Sunday, January 13, 2013


Hello there..
Hope you have had a fab weekend
if not crating then doing other nice things.
I have been into town (Huddersfield)
 looking for an evening dress
yes a dress... 
for a dinner and dance that we are going to in February
I thought there maybe something nice in the sales
Well I was right... so right I ended up with two dresses
why I don't know, as its the first dinner and dance I have been to
and probably the last
but hey am sure it will be fun,
and I saved a whopping 150 pounds. 
got them both for just over 100.. bargains !!

Today I have been colouring with my promarkers.
Now I am not used to them at all so have been colour matching
for blending etc.. I don't have the FULL set as yet..
But am getting there.. lol
Anyway here is what I have been colouring
 Now I have made a card a long time with this image
and coloured it purple with I thought I would start easy with Yellow
then I did her again in Orange
I prefare the orange now
the brown hair looks better too
well then I got this one from google
and started with brown hair..
practice makes perfect
(so they tell me anyway, keep practicing claire .. lol )
 Even shading the clothes took a while
Pink clothes looked better.
then I thought why not go for something Hard
yes a Saturated Canary Image
 Here she is..Brown hair again.
Well what browns I have 
I decided on green for the dress as its not a colour I use a lot
I am happy with my first attempt
Let me know what you think..
anything I could have done better
Then came Blonde hair

 It went ok...
I need more yellows though to do this properly
not enough for shading really but its worked out Ok
Grey dress this time... 
I have a full set of these so can blend better..
It looks wishy washy.. 
I think if I use this image I will cut her out as the branch looks mega bright
compared to everything else.
Thats my Sunday afternoon
I best be moving now, 
I have stuffed marrow to get into the oven 
with homemade Cauliflower cheese
Thanks for stopping by 
CLaire xx


Caz said...

Your colouring is lovely Claire. Love the green the best.
Caz x

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