Monday, January 21, 2013

Early Christmas

Now I know your thinking
what is she like...but
yes I have spent a little time making Christmas Cards.
I have no birthday's so what else can i do...
i bought the decoupage sets before Christmas but didn't get time to use
so here they are
 Forever friends... are they not cute
 the backing paper is a paperpack I bought at the same time
a 12x12 one
bought so I can do a couple of scrapbook pages
this is a very simple design
but I like..
I also made this one using the same sheet of backing paper
 I added some ribbon I have had in my stash for ever
this one is hes going to peg his stocking up ready..

I have been busy knitting again also
I have finished the baby blankey and I am now knitting lemon booties
and things.
Oh and I am going to have a go at t ruffle scarf
Thanks for taking the time to stop by
CLaire xx

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Hello there..
Hope you have had a fab weekend
if not crating then doing other nice things.
I have been into town (Huddersfield)
 looking for an evening dress
yes a dress... 
for a dinner and dance that we are going to in February
I thought there maybe something nice in the sales
Well I was right... so right I ended up with two dresses
why I don't know, as its the first dinner and dance I have been to
and probably the last
but hey am sure it will be fun,
and I saved a whopping 150 pounds. 
got them both for just over 100.. bargains !!

Today I have been colouring with my promarkers.
Now I am not used to them at all so have been colour matching
for blending etc.. I don't have the FULL set as yet..
But am getting there.. lol
Anyway here is what I have been colouring
 Now I have made a card a long time with this image
and coloured it purple with I thought I would start easy with Yellow
then I did her again in Orange
I prefare the orange now
the brown hair looks better too
well then I got this one from google
and started with brown hair..
practice makes perfect
(so they tell me anyway, keep practicing claire .. lol )
 Even shading the clothes took a while
Pink clothes looked better.
then I thought why not go for something Hard
yes a Saturated Canary Image
 Here she is..Brown hair again.
Well what browns I have 
I decided on green for the dress as its not a colour I use a lot
I am happy with my first attempt
Let me know what you think..
anything I could have done better
Then came Blonde hair

 It went ok...
I need more yellows though to do this properly
not enough for shading really but its worked out Ok
Grey dress this time... 
I have a full set of these so can blend better..
It looks wishy washy.. 
I think if I use this image I will cut her out as the branch looks mega bright
compared to everything else.
Thats my Sunday afternoon
I best be moving now, 
I have stuffed marrow to get into the oven 
with homemade Cauliflower cheese
Thanks for stopping by 
CLaire xx

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Busy on Blogger

Hello once again...
just me... checking that the decorating went ok..

Am sure you would have all noticed....
I am not sure I like...
so it may change again
took me an age to find and delete code
of yellow roses !!!
anyway if you like the blog background 
hop over to
Thanks for stopping by
CLaire x

Knitting isn't easy

 For some people... like MOI
I have been teaching myself via Youtube 
and Paul's mum.. 
anyway I went into the local wool shop and asked the nice lady
for a easy pattern.. !! 
yes she said and passed me one
do you have a counter... mmm no
so that was added.. 
A darning needle... ,,,, no
that was added also
you also need two sets of needles !!1
oh.... can I not just knit it on the number 7 ones I use for
No was the answer... well she knows best..
so two sets of needles where added 
then she asked what wool I would like...
haha.... baby wool... 
anyway ten minutes later... who would have thought that saying baby wool would cause problems
I now know that wool isnt just wool..
anyway.. as soon as I got home I started ..
well after google and youtube I did.. 
finding out what k1.p1 means... knit one and pearl one
PEARL... ooo whats that... said in a OMG kinda voice
anyway turns out its a stich that i call front stitch... haha
so I knit two then front stitch two and hey I get a rib effect... coolio
here is ther finished garment..
i did cheat as I knitted the collar and front panel separate 
and added them on.. I couldn't work out how to
knit into the end stitches!!! 
so.... how clever am I
yes very
so I decided to take it a step further..
and google baby hat
and here is what I made
it was so much easier than the cardy
so I then decided on booties yes booties
now these look really hard to make in the pictures
so I hunted for a easy pattern
and sat knitting and look what I ended up with
booties... and they look like them
apart from the fact they are HUGE
so guess what I tried another pattern

now the bootie will only fit a barbie
so I need to go buy a proper pattern that I can follow...
easy of course
what I really want to do is knit myself a jumper
but I have started a baby blanket..
and really need to get it finished.
its takeing ages because I am 
wait for it
knitting 6 pearling 6 across rows.. for ten rows
then pearling 6 knitting 6 for ten rows
which forms a square pattern...
I will show when it is finished.. may take a while tho
because it takes me ten minutes to do a row... bit slow i think
I am now going to go and knit..
How clever am I eh..
Thanks for stopping by
and hope to see you soon
CLaire x

Happy New Year

To you all in the land of Blog

I have been a busy bee
would you believe that Christmas Eve at the shop
we sold..240 ish fresh Turkeys !!!
and not just Turkeys.. sausages, pigs in blankets, 
HUGE pork pies and lots of cheese etc.
We was so so busy but it was a lovely day
I was puckered out when I got home about 4 pm.
(started at 730)
but then the usual getting things in order for the big day started..
anyway that seems like ages ago
here is the front room Christmas Eve
I know toooo many presents.. but it was our first Christmas back in the UK
in our own home...
Table set and ready...
We had a lovely day and enjoyed our Turkey dinner
although as per normal ate way toooo much.
since Christmas I have been playing with my new promarkers
and other goodies Paul bought me... lots of them too
here is what Hannah has had me helping with !!

Yes we are only half way through.. 
it lookes easy on the box !!!
Anyway here is the christmas cake I made...
next to hectors Christmas tree
And here it is... first time sliced... it looks huge in this pic...
well suppose it is really, we are not even half way through 
Paul has even been taking it to work for him the and lads !!!
Shhh but there is another one (un iced ) in the dining room unit !!!

But I am going to save that... till its the BIG 40 for me...

I have another post to do... one I am proud to tell you all about... so
Thanks for stopping by
CLaire x