Thursday, January 6, 2011

Butterfly Birthday Card

Above are the elements I have ready to make the card... It is a birthday card for a aunt in the UK. I have already cut the decoupage out and I have pricked and embroidered onto plain white card.

This is the decoupage, I am sorry but I can not remember where I bought this from.

I have used a 15cm square basic card, then I added a 14ch square of pale yellow card using 2mm sticky pads. As you can see the decoupage is waiting to be added to the make sure I get it in the centre I usually measure and mark the centre of the card ,then I measure the first layer of the decoupage and make a hole with my pricking tool (you wont see this as the layers above will hide it) then when am ready to attatch I remove tape from pads and put it onto my pricking tool and put the point of the pricking tool onto the dot I marked on the centre of the card...and then it is just a case of making sure it is the way you want it.

Here it is finished... it took me ten minutes to put it together..


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