Monday, May 2, 2011

Another month has gone by, it is now May, only 8 weeks until I gain another year... I am secretly hoping to be in the UK, but will see how things go.

I couldn't think of a title for this post as I wasn't sure really what I was going to talk about, then I thought I would upload a pic that I have taken today and then tell you all what happened

The above pictures are of one Lizard I have just quickly put them together, He does look rather stressed and there is a reason for that...and I was very quick in taking them. here is what happened.

 I was quietly sat in the study, cutting out some decoupage ready to make a couple of cards, when my dog Tasmin started barking, and barking and barking, which is not like her at all, I got up and looked out of the window to see Tasmin running backwards and forwards towards the front wall and barking.. But I couldn't see what she was barking at, she does occasionally bark at people walking past but there was no one,,, I opened the window and shouted her, and she came inside... sat in front of me then went running back outside, straight back to the same spot,and started barking again,  so I had to go and investigate, I have got into the habit of taking the camera with me when outside as you NEVER KNOW...

This is Tasmin.. smiling.. How could she scare anything !!!

When I got closer Tasmin moved and sat down thinking she was in trouble, she does tend to sit down when we tell her off, which I suppose it good, anyway there on the floor is this poor lizard, he must have been frightened, I would have been with something like Tasmin barking at me, I got the camera out quick and snapped a couple of pics, but he was still uneasy and kept opening his mouth to make himself look bigger.
Tasmin wasn't going to leave him be as when I walked off and shouted her to come she did but then went back, so I had to go fetch her and lock her in the house for half an hour, then check and make sure our friend had hidden out of the way before letting Tasmin back out.Poor little thing, I hope he comes back again, I like the lizards in the garden.

I did take a photo of another a bit later, one who lives in a hole near to the front gate but that was on my mobile so I will have to get the other half to upload that as I still haven't worked out how to do it... 

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