Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Not a very Happy day

Well we have had a really nice Christmas
Spent most of it with Paul's family
who are all so nice...
Had some sad times, funny times
but all been really good.
It was a really nice first Christmas back in the UK

If you follow my blog
 you will know that we have two dogs
Tasmin (black cocker spaniel)
Kiya (cream and brown cocker spaniel)
Tasmin is with us at the moment
and Kiya was living with Paul's son Karl

Kiya I have to say is no longer with us
We have had to have her put to sleep
We did the Horrible deed this morning

She will be missed...
and we will think of her often
It was a very hard decision to make
but after talking with a Cocker Spaniel expert
at great length, about her behaviour
her strange ways etc. 
He told us she would get worse
as she got older... so 
we knew it was the right thing to do
She was the softest dog most of the time
but has slowly got more aggressive
Biting myself, Paul and even Hannah.
She had even started to stare at walls
and shake !!!
he told us it was epilepsy

Here she is as a cute little puppy

Here she is with her little teddy
And here are a couple of more recent pictures

Hannah has been spending time with her dad
so she does not know this has happened
Hannah will find out tomorrow.
am sure there will be a few tears
as there was this morning at the vets

Right I am actually going to go and play
I am trying my pens
to see if I can colour as fab as others do.
So watch this space..

Claire xxx


misteejay said...

Sorry to hear your news - sending big hugs.

I hope you were able to enjoy some playtime with your new goodies.

Toni xx

Sandy said...

Sad news about your dog - she looked a lovely dog. Sounds like you are settling back into the UK and great to have all that family around.
All the best for 2012

Helen T said...

Claire, Sorry to hear your new. One of our Owls died last month and it is hard to realise that a much loved pet is gone. Remember all of the happy times and smile.

Amy E said...

I'm so sorry Claire. We just had to have my cat put down last month, the day before Thanksgiving. He got really sick really fast, and there was nothing they could do. It sucks losing a pet. They're part of the family. We had a dog once with was a bit different than your experience sounds, but always difficult on the poor dog. I'm sure you made the right choice for all of you. I hope tomorrow when Hannah comes home, things go smoothly.

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