Thursday, September 27, 2012

Get well soon

Over at CDAC the next challenge is up and running
and if I am totally honest I forgot about it
I have had the image sorted and ready to go onto a card
but just not had time to make the card up
So last night after spending my craft day painting the kitchen
I thought I had best get one made up so I can get my entry in
here it is
The Image is by Priscilla Styles

 I have paper  pieced the sofa... and the wall paper behind
Then I coloured kitty with my  Speecctrum Noirs
And looking at this I have not coloured the flowers on the window sill....
he is rather dopy looking isnt he..
thats what made me decide to do get well
he looks like hes flopped there and is not moving until he is better
Right time to go again..
Life is getting in the way of this blogging and crafting
thanks for stopping by
CLaire xx

Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday morning

And what a horrible one it is...
I have not seen so much rain in ages..
I have 30 minutes before I have to tootle to work
I have a card to show you all
Made for a boy
15cm square base card
layered with blues
The Yellow I wanted to look like a strange star
not sure I got that look
I made it from scraps
so it is not one whole piece.
 I coloured the image using my Spectrum Noir pens
and it was nice to colour
Must order some more...mine are now dry and not working
the Image is from Bugaboo !! I think

 He is so cute.. I think I won him in competition while I was in Portugal
long time ago now
I have arrange for myself to have a craft day on wednesday
I have been busy all weekend so I have the day free
my evening up until will be getting things ready..

now I am not sure if I have shown these
its me and Hannah ready to go into a cave
can not for the life of me remember where
all I know is its on the
 Here we are... again this time in the cave... not much headroom..
and I can tell you it got lots worse..

Paul found it amusing taking pictures but I am not showing them on here
It would put you off your food for
and I suppose we was not really dressed for it
it was hot and sunny out but oh so cold down there
Right I have to go now...
work to get to I may get back online later
while having a late lunch
thanks for stopping by
I will link my card up later !!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Candy Update

Hello there...
I have taken a picture of what I have in my candy so far
right what you can see so far is
some embossed card... in white gold and cream
Anitas ribbon Red with happy Christmas on
green ribbon with merry Christmas on
some cream with gold edge ribbon.
Papermania clear stamps - Christmas Tree
Papermania Henbury Lane outline linen stickers (red and silver)
Four ready made calenders for 2013
Flatbacked gems
Tilda and Edwin images
6 charms 3 Christmas trees and 3 reindeer

I have a few more things to add to it.. 
just not had time to sort it out
I have some new dies
wording ones for christmas and a christmas tree
I will be back later with pictures.

wow its cold today, so cold the heating may go on later on

right time to dash to get Hannah from school
then back home again to do more housework
a womens work is never done
Craft time tonight if i get all my housework finished
am sure Hannah will help..
I have a few spare pounds to tempt her with
she is after a new book to
thanks for stopping by 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Claire's Christmas Candy

Morning folks..
I have not forgotten honestly
Candy time
For my lovely followers.. I should have done it for 60.. 
but then I looked and I had lost a I am at 62
Thanks for joining my corner of the www
not many compared to some people
but thanks to each and everyone of you for popping over
even if its just from time to time

I went to the local garden center yesterday 
to get something for this..
I have an idea you see
I thought I would do a Christmas theme candy
as am sure it will come in handy
And they don't seem to have much in yet !!!
so a picture will follow
Am going to see what I can order online
sooo with that in mind
this will run for two weeks
gives me chance to order and delivery
so all you have to do is
Be a follower of course seen as it for those that do
and add your name to mr linky below..
If  you want to pop a picture on your blog
then your free to do so !!
And I do hope to see 62 or maybe more names 

Thanks for being a follower 
CLaire xx

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hello and evening all
Hope your all well
I have had a busy day today
been to work and wow for a little farm shop
we are kept on our toes... 
I was just checking in on things as I had an email alert on my mobile
telling me I had a comment
and I have noticed that I now have an amazing 61 Followers..
and you know what that means..
yes I will sort out a candy
for all of you to enter
I will do a post in the morning with a picture
I am sure I have new things in a draw

anyway I also thought I would share a picture with you
It is me and Paul
This was taken two weeks ago
when we went down the coal mines with Paul's sister
they had a photographer there so we thought why not
I do have another pic (on the pc)
which I will pop on in the morning
it is all of us together.
It is a lovely morning out
and only cost's £2 each, and your down the mine for over an hour
if you really want to you can ask for the £2 back
but most people don't as it goes towards the upkeep of things.

Right I am going as I am doing a first attempt on knitting
I have seen Toni over at My world sort of make them
and really like them so found a pattern
and I am attempting to make one
it is the first time I have ever added stitches while knitting
and a first for following a pattern
so I have had to look up what all the letters mean
K1, M1,... haha..oh and would you believe
I even had to look up GS... Garter stitch..
omg whats that stitch I don't know it
turns out to be what I call normal
right wish me luck.. it doesnt look that big 
so I may have a picture to show in the morning
Thanks for stopping by
CLaire xx

