Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Goodbye for a wee while

Hello there my blog friends.
I do hope you are all OK
This is my last post until I am able to post
once back into the UK :o(
We do have internet here
but I will not have the time
I would like to say a huge

to all that have decided to follow me this year
you have all made my year very special,
and having you visit my blog has made me very happy
I have met some wonderful people through blogger 
and I do enjoy visiting your blogs back.
You have made me smile and laugh 
at some of the comments you leave
and some of the post's I have read,
but you have all helped me when I have asked
You have all helped me spend way toooo much money
on one thing and another 
as I will have so many nice things to craft with
once I have all them packages open
The ones I have sat waiting for me in the UK
Name and shame time
Toni - Flowers
Although I have not managed to find the exact same
as Toni uses, I have ordered 100's (maybe a few 100) of others in all colours
Toni often adds flowers to her cards and they look amazing
Paula - Spectrum Noir pens
After looking at Copics for a long time Paula showed the spectrum Noirs on her blog... I thought they would be a good way to get started before I buy copics, get to know the basics then move onto Copics.
Chris - Chris often colours in pencil, 
and her cards look amazing, her layouts are brilliant and I often visit her blog just to see how "her lady" is !! her story's make me laugh

I will be back blogging before Christmas
and I am 100% sure my first post will be picture heavy
I plan to take a lot of pictures of our journey over
I will even get Paul to take a couple of me
then there will be a few pics of
Right that's it from me
will catch up with you all very soon
Once again

Claire xx


Chrissy said...

Oh! Dear Claire, you are sweet girl.. have a very safe journey...hope everyone and thing travels well, and really look forward till you are unpacked and back ON THE BLOG with us..
Take care sweet friend...


Amy E said...

Have a safe trip back to the U.K. I hope you get a big giant crafting room and a NEW DESK once you get there!!!!

Amy E.

The Crafty Elf said...

Claire, best of luck with the move! I enjoyed your blog and thank you for visiting! I was laughing because since blogging I too have learned so much and spent more money than would have normally done. There are a lot of people to blame for that but that's a good thing!

misteejay said...

Safe journey Claire.

It has been wonderful my friend seeing how you have developed with your crafting since you started the blog - sorry if I am to blame for some of your spending our Elfin friend says 'that's a good thing'.

Catch up with you in blogland once you are back in the UK.

Toni xx

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