Thursday, January 26, 2012

Before I forget..

I would like to say a huge huge Thank you for my amazing Scarf
 Toni over at My World Sort Of had a candy last month..and I was the VERY lucky winner..
It came last week the day the PC broke... I have to say it is amazing.. I have used it everyday from the day it arrived.. It keeps me so warm while walking Tasmin.. Who at this moment in time is going nutty... yes she is.. why your asking... well I have just got said scarf and taken a picture.. to Tasmin that
Bless her..she is now sat at the kitchen door waiting..
Anyway here is the Scarf

The colours are amazing..and the way it is knitted!!!   WOW
It made me want to have a go at knitting a scarf myself... so off I have been to a yarn shop and bought wool
fluffy black wool..and I have started to knit my own... I chose black as I am really knitting it for Hannah to use at I keep telling her NO YOU ARE NOT USING MINE...yes she wants my NEW scarf
anyway here is the start of the scarf
Very black and shiny..
Once again I would like to say a HUGE Thank You to Toni

Thursday Morning

Morning all of you who follow me...I am about, and I am trying to visit you all.. Mr Mojo has got up and left me all on my own... I keep sitting down and starting a project... get everything colourd, cut out..and I am leaving be for a little while.
I do have these to show tho yes more Christmas cards... made for Paul's mum using up her bits and bobs with what papers I have left.
the one above was the decoupage which I mounted onto a circle which had been sewn round the edge, popped it onto a card and added the Peel Off's (have to have peel off;s on or it doesn't look finished..according to Paul's mum !!!)

This one is made with Peel off's.. I rather like this one.. I then layered onto the beaded card and added a small decoupage.. finished after the peel
Oh and a get well soon card... Maybe it should have been a Christmas card but with the flower being white and not red...poinsettia that is I thought get well not Christmas..
Anyway it was liked once I added the Peel Off's
So there you have it..Three more cards for Paul's mum and none for me..
I have lots to do today, so it wont be a crafty day.. 
I do have lots more to show so
See you all again tomorrow..or tonight if i get five to myself
thanks for stopping by xx

I am entering these into
Allsorts Challenge - needles and pins.. I used needles for sewing

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hello everyone I think I am back....
oh no your saying to yourself
it isn't that bad though
as I do have something to show..
Lots really but one thing at a

I altered something..
Paul's mum received some room sprays for Christmas
and was going to throw the box away!!!!
How could she...
She was also wanting a quick make for a birthday card
so this is what I did
I found some papers from a magazine
that had matching decoupage..
Cut out and layerd
Then all I had to do was measure and fit

And here it is
The side view...showing how I made the inside curve
and hopefully you can just spot the stickles
Which I am loving... not used them until I got back
and wow they are so much better than glue and glitter
And here is the verse on the back which Paul's mum added later

I have been busy while not online...honest..
Just not with craft things
I have been job hunting.. and house hunting..
Neither happened...where have all the jobs gone !!!
Anyway today I have decided is craft day
I am hopefully going to make a couple of cards
I have a couple of images sat waiting
Coloured with my NEW pens..
Yes I finally have images worthy of a card
So I am going to have a snoop around
and see what challenges I can make my cards around
Thanks for stopping by xx

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I feel like my arm has been cut off

Why your thinkin....
Well the PC has decided it will not work
Not even a light... Dead as a dodo
And I had so much on there
Thst I do not think I will ever see again...
Digi images I have bought..
Anyway all will be quiet for a while..
The only wsy i can post is from my mobile
And it takes

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Hello... Testing from my mobile

Monday, January 16, 2012

Blog Candy Winner

I am so sorry this is late....
Yesterday flew by and at 11pm last night I remembered
so here I am first thing this morning....
To announce the winner of my first Candy
here are all the names...
Welcome Riliska nice to have you as a follower
 Then they where folded up and put into the bowl
(All high tech here isn't
 Then one was drawn out
 Can you see if its you !!!!

There you go....
If you can send me an email...with your addy etc
I will pop the Candy into the post as soon as
It has a long way to travel.... 

And a HUGE thank you to everyone else for joining in the fun
It is nice to say thank you to you all for following me and making blogging
so much more fun

Oh and for those of you who know...
I have finished my first ever dish cloth
And I have also nearly finished a cloth for Paul's car !!
This knitting is addictive..
And I have a pattern in it !!! 
it will have a name but I have not got a clue..
just something I was

Today though I am making Cards..

