Sunday, October 14, 2012

Very Unwell

Yes my pc is ill.. and my PC has all my photos on it...
yes the ones I have taken of cards to blog about
So I can not get to them.. yes I could take more
but most the the cards have gone to homes theywhere intended for

So am sort of stuck...
I can use Pauls blog with but no pictures..
I knew I should have copied from the camera and not moved
Oh well we live and learn
I am just hoping that dearest Paul can mend it..
without loosing all me pictures...
All my Digi images the lot, I have just bought a lot of new ones..
I will have to see if the links work and download them again
Fingers crossed
if not then start from scratch it will be

Will cost me a fortune to buy them all again..
so as you can guess I am a little annoyed... and Upset
and to make matters worse
I have new pens...
Promarkers... yes I have bought a few...
And I have even made a start on storage...
The idea came from Paula Holifield
Paula even emailed me the file to help..
Am sure once I get the full set it will look fab
oh and a DVD
I forgot to buy it while I was in town yesturday
so will buy it at the weekend.

here is the link to the actual blog post
pop and have a look.. Paula will send the file is you ask her
I will pop pictures up of mine as soon as possible

I am rather liking Sarah Kay images 
I have just been looking at some
oh and Kenny K.. who ever does her
I will have to investigate further on that one..

I am not sure if I have told you all
But I am working now... so time seems to fly
I don't like not having time to craft like I used

anyway.. I had best get on with seeing where Kenny K is bought from
Thanks for stopping by
CLaire xx


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