Saturday, December 10, 2011

I am on the Celtic Sea

Hello there...I am sat on the ship
it is rather rough...
Hannah is in the cabin not feeling very well
Paul is fine...I am feeling fine
The dogs are not liking it. 
We took them for a little walk
but they where not happy  
So we have decided to check them about 
8pm then leave them until the morning.
Bless them.
I would go into more detail on the going's on 
but I don't have much time on WIFI left 
after talking to family through Skype
Just thought I would leave a short post..
and have a look at others blogs.
I will be back on here as soon as I can
I hope your all OK. 
Will be in touch soon


misteejay said...

Poor Hannah and I hope the dogs aren't too upset by it all (my niece's two aren't keen on ships).

Temperatures have really dropped here so I hope you all have lots of warm cloths to hand.

Love & hugs
Toni xx

Chrissy said...

Poor Hannah...not too good getting sick at sea, and poor doggys too, they may be feeling quite poorly and cant tell you...hope your trip is going well though...take care.


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