Saturday, May 5, 2012

Busy bee

Well what a day I have had.
I decided to sort out the HUGE unit in the study 
it has allsorts in it, but a lot of my craft things also
So it has taken me 8 hours to sort it but it looks so much better 
and I can see whats craft things and what isnt.
All I have to do is sort out the new drawer units then i'm nearly done
Good news is.... and its exciting news
Paul is making me a new desk..yes we bought the wood today
and He has been in the garage most of the day busy also
He is making Hector's new home also
But my desk will be made....I so can't wait..
To have a desk I can work on and if I don't get finished I can leave it till the next time
Not having to clear it all away will be lovely

Now Paul asked how I wanted it... I decided to go with three drawers each end....
and a straight desk... time will tell if it get built like that
Paul likes working with wood, so I can imagine a shaped desk

anyway while sorting out I found my Wedding Tiara
mmm what to do with it
 Only one thing really.. Pull it apart
And look what I got from it...

 Lots and lots of pretties to go onto cards

 As you can see its rather old... so the sequins have turned a orange colour
but they look rather nice

So I now have to get my act together and get some girly cards made..and use some

oooo Having a take away for tea tonight
Hannah is at her dads for the weekend so it is just me and Paul
mmm what to have
I think chineese, paul thinks kebab...
I am meant to be hunting chineese takeaways out 
not blogging
so best go
thanks for stopping by


Chrissy said...

Hi! wonderful gettig a new desk, you wont know yourself...and what a fabulous idea pulling apart you wedding tiara, and so many bits to use...must confess...I buy things just to pull apart, stash them away for a rainy you and Paul have a lovely evening out...


misteejay said...

Gosh, all those pretties for your card making. Have a great weekend.

Toni xx

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