment on
then added red stick on gem dots.
And a die cut flower
with red ribbon 

Here is a close up of her
she is coloured with Pencil
I can't wait to get to my new pens
once back in the UK
All them shiny new pens 
I just need to watch some copic marker videos
so I know how to use
I am going to enter this card into
Tickled Pink Challenge - Anything goes
Make it Monday - Lnky
Joanna Sheen - Christmas Wishes

Right they are I am going to help
Thanks for stopping by

Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday once again

Yes it happens once a week
But I like Fridays at the moment
they are my benchmark day !!
Today is the last Friday night I will sleep in this house !!!
Sad but exciting for us all
Next Friday night we will be tootling down a motorway
somewhere either in Portugal or Spain
heading to that BIG ship to bring us back to the UK
can you not tell I am excited

Anyway I have a card to show
and a competition to enter..
Tickled Pink Challenge
I have to admit I am a tad addicted to these images
And I also have to add...I WON last weeks challenge.
can you see my blinkie on the side bar
yes I WON
Thankyou Tickled Pink for choosing me
Well Tickled Pinks mr random anyway
It was so so nice to see MY name under Winner
I have my new Image
but I am stressed
I can not use it..
My printer needs will not print

So today sees the return of
Victorian Christmas Kellita
This time in Green
 Once again the papers are from Clipart Fairy
called Gift of flowers
 She is coloured with Pencil
and I have added gems and a die cut circle
Then once again I have used a calendar for next year
I just need to add a whole just above the sentiment
so it can be hung..
There you have my card..

Now all of the above was typed this morning...
I am now back... it is finish
I have ink for the printer 
and have my new Tickled Pink image printed ready to colour
Excited me
one problem
my pencils are packed at the bottom of the tub
so that's my next job !!
I really really can not wait to colour
Tickled Winter Little Evie
she is so cute.. 
We are leaving earlier than planned
we now travel Friday Morning
and are stopping overnight in Bilbao
We at last have found a Hotel that the dogs can stop in
So Thursday sees the busy day of last minute things to do and pack
then early Friday we leave Portugal
Hip Hip Hoooray

Right am going to find my pencils
I have an image shouting at me wanting some colour
Thanks for stopping by xx