Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday Morning

Morning all of you who follow me...I am about, and I am trying to visit you all.. Mr Mojo has got up and left me all on my own... I keep sitting down and starting a project... get everything colourd, cut out..and I am leaving be for a little while.
I do have these to show tho yes more Christmas cards... made for Paul's mum using up her bits and bobs with what papers I have left.
the one above was the decoupage which I mounted onto a circle which had been sewn round the edge, popped it onto a card and added the Peel Off's (have to have peel off;s on or it doesn't look finished..according to Paul's mum !!!)

This one is made with Peel off's.. I rather like this one.. I then layered onto the beaded card and added a small decoupage.. finished after the peel
Oh and a get well soon card... Maybe it should have been a Christmas card but with the flower being white and not red...poinsettia that is I thought get well not Christmas..
Anyway it was liked once I added the Peel Off's
So there you have it..Three more cards for Paul's mum and none for me..
I have lots to do today, so it wont be a crafty day.. 
I do have lots more to show so
See you all again tomorrow..or tonight if i get five to myself
thanks for stopping by xx

I am entering these into
Allsorts Challenge - needles and pins.. I used needles for sewing


Chrissy said...

These are beautiful Claire, nothing wrong with peel offs, I just forget I have them....somewhere.Love the beaded card, very pretty... was meant to mention how lovely your sewn card was that you sent me in my pretty, my friend Barb was giving it the once over as it sits on my desk, and she said how lovely it was..Thankyou.


JustYolie said...

Beautiful Christmas cards! Stopping by to invite you to visit Link Up for Pink's new website
We are celebrating with several giveaways! :)

(I also have a giveaway on my blog)

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