Monday, April 9, 2012

Evening ALL

Well this will be the last post from me for about a week
as tonight is the last night we spend at Paul's mum's
We have everything packed and in the conservatory
ready for the moving to start at 630am
We have to get to the new house for 1030am...
with a 2hour drive in front of us...
So van packing starts early.
Then it will be unpacking the we need straight away things
then slow unpacking for the next week or so..
Our things have been in storage for some time now so.
it will all need a good clean...everything will need a run through the washer
And I am slightly worried as it hasn't stopped raining the past few days
Not really curtain drying weather.. or clothes for that matter
We just hope that the Gas and electric are connected as we have asked
or it will be a very dark first night.
Maybe should have bought candles just in
I have a couple of open first boxes with cleaners and tea,coffee etc in them..
Pickfords will arrive at 11am with all the things from Portugal !!
Thats when the fun starts..wardrobe assembly etc..
Right thats it from me for a wee while
I have pack up to make.(just in case we can't or don't get time for anything else)
and then early to bed ready for a busy day
Tasmin is wondering whats going on bless her
I hope she isnt thinking she has to go on a huge boat again
she keeps looking at the boxes then sitting by her bed!!
Am sure she will love the ride in the van tomorrow!
Right take care all of you hope you had a wonderful easter
I will be back to normal posting as soon as we have internet
and I have my PC up and running
Oh and the craft things unpacked..
CLaire xx


L00py's Craft Creations said...

Oh goodluck for the move hun, its been a longtime in the process, you'll soon be settled, and sitting there with your feet up, crafting goodies around you, xxx

Chrissy said...

I wish all the very best Claire for the big exciting, a home on your own, and I pray the rain stops for you...I have had such PC issues over the weekend and before, but it sees to be running well at the moment, so I'm not turning it can stay on blogger forever...


misteejay said...

Wishing you all the very best with the move.

Toni xx

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