Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ramble time

Well no photo of a card to show you tonight, although I have made a card, I just thought it best to take a picture of it in daylight.. might look the same colour then. I have had a busy day what with one thing and another, I decided to spring clean the living room, thinking it wouldn't take very long, but once i got in there and moving furniture, I thought how about a change round, spending an hour moving things, and getting it all spick and span, I sat on the sofa with a coffee and thought, no, I like it the other way better, so spent another hour putting everything back, so it did take longer than I had planned, then I was busy in the kitchen. which reminds me, Hope you all had a lovely Easter, we did although very quiet, but we did make Hot cross buns, here is a Pic

Don't they look yummy... They did taste very yummy, and helped us remember the good old UK for a while..

Right I had best get on, Ironing to do

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