Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Happy Good Friday

Well I have to say that I AM BORED but smiling
yes bored stupid... I have not done any crafting for a couple of weeks
as I have been so so busy... now I am bored....
Because I have packed the craft things up thinking it best to be organised
And now I have time to sit and play.... 
I may have to sneak into Paul'l mums room and make something using her things.
Although am sure she will not mind..but don't think I will chance
So I am going to go for a long long walk with Tasmin
then spend a couple of hours getting ready for drinks at the local tonight
with Paul's friends... goodbye drinks time again...
so I may have something to show you tomorrow if I sneak in that room
She is now watching Passion of the Christ... being a christian she likes the film !!
Paul is watching some rubbish about Ramasis of egypt !!
right walk time for me and Tasmin
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misteejay said...

If you are really bored you could always get your knitting needles out - they won't cause too much mess and will be easily packed away again ready for the move.

Toni xx

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