Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Well today went as planned 
We cooked for just four..
Turkey crown with all the trimmings.
TOOO many trimmings
yes I ate way to much...
But then don't we all....
I do hope you have all had a wonderful time
and that you all got lots of Crafty goodies
I didn;t get anything crafty as I got it all when we arrived.
(and I still have not had a play)

Tomorrow sees a very busy day...
I am cooking for all of Paul's family...!!
Yes they will all be here...
So on the menu is
Turkey... Roast Pork and Ham..
served with the trimmings.
only not just for four..
we have a few more..!!! 18
So I can see myself getting up at around 7am to start the vegetables
It will be fun though
as it usually is when whole families get together
(just secretly wish it was mine :o(  ,,, )
I have been to see mum..and she was OK
Once again she didn't know who I was
but she smiled which was good.

Right I am going to go 
Have a snoop about all your blogs
Paul is playing his new PS3 game
so is not very chatty

And I hope to have a picture post soon
I just need to get some ME time to play
Thanks for stopping by
Claire xx


misteejay said...

Merry Christmas Claire - glad things came together for your Christmas day.

Most I have had to feed sat at the table is 16 - which was interesting as I had just had a new smaller single oven cooker to replace my old double oven. You'll be surprised how you cope and I'm sure everything will go fine for you.

Toni xx

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