Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday today

And I am on a serious countdown
All the boxes are now in a truck 
and the house is empty 
and is one very large Echo
apart from the things that are going in the car
oh and us three

I can still get onto the internet 
but for how long we are not sure..lol 
so this could be my last post until I get to the Uk
or I could bore you again Tomorrow
Did I mention we was moving to the UK...lol

We went out for tea last night but didn't have pizza
we ended up having pork kebab with rice and chips
healthier I suppose.
Today we went into Porto
and had KFC... 
Toast for tea later on...

While in Porto I found a craft shop
Well a shop that had the usual rack of 15 different coloures of card
they had a stand with Pro Markers in... yes promarkers
3euros and 95 cents each..
which after having a quick look on Good old Google
is expensive
I wasn't going to buy them anyway
as I have pens sat waiting for me..
but I did get a little excited
although I also thought all the years of being out here
the week before moving back I find pens!!

I have a new book..
One I can sit here and write list's in
I LOVE list's they are so helpful 
I just don't have anything to make the list's pretty
like pictures, ribbon or paper
anyway that's my afternoon entertainment
writing my food shopping list for Christmas

We will have Tesco, Sainsburys and any other supermarket webpage open to help with what to get.
We have a fresh Turkey on order already
it is just everything else.
If I was in the UK I would have lots in by now
So this year will be the first year of me being
"A last minute shopper"
one of the ones that's rushing round Christmas eve
and if I am totally honest..I am not liking it
I like to have everything sorted at least a week before
and just have the fresh things to buy
So I am guessing I will be slightly stressed

Presents will be another list
but we are unsure on what will be available
and what's the "in toys" this year
so it may be a case of buy whatever is left.

So I am going to go make a coffee 
and start writing my lists.
Hope your all OK wherever you may be
Thanks for stopping by xx


misteejay said...

Don't worry Claire, you'll soon be back in the UK and I'm sure there will be plenty to take your mind off the last minute Christmas panic.

Isn't it typical that only now you find pens over there - never mind - you have yours waiting to be played with and remember...you will be able to mix & match other pens as long as they are alcohol ones.

Toni xx

okienurse said...

Good luck Claire with the move! I have been here in Oklahoma for 24 years and it would be so traumatizing to move. Christmas will sort itself out so don't get over stressed and just enjoy the season! Think of all the fun things that will be available in the UK that isn't in Porto...not quite as exotic but... Vickie

Debbie said...

Hi Claire...I'm sure everything will work out just fine. I did my food shopping online last Christmas and it worked a treat...much less stressful, but if you decide to run the gauntlet at the supermarket Christmas trolley dash don't forget to grit your teeth and sharpen your elbows girl....only joking...
Take care.
Debbie x

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