Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's ME

Yes it is me Tasmin.. the one in the picture
I managed to get the picture on but I don't always look upside down

Lowdown on MUM
Well she has been busy with the thing this morning
that makes all that noise and follows her around !!
So while she is upstairs with it going round every room
(I think she feeds it bits off the floor)
I thought I would say hello
The big window in the room has water running down it again
meaning short walk later..
I prefare the long walk in the woods. but I know mum won't if the windows are wet
i have found picture's on this big box thing mum uses to type into
of a card I like, I watched her make it
so I thought I would show it, seems like MUM has forgotten
 Isn't he nice
he looks like he would take me for a long walk
and He has a ball !!!
can you see it 

here he is even closer
Mum took lots of these but I think this one is best
I had best go as the machine has gone quiet
(it must be full if bits off the floor)
Thank you for visiting mums page thing
hope you wasn't upset it was not mum and it was me
Tasmin xxx


misteejay said...

Hi Tasmin, I think you did a really good job and I hope the windows stop being wet so you get a nice long walk.

"Mum's" card is lovely...such pretty colours.

Toni xx

Chrissy said...

Oh! Tasmin, you clever wee thing putting up a post..lol..even up side down..fabulous card, love the image, great for the males in our lives.


Alyce said...

LOL! Hi Tasmin! What a cutie you are ;) And what a gorgeous card...I can see how it is your favourite! hehehe

Caz said...

Hi Tasmin, aren't you a clever dog!!

Fabulous card Claire, and a very cute dog.
Caz x

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