Monday, December 5, 2011

It has started

Hello there...well it has started..
Our life in boxes..although only a few
this is just a few of them...
I will update later on
The men that are packing went for a break 
so I snuck in the living room
to take the picture
Find the card making box !!!!
I will take some pictures later on
before we go out for tea
Now that is going to be fun
What to have !!!
Pizza, pasta, salad,
or some kind of meat with rice
Will have to see what there is when we get there
I fancy a nice Ham and Onion Pizza
Right am going to have another nosey about
catch up with you later
Claire x


misteejay said...

Only a few boxes the LOL

Hope you have some warm clothes handy for when you arrive back in the UK as they are promising SNOW on the forecasts for some areas.

Toni xx

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