Thursday, July 19, 2012


I have spent some time colouring of late
I thought I would stock up on images
but... yes the dreaded BUT
I haven't really got many that I can use
I have to add I am using my Spectrum Noir pens
I have a few pens that have no ink left !!!
some that I have used once and they seem to have no ink left either !!
so blending isn't working..
I bought them last year but didn't start using them until i moved here
so april ish.. they where sat in there packets for 6 months.
Would that really make a difference??

All in all I am not getting on very well with my spectrum noirs.
I have watched lots of tutorials
I have even tried to copy pen for pen
but mine do not turn out right
and it gets upsetting..

Now I did buy them so I could get used to colouring
I had then planned to buy copics as they are more expensive.
so they should be better !!
now I am not so sure.
If I can't colour with these will it be a waste of money

yes it has put me off spending more money
Do I just stick with pencil..knowing pens look better
if its coloured right.
I have even looked for somewhere local that teaches
No luck there.
anyway here is a disaster
 I had planned on this image for Paul
as he loves Lara croft and obviously Angelina
 The skin just will not blend..
its patchy and just doesn't look right
and the picture below shows how it has bled

The hair bled terrible
and the shorts looks  wrong..
So all in all I am not a happy bunny
I had a lovely email from Toni (My world sort of)
Thank you Toni... 
I do use 280g card not paper.
and believe it or not i didnt colour to the edges !!!
Maybe I have to buy a different card...
I will try all you have told me and see how I get on
I am going to go take Tasmin for a long walk
we usually do about 5 to 6 miles about lunchtime
it seems it is time to go as she is sat by the front door 
looking at her lead.
Thank you for popping by
and as always thank you for all your help
any suggestions welcome
CLaire xx


Caz said...

Hi Claire, I used promarkers when I first started colouring and couldn't get them to work either. The type of card you use is a significant factor. You need to make sure that it is a card specifically meant for alcohol markers (Crafters Companion make one) it should be a super-smooth card. I now use copics and must admit that they are by far the superior pens, I've never had any trouble in getting them to blend. Hope this is of some help. Give me a shout if you want to know anything else and if I can help, I will.
Caz x

misteejay said...

Claire, in your 'Essentials' set there should have been a blender pen. The term 'blender' can be a bit mis-leading as if you are a bit heavy handed it just acts like a bleach...this can be a benefit if you need to tidy-up areas that have bled. It wont take the colour out completely (especially if you have used red) but it will fade the colour so that it is less noticeable. Don't make the area too wet, just dab gently. If your blender is one of the pens that has dried you can always get a Promarker or Copic one - whichever you can get hold of most easily as you can mix & match alcohol pens.

Don't be disheartened, I'm sure you will get the hang of things.

Toni xx

misteejay said...

Me again...

With regard to your dried pens...have you thought of contacting the company or one of their accredited teachers (like Jacqui Dennis) to explain the situation and ask for advice. I don't think that they should have dried up like that...afterall, you would expect them to have a reasonable 'shelf-life' otherwise retailers wouldn't stock them.

Toni xx

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