Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tasmin here

Morning all.. it is so nice outside
And guess what
Mum is in the shower.. so I thought I would use the black box again
We have just been for a really long walk
We walked dad to work then back
but mum took me onto the field so I could fetch the ball
I love that game.. mum throws it and I find it and take it back to her
and it makes her so happy cos she smiles..
(Dad can throw it further, just he doesn't tend to smile to much)
Her I am... I have had my hair cut don't I look cute.. 
Hey stop looking at the fluffy ball next to me..
Yes I know she is cute.. her name is Asher and she lives with Gran
Dad's mum.. and Ember her older dog..
Anyway mum took me to meet her.. 
she is so fast, and annoying, she runs under my tummy so I can't get her
and jumps up and nips my ears.. 
On Sunday we went for a drive in the NEW car
am sure mum has shown you
We ended up here..at a big wall called a DAM
water one side and none the other

 I loved it... but am not sure how it works
How do they stop the water to build the wall !!!
I didn't ask mum as I was enjoying myself
 Here's me and mum again
Dad was taking the picture
Then we went further up a long road..(in the car)
and stopped for another walk
this time longer
 the picture above is where the car is parked.
you can see it.its the Yellow one
 Mum said we walked 6 miles along Penine Way
it was lovely and I kept hearing mum say
wow the views.. !! whatever that means
I just thought the grass smelled funny
then I found out why
 Look at these things
they are HUGE and they chased me and dad..
you see Mum all of a sudden gave me to dad... 
so dad had to walk past them with me
but they chased us..me and dad that is..
mum ran the other way
so we then had to wait for her to walk past them on her own
and it took a long time (think she was a little scared)
We walked for miles and kept walking past water
there we are... can you see us.. me and mum
Dad was walking slow...
Mum said the water is a resa something.. 
It is a strange word.. looks like the sea to me
Then we walked back.. the cows didn't get me on the way back
Dad carried me hiding me under his arms.
lots better than being chased.

I have just found another picture of me
look with the car
Mum loves it..she chose it.. well the colour
Dad chose the type cos it goes fast.. 
I heard them talking and dad said its the best model !!
Its yellow and I have to sit in the boot !!!!
Right mum is on her way so I will say good bye for today
Am sure mum will be on here later..
after she has gone shopping
She is starting a thing called a diet !!
I hope that means I still get my treats..
Tasmin x


misteejay said...

Hi Tasmin, you are getting really good at this blogging lark. You look lovely with your hair cut - very posh.

The photos of your walk are lovely - glad those nasty old cows didn't get you.

Big hugs
Toni xx

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