Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Hello there fellow bloggers.... it is only me once again..yes I am alive and well
I have been job hunting.. yes that pain in the bottom thing
You see,I have walked nearly the whole of where I live...
and everyone says...apply online..!!!
yes ok... go online... type in said establishment... 
then spend half hour looking for the careers bit...
And to be honest I have not succeeded very often.
So I am a little fed up with the whole thing
But on the plus side... Hannah is at school at last 
So its all nice and quiet again in the house... its bliss

I have a card to show... in a few... damn I am on the laptop
the photos are all on the PC...doh...
best try and get them onto here...power up the PC time..
Right..think I have them now...
Mens cards... yes them things we all hate doing..well most of us
I do...as I never seem to get the get up and go when I have one to make
and they are so hard to keep minimal... without flowers and sparkle
anyway here is card number one
 Made with offcuts I found while unpacking card things
 ~Simple... faux stitching though..
Sewing machine is on my Christmas list... one for card making
so if anyone has a good one...let me know the brand and I will have a look about
Quite a pale blue.. maybe I should have done it darker... but it works.
and got the thumbs up by someone

What a lovely pillow mum !!!
Card two.
I like the boldness of this one
 The papers are a freebie from a magazine
Again found at the bottom of a box while sorting
Simple layered card... using white card as the matting
and again I turn my back to take pictures of card three and look

I will sleep on them... Thank you Tasmin

There you go two mens cards..
I did mention three. but I will post the third another day...lol
The pictures I took are terrible so will take some more.

As you can see I am taking them on the carpet for now
I haven't managed to find my easel..!! Maybe have to get Paul to make me another

my next post will be of the house.... I have a few pics to show...so I will let you go 
and I will start typing once again...Maybe see you soon
Thanks for stopping by 


misteejay said...

I always struggle with cards for the fellas - your's look great.

Toni xx

Chrissy said...

Fabulous male cards Claire, do love the second one's colours..and love the first how you used scraps, always a good thing.Good luck with the job hunting....so glad you are settled in your home now...cant wait to see the photos.


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