Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hello and evening all
Hope your all well
I have had a busy day today
been to work and wow for a little farm shop
we are kept on our toes... 
I was just checking in on things as I had an email alert on my mobile
telling me I had a comment
and I have noticed that I now have an amazing 61 Followers..
and you know what that means..
yes I will sort out a candy
for all of you to enter
I will do a post in the morning with a picture
I am sure I have new things in a draw

anyway I also thought I would share a picture with you
It is me and Paul
This was taken two weeks ago
when we went down the coal mines with Paul's sister
they had a photographer there so we thought why not
I do have another pic (on the pc)
which I will pop on in the morning
it is all of us together.
It is a lovely morning out
and only cost's £2 each, and your down the mine for over an hour
if you really want to you can ask for the £2 back
but most people don't as it goes towards the upkeep of things.

Right I am going as I am doing a first attempt on knitting
I have seen Toni over at My world sort of make them
and really like them so found a pattern
and I am attempting to make one
it is the first time I have ever added stitches while knitting
and a first for following a pattern
so I have had to look up what all the letters mean
K1, M1,... haha..oh and would you believe
I even had to look up GS... Garter stitch..
omg whats that stitch I don't know it
turns out to be what I call normal
right wish me luck.. it doesnt look that big 
so I may have a picture to show in the morning
Thanks for stopping by
CLaire xx


misteejay said...

What an unusual trip - great you have pics of it. I've never been in a mine but have visited a few caves (Kent's Caverns, Wooky Hole, one up in Yorkshire I can't recall the name of and most of the public caves at Cheddar).

Congrats on attempting a mug hug, I'm sure you'll manage (the terms do seem a bit like another language though, don't they).

Toni xx

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