Sunday, January 6, 2013

Knitting isn't easy

 For some people... like MOI
I have been teaching myself via Youtube 
and Paul's mum.. 
anyway I went into the local wool shop and asked the nice lady
for a easy pattern.. !! 
yes she said and passed me one
do you have a counter... mmm no
so that was added.. 
A darning needle... ,,,, no
that was added also
you also need two sets of needles !!1
oh.... can I not just knit it on the number 7 ones I use for
No was the answer... well she knows best..
so two sets of needles where added 
then she asked what wool I would like...
haha.... baby wool... 
anyway ten minutes later... who would have thought that saying baby wool would cause problems
I now know that wool isnt just wool..
anyway.. as soon as I got home I started ..
well after google and youtube I did.. 
finding out what k1.p1 means... knit one and pearl one
PEARL... ooo whats that... said in a OMG kinda voice
anyway turns out its a stich that i call front stitch... haha
so I knit two then front stitch two and hey I get a rib effect... coolio
here is ther finished garment..
i did cheat as I knitted the collar and front panel separate 
and added them on.. I couldn't work out how to
knit into the end stitches!!! 
so.... how clever am I
yes very
so I decided to take it a step further..
and google baby hat
and here is what I made
it was so much easier than the cardy
so I then decided on booties yes booties
now these look really hard to make in the pictures
so I hunted for a easy pattern
and sat knitting and look what I ended up with
booties... and they look like them
apart from the fact they are HUGE
so guess what I tried another pattern

now the bootie will only fit a barbie
so I need to go buy a proper pattern that I can follow...
easy of course
what I really want to do is knit myself a jumper
but I have started a baby blanket..
and really need to get it finished.
its takeing ages because I am 
wait for it
knitting 6 pearling 6 across rows.. for ten rows
then pearling 6 knitting 6 for ten rows
which forms a square pattern...
I will show when it is finished.. may take a while tho
because it takes me ten minutes to do a row... bit slow i think
I am now going to go and knit..
How clever am I eh..
Thanks for stopping by
and hope to see you soon
CLaire x


misteejay said...

Congratulations and well done.

You really are doing great with the knitting Claire - you'll soon be knitting that jumper you want.

Toni xx

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