Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Another Year.. 10 years on

Hello  there.
I am writing a quick post in remembrance to 
How sad a day that was.. and it changed the world
I was at work that morning and only heard bits and bobs
from people I served
it wasn't until I got home that i saw the devestation
I have been to work this morning
and a lot of people where talking about ten years ago
when so many people lost their lives
very very sad day for all.
I watched Jeremy Kyle this afternoon
I say watched I had TV on while dusting
and heard the subject..
Didn't get much dusting done
just whole lot of crying
he was talking to some families that lost whole generations
who where on the plane, son daughter in law and granddaughter
and one remarkable man that survived after being on the 22 second floor
who thought when he opened his eyes and could see sky
that he was in heaven !!!
And then the firefighters who lost so many best friends
trying to help and find the missin and the dead.
Not a happy post I know
but it needs a mention and a few minutes thought
to all those out there that are still grieving
CLaire xx


misteejay said...

I remember seeing the news footage and being unable to believe that such a thing could really be happening. It must have been terrible for those who experienced it close hand. It was bad enough being caught up in the confusion that surrounded the London bombings the day after it was announced we had won the right to hold the 2012 Olympics. That was certainly an extreme of contrasts...partying in the streets on 6/7/05 and huddling round the TVs for news about the horrors that had taken place on 7/7/05.

These awful events should never be forgotten as otherwise how do we stop them happening again?

Sending big hugs
Toni xx

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