Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Great Grandma

Well today I have made a card for My Future Mother In Law, as she will very soon be a Great Grandma,  Not sure the other half would like a card making with granddad on, I still think that I am way to young to be called a grandma just yet, but I have been told by Daughter thats what I am..( I have to add that daughter is the other half's daughter not mine, my little girl is still only 8) anyway onto the card.

Here is it, I wanted it to have a old age look, so thought cooker!! your now thinking why cooker.. well the idea was to heat the paper so it turned brown and charred, anyway it took a while to get the look of the paper right, I did manage to set fire to the first sheet, so there wasn't really enough left to actually make the card, but hey practice makes perfect. Then I went onto  good old Google and found the meaning of Grand parents copy paste into word change font etc and click print.... back into the kitchen to play with the cooker once again..

My first idea was to do a silhouette of a lady pushing a old fashioned pushchair, but couldn't find anything to download, so in the end I opted for the Silver Cross pushchair, I changed colors in Photodraw and size of picture etc.

The verse on the front was attached using DST then using foam pads I added the Pushchair, this I made into a decoupage by doing a second layer of the main body of the pushchair, peel offs finished of the card.

Hope she likes it, and it meets to her high standards I am just waiting now for the other half to write a personal verse so I can get that added 

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