Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wedding Day

Now then... tis me again, playing catch up on here, putting some cards on that I made in December, I had an order for a Wedding card, As you know I live in Portugal, and they don't sell Cards, so I was asked to make one. She wanted funny, but I wasn't sure on what she thought would be funny, As some things I may find funny she may find offensive.. so I decided to make a cute wedding day card... and hope this was ok.. if not then I would make a funny card. I went onto Google and found a site called DIGI WED STUDIO, were you order and download clipart... they have some really amazing designs, I have to admit I ordered quiet a lot for future use, which you will see as I make the cards. This card is made from a set called Wedding Day by Whimsy Pimsy
I will do my best to talk you through the stages.

The card is half A4 but folded into a Gatefold card. The back of the card I wanted the car, as I wanted it to look like they were driving away... This took me some time to I wanted it central but printed straight onto the card, I also added my email address for future orders.Highlighting it with straight peel offs. I then printed out backing papers and attatched to the front adding peels offs as a boarder, The bride and groom I just Printed, cut out and attatched using sticky pads, The bride is quiet wide so I placed the groom further over on his side, so when the card is shut the bride does not cover the groom.I also printed the church straight onto the card also, but then printed a second one onto card so I could cut it out as I wanted the windows to look like windows, I added a cross brad to the church and also cut out the door so that she could write her msg inside, also on the inside I added toppers, one is the wedding cake and the other is the flowers, on the flowers I added ribbon with a bow, I stuck these on with sticky pads so they were not flat on the card, making them stand out a little, I then added peel off sentiments under each...

I thoroughly enjoyed making this card, and was very pleased when the person I made it for liked it too,, and I have also been told the Bride and Groom were impressed also. I hope you like it...
This is the front of the card

This the the back of the card with my email address.

The inside of the card

Inside right

Inside left

The card stood slightly open

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