Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The house...

Well we are VERY slowly getting sorted...
Moving from Portugal was a good thing BUT
A bad thing..you see the house in Portugal was a mansion... 
yes it was... so we bought to fill it...and now we have toooo much furniture.. 
The house we are renting is BIG in comparison to other houses in the area
but we are still struggling to find homes for things
so much so we have sold a few things over Ebay.. 
making a little more room
We still have two beds in one room..one on top of the other..lol
 Look the princess and the pea

This was what I had planned as my card making room..it is so bright in there.
But I have yet to convince Paul to make my desk to fit into the window
Here is Hannah in her tiny room
Bless she has gone from a double bed to a small single..with no room to move
Hense the toy sorting has to be done.. believe you me in the two drawers under her bed
she has crammed as much as she can in...
next we have the view from the back bedroom
 Not very nice day though although it has rained everyday since moving in

and the back garden... cant wait to get in there and sort it a little...put some pretty flowers in..
We have a lovely farm shop about two minutes walk..
fresh meat and eggs...its a lovely shop and they are so friendly
Have asked for a job...they have my number as they may need someone soon
fingers crossed
Here is looking down from the stairs..
your wondering why I am showing this..well
The two pictures on the wall
The Indian chief and wife
They are actually cross stitch
I made them about ten years ago..took me a long time to make...
I will take some close up pics and post later...
Well that a little tour of some of the house... 
Still lots to do..
Then we can start decorating....
right I had best go.. I have a man who can sort shower out coming soon
best take Tasmin for a walk 
Thanks for popping by... next time I will make coffee and tea...lol
CLaire x


misteejay said...

Mine's a coffee and I wouldn't mind a piece of cake...LOL

Your back garden looks interesting - mine is a mass of overgrown grass and nettles because it has been too wet to get the lawnmower out.

Those bay windows are fab...that is something I would love to have.

Toni xx

Chrissy said...

Oooo...looks lovely Claire, love the back garden and wonderful views...and I have my coffee, white with 2 thanks...


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