Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year

To you all in the land of Blog

I have been a busy bee
would you believe that Christmas Eve at the shop
we sold..240 ish fresh Turkeys !!!
and not just Turkeys.. sausages, pigs in blankets, 
HUGE pork pies and lots of cheese etc.
We was so so busy but it was a lovely day
I was puckered out when I got home about 4 pm.
(started at 730)
but then the usual getting things in order for the big day started..
anyway that seems like ages ago
here is the front room Christmas Eve
I know toooo many presents.. but it was our first Christmas back in the UK
in our own home...
Table set and ready...
We had a lovely day and enjoyed our Turkey dinner
although as per normal ate way toooo much.
since Christmas I have been playing with my new promarkers
and other goodies Paul bought me... lots of them too
here is what Hannah has had me helping with !!

Yes we are only half way through.. 
it lookes easy on the box !!!
Anyway here is the christmas cake I made...
next to hectors Christmas tree
And here it is... first time sliced... it looks huge in this pic...
well suppose it is really, we are not even half way through 
Paul has even been taking it to work for him the and lads !!!
Shhh but there is another one (un iced ) in the dining room unit !!!

But I am going to save that... till its the BIG 40 for me...

I have another post to do... one I am proud to tell you all about... so
Thanks for stopping by
CLaire x


misteejay said...

Happy New Year Claire. So glad you had such a fab first Christmas back in the UK.

Your cake looks super.

All the best for 2013.
Toni xx

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