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Morning folks...
Wow how the weather has changed the last couple of days
it is so so cold here today..
so much so I have popped the fire on in the study to keep me warm while crafting
Tasmin is happy she has a fire to lay in front of
Well today is the day we snoop
although I have not snooped for what seems like ages..
but today I am having a crafty morning
so thought five mins to write this post while I have a cuppa
wont hurt
Here is what I am doing
on the left are envelopes.. lots of them
they each have a decoupage in 
which I have cut ready to glue together
as you can see I have a few put together
they will move onto the windowsill to dry over night
by the side of the screen is another project I am working on
it is for the CDAC challenge.
I am paper piecing as well as colouring
my markers are in the green bag just on the right.
So I had best get on..
I do have the usual things to do as well
and Tasmin will want another walk soon
take care out there
thanks for stopping by
CLaire xx

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Another Year.. 10 years on

Hello  there.
I am writing a quick post in remembrance to 
How sad a day that was.. and it changed the world
I was at work that morning and only heard bits and bobs
from people I served
it wasn't until I got home that i saw the devestation
I have been to work this morning
and a lot of people where talking about ten years ago
when so many people lost their lives
very very sad day for all.
I watched Jeremy Kyle this afternoon
I say watched I had TV on while dusting
and heard the subject..
Didn't get much dusting done
just whole lot of crying
he was talking to some families that lost whole generations
who where on the plane, son daughter in law and granddaughter
and one remarkable man that survived after being on the 22 second floor
who thought when he opened his eyes and could see sky
that he was in heaven !!!
And then the firefighters who lost so many best friends
trying to help and find the missin and the dead.
Not a happy post I know
but it needs a mention and a few minutes thought
to all those out there that are still grieving
CLaire xx

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sew Charming Challenge

Hello it is me again
yes again...I am getting back into the swing of making time for blogging
as well as crafting and visiting
I have managed to do it in an hour (ish)
the blogging part of it
the crafting takes a while longer

I have news... 
I have a part time job..well hopefully 
I am on a weeks trial starting tomorrow
I am so looking forward to it
I will tell more later
I am writing this post as I hopped over to 
and they have a new challenge
Sew Charming
You can use sewing and or a charm
here are my cards
yes I have two cards both with sewing
 They are old cards..
How can you tell
they where taken at Paul's mums house
I just have not shown them on here
I think they have already gone to good homes
 this one didn't take long to sew
but the one under took a while longer
 I added decoupage as a focal point to both

both cards are 15cm square
just with layers to match the thread
Hop on over to the challenge blog and enter

I will also pop this into
Make it Monday Linky
Thanks for stopping by
CLaire xx

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Challenge over at CDAC

It is me again.. 
I have made my card for the latest challenge
we where given the surf digi
to use on our project
it doesn't have to be a card it can be anything
here is what I came up with

I printed the image straight onto patterned paper
it was a freebie from a magazine that had squares of colours
I matched it the best I could 
the paper on the base card is also from a magazine 
the flowers I made from what paper was left after printing and cutting out
Now the sentiment is a bit wrong
I found it on the internet and though it matched the paper
but it doesn't sound at all right
but I am useless at making them up myself

hope over to have a look yourself and join in the fun
Thanks for stopping by
CLaire xx

Link for Pink

Morning folks...
How is your week going..
Mine is so much better now the house is back to being just
Hannah went to school this morning all excited
which is good
Just me and Tasmin at home
I am here today to tell you all about an amazing Give away
Over at

I have been a follower for some time now and pop over for inspiration
it's all about Breast cancer and the likes.
Hop over and take a look..
you have 11 days left to join in
(link above)
this is what they are giving away
Cool do you not think... 
I have not managed to make a card for challenge 5.
which only has two days left..
I may spend today doing that
But take a look and enter.. its an amazing sketch
Thanks for popping by
CLaire xx

Monday, September 3, 2012

Pink Corset

It is lovely outside... so much so I have been doing the garden
But I was getting a little too hot
so I have popped inside to cool off
and thought I could make a quick card 
that will be added to the pile
but it keeps me happy
 You have seen this image before but orange
Today I went girly pink
more so because Hannah chose the papers to use
 I layered onto card and used die cut card for interest
the flowers I bought online from Ebay
they feel like fabric
I added sticky pearls to the centers 
The inside of the card matches
with the top left for writing

Hannah is back at school tomorrow
so it will be all quiet again
just me and Tasmin
So I should get some more card making done..
I am going to get started on christmas cards.
So the stamps will be out and Christmas papers found
I am going to pop this into a linky

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Birthday flowers

Morning bloggers
I am sat here wondering what to do
so I thought I would write a post
I actually have some time !!
We have guests staying and they are still in bed..
so I cant go making
in reality I could be hoovering and getting sorted...
I have a Tilda card to show you
She is paper pieced
and coloured with Spectrum Noirs
(The whole picture looks a bit orange sorry)
 I have used the largest die I have to make the base card
and layered with all the others
I chose orange as I am using up papers
so that is what Tilda was pieced in
 The flowers are mulberry paper with gems added to the centers
7 on the large ones to make then look bigger
the leaves I die cut from the same paper as Tilda dress
as I had a little bit left
I have also added stickles to her flowers
Here she is stood at an angle
The sentiment is heat embossed
but I have only slipped it down the side
so if I want to change the cards occasion then I can do

We have been busy bees of late and I have so much I can tell...
but I will write a post about that
I have to tell you something though
I have a job interview on Monday
So wish me luck
Thanks for stopping by
CLaire xx