Thanks for stopping by xxx

Saturday, January 14, 2012

How cold has it been today

BRRRRR is not the word for it....
I was up at 7am..walking Tasmin by 730..
and wow...I was so not prepared for the cold....
Tasmin wasn't at all fazed..due to lots of fur..but me...
Polar neck... cardigan and a huge coat...still cold
so Tasmin only got a half hour walk instead of an hour..
Then we toddled off to pick up the new second hand car...
We need one as the Portuguese one is going back to Portugal
If we sell it over there we will get about 3 thousand pounds more.!!!
Then we can buy a decent car over here although it will be second hand again

Then onto see our grandson Olly...
WOW has he grown...
I will post some pics tomorrow..when I have them on the PC 
and not still on my mobile...(it is new and not sure how to transfare yet)

Then I have been knitting...yes knitting
I have bought some black wool... and started to make a scarf..
I Googled how to cast on..took me a little while.
and now I have about 6 inches of the very first scarf...!!!
oh and because it is black wool and not easy to see in the evening
I have decided to make a dishcloth... I saw the yarn and thought why not
it said for crochet as you never know I may have a go at that too!!!

Card making is going ok,,, 
I have played with the new pens at last
and I have to say I love them....and am getting better and better with each digi I colour.
So watch this space for my very first card using one..
(tickled pink image too, so will have to look out for the challenge)

Right I am going to go and see if I cant finish my dish cloth 
then Google how to cast off.... if I don't succeed am sure Paul's mum will help

See you all tomorrow with pictures....
thanks for stopping by xxx

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday once again.. meaning...

It is time to go have a sneak peak around other peoples crafty rooms/desks
I don't have time to sneak around them all today but I will do my best
I have made myself time to do this post..
Made time your thinking...well I am Paul's mum Taxi at the moment
She had an op on her foot, so can not drive, so I am taking her places
And boy does she get
That's what you get for being popular, and going to church I suppose..

Anyway it isn't all that bad, we went to the local garden center yesterday
and they happened to have a sale on..yes sale on craft things.
BIG BIG mistake taking me in there..well I think so
I didn't buy tooo much...haha
see  and it was all in the sale....
here is the full extent of my desk in the bedroom
 ooo you can about see the
I have the middles all printed out and in a pile..
I just need to get them all inked and made.. Shouldn't take long
they will all be the same..
the one with 50 was a trial...I didn't like
so the blue one without 50 is the one I am doing
best get on...49 lots of backing to cut
and then 49 white to cut ready for stamping
thanks for stopping by and I will visit you back as soon as
Claire x

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas cards....

In January... yes you did read that right..
and to be perfectly honest I am nearly fed up with making them.
I am still working my way through Paul's mum's things.
And believe me she has a lot waiting to be used.
 I have been trying to use up as much as possible without adding too much to a card
I am not too keen on Peel off's But Paul's mum uses them a lot
So all cards are finished off with them
Although  It has made it easier with sentiments, 
and to add that little bit of sparkle
Here are three more...I think I have now made about 30..
I have also been volunteered to make Paul's sisters birthday invites
It is being held in June so I do have a couple of weeks to get them ready
I have the first one made after two or three attempts
I will show the ones that didn't get through later on
once again I have snook online while people are asleep
as it seems the only time I get to myself..
more from me later
take care all of you 
and thanks for stopping by
Claire xx

Friday, January 6, 2012

Info needed

Right as you know I am not a long term stamper
Fairly new to it to be honest..
Well Pauls mum has some sheets of stamps that need cutting out
and I know I need to do something with them 
before they will stick to a block...
Could anyone please help...
What do I need to buy???
Taking into account that she has Hundreds of the things...!!!!!!
I am going to google...but I thought I would ask the experts....
and yes that you lot on here...
I know you will do your best to help.. 

I hope you all have a fab weekend...
I am going to the pictures tomorrow night
to see the man with the amazing eyes.
do you know who I mean
Coooooorrrr.... mmmmm.... 
right on that note I am going to go and Google about these stamps
(after looking through a few more Robert pics)

Thanks for stopping by and a HUGE thank you in advance for any help..

