Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Corner Book marks..

Hello there, this is just a quick one before I go to bed, I was blog hopping yesterday, and came across Corner book marks, and had to have a try, now your going to ask me which blog I was on, and to be honest I can not remember, but if I do go onto it again I will Update this post with the blog name. so here goes.

    Cut a piece of pattered paper to 15cm by 15cm
The paper here I printed from Paper printables

Then Fold in half

Then in half again

Now fold diagonally

Open up with one layer of paper at the top

Now fold the bottom layers inwards along the diagonal crease you made earlier

It should look like this when folded

Now you can decorate to how you want them to look.
I made these quick as they were a first attempt so they are pretty basic.

I made the blue one for myself and the bumble bee one for my Daughter.

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