Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ribbon and drawer units

Well hello there, it has nearly been a month since I was last on here, and am sorry, time just flies.

On the up side it is only 8 days until my step daughters due date.. and I can not wait, Hopefully meaning a trip to the UK, and a long cuddle with the new grandchild..she has been told it is a Boy, but until he or she appears then we wont know...EXCITED times... I have made a New baby card in Blue ready, and also have the making of a card in Pink just in case. I will get the pictures uploaded so you can see.

I did mention a few post's ago about the ribbon stand the other half made for me, well I have taken a picture so you can see.... how nice is this, I do need to invest in some more ribbon, but have not managed to get to the one shop I have found over here that sells ribbon.
The picture stood on the top is my DAD xx

This is the tall chest of drawers I have all my craft bits in that will fit in...I have to admit I have now taken over another unit in the study.. The other half made this for me also, It was originally made with extra drawers, but they didn't take long to fill.

He also made the desk stood next to it, although out of chipboard, I am in the process of papier mache the sides, I have done the top it is now waiting on varnish to seal. but I need to get the sides finished.

Here is a picture of the top,I have added black and white pictures of family and people close so I can look at them while crafting,

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