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Blog Candy...

This post is a lot later than planned
life got in the way of blog land once again...
but I have stamped my feet and I am staying up until this is done.

The reason I have Candy...
Well I now have 43 followers and without you it would be a very dull blog
So this is a Thank you for following me.
So I am sharing some crafty things with one lucky winner.
I have a few bits and bobs for the candy..nothing amazing but things we all use daily

here is what I have

As you can see I have Ribbon (24 meters), shiny card,cards and envelopes, Flowers, Clear stamps, DST, Doilies, and Charms and other useful things.

I will also add a couple of things for a surprise.

I am not asking you do anything special..
Just be a follower, because you like my blog
Add your name to the Linky below
if you would like to add me to your sidebar or do a post do so.. but it isn't a must

I will write all the names down and put them into a hat.. and Hannah will pick the winner...
(am sure she will enjoy that)

Once again

for following me and making blogging so much more interesting and enjoyable

And welcome Maria xx

Claire xx

Linky expires on the 15 January 2012

Linky expires on the 15 January 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The first WOYWW of 2012

And yes I am here and yes I have a desk to show...
How exciting..although it isn't really MY desk..
I am still taking over Paul's mums. but she doesn't mind
I am crafting for her...
here is the desk as of Christmas Eve (the dining table)
Yes it was rather messy... not MY desk... I was just trying to help with the making up of cards
anyway it was all cleared just in time for christmas

But this week here is MY desk...
I have one in the bedroom, so I can hide away for the odd half an hour
although not hidden as yet
Yes it's a bit of a mess as well... last night I decided I was going to sort some flowers ready
But then ended up doing something else...yes I just left them there...
the wall paper is one I like for  when we get the new place...but
I then got to thinking it would look nice as backing paper on a card!!!!
the white bag has my new pens in..still in their packets not used
and the folders contain made cards..waiting for someone to send them too..
oh and I also have a few things out ready to add to my blog candy..
Which I will be posting later on today once I have a picture
Thats it for me
Time to take Hannah to school so will catch up with the rest of you later on
Thanks for stopping by xx

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It is 2012...

I do hope you are all feeling well
and I also hope this year is as crafty as last

I will tell you what I have been up to
We arrived in the UK on the 12 December..
All was fine, and we got unpacked and settled into Paul's mum's home.
She then asked me to help her make some Christmas cards
Yes I replied.... she said she only needed a couple
A couple !!! mmm 40 in total..
and only one day to make them arrgghh was not the word in my head
Taking into account she wanted to use parts of cards she already had ready
Paul's mum sits most night sewing so imagine a years worth of sewing
Christmas trees, angels, stars... the list goes on
40 cards needed !!
I did make them when I was in Portugal for her when she asked
she wanted to make them using her things
(yes I have 40 cards sat doing nothing now)
I did get down to work and while I was making them
Pauls' mum was printing inserts and writing on them
Then all we had to do was insert the insert
finished at about 11pm.. 
 I have been very busy ever since
doing lots of things, but still no colouring with my new pens
I did have a sneaky go, and realized just how hard they are to use
the shading is tricky. I need lots of practice.
I do have a couple of cards to show...
I have made them up but Paul's mum has all the credit for the sewing on them
 These are for next year so there shouldn't be a rush
 Paul's mum makes cards for people at her local church, 
they are given out on their Christmas meal get together in the church hall
She spent hours sewing all year only to run out of time to make them up
But Claire to the and now in front for next year
In total I have made another 20 for next year.

I am hoping to have something to show tomorrow, I really do need to find mr mojo
some time for me, and lots of pictures to colour !!

I am entering these into
Make it Monday Linky
Papertake Weekly - Anything Goes
Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you tomorrow

Sunday, January 1, 2012


A new year is here
meaning it is also time to redecorate
before anyone else does..
so then when I choose I don't have to worry 
well you never know if anyone else has the design
And it is nice to be different.
So here is what I chose
although I now have to do some sorting
as I have gone from a 3 column to a 2 column
I should get most of it done today.

I do have lots to share with you... but that will have to wait 
I will need a fair amount of time to type up the posts.
Oh and I also have some blog candy..
more on that one later

Thanks for stopping by xx