Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas card time

Hello there, how time flies, I have been so busy with everyday life, that I have had no time to get on here and publish the Christmas Cards I said I would show you... So I have half an hour before I pick my daughter up from school, so here goes.. the card on the left was a quick make card, I found the image on Google, I love blue nosed bear, but they don't sell anything over here in Portugal to do with him, so I printed it out three times and made it into decoupage, I folded A4 in half to make the card and then added vellum from a magazine as the main paper, to attatch the vellum I used brads, as I never seem to get it to glue nicely, and have found brads work best..I then added green, pink card on top using 2mm sticky pads, then went the bottom layer of the decoupage, then the two top layers I had cut out...all was left to do was to add the insert, which I left blank as I like to handwrite my inserts.

I have also made this card in reds, and golds. 

This card I got the idea of making my own pattern for sewing, I did have a pattern very similar to this in a book, but it was way to small for what I wanted to do, so I made this on Microsoft Excel, just by adding the dots were needed, I then printed it out and pricked onto white card stock, sewed it  in a Christmas Green, I did use DMC thread as it is slightly thicker and looks nice to cross stitch type sewing.I then made the Christmas tree.. which is very easy to make, I will add a how to later on.. I used A4 card folded in half, with the corners cut out, i then added Green card doing the same in the corners then added the sewing on top, once the corners were cut. The christmas tree i glues using hot melt glue and added a small brown piece of card to act like the tree trunk. The papers I used for the tree came from a magazine.

The sewing for this card took me about six hours.
Here is another one I enjoyed making, Again it is a sewing card with a topper added..  Here is how I made it, I first pricked and sewed the pattern onto Green card using matalic coloured threads, the pattern comes from Stitching cards, a site you can download straight to your PC, I then used a compass and drew round the design and cut it out, the card is made from A4 again folded in half, the backing paper from a Magazine, I attached the sewing using 2mm sticky pads then chose the Father Christmas from my Magazine and cut him out so he was round also, because he is on paper I glued him onto card first to make him more sturdy. I then attatched him using 2mm sticky pads. I did start with the card completely square but then decided it would look better rounded at the top and the bottom so cut it free hand, which is not something I would normally do but the result was ok, I then used gold peel offs all the way round the card and the topper to add shine, and FELIZ NATAL..which Happy Christmas in Portuguese.

One more to show today..
This card I made in half an was easy to make.
This one is very easy to make as it is just a layered card, I used an image from a magazine and also the papers. The card is once again A4 folded in half but I did landscape this time.I covered the front of the card with backing paper. The first layer is shiny blue card with a layer of backing paper on the top, I did attach using sticky pads as the glue I used first off did not stick it.. I then attached four peices of silver ribbon to make it look like it was wrapped... then I used more shiny blue card with the topper on the top, I made the top layer of shiny card wider as I wanted to add the greeting both sides.You can not tell on the picture but the snow is glittery also...

I hope you liked these cards... I will add some more for you to look at.. and I will also add some pics on how to make the Christmas Tree...

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