Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's Official

The PC died tonight
taking along with it ALL my Pictures
Digi Images.. anything card making related
Papers bought from clipart Fairy
I could go on and on..
they are all gone
So I have just a few stamps
I don't really do stamps.. I like Digi
as then you can make them to the size you require

So I am gonna have to start all over again
Invest in everthing again.
But where to start
Do I replace all the things I had..
Or do I go for everything new !!
What would you do..

There are my tickled pink Images which I love 
and a couple of them I have not even used...
So don't even have them to photo copy !!!

I can do posts still as I have Paul's laptop
his best works one too... from his old job
not his job now....
I have found these images via google

Sarah Kay... I loved this little girl when I was young
I even had a duvet cover set with her on..and this last image
was on the pillow case....lol
So I am going to see if they print off ok..
Once I work out how to print from the laptop...lol
Might have to shout Paul to help set it up
I have a few hours hunting on the net now 
For something Christmassy
I have nothing left

Well best get lookin
Thanks for stopping by
CLaire x


misteejay said...

Oh dear Claire, I know how you feel - it has happened to me...I was very lucky though that I still had most of the emails that my downloads came on and as soon as I was able to get on-line I printed everything that I could find.

If there were some images that you really loved I would replace those but there are always so many new ones appearing tha you might want to have a look at some new stuff.

Don't forget freebies - lots of sites have them so that would help you in the mean time whilst you start to rebuild your collection - try Saturated Canary as she has some lovely free images and there is a Christmas one.

Big hugs
Toni xx

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