Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday once again.. meaning...

It is time to go have a sneak peak around other peoples crafty rooms/desks
I don't have time to sneak around them all today but I will do my best
I have made myself time to do this post..
Made time your thinking...well I am Paul's mum Taxi at the moment
She had an op on her foot, so can not drive, so I am taking her places
And boy does she get
That's what you get for being popular, and going to church I suppose..

Anyway it isn't all that bad, we went to the local garden center yesterday
and they happened to have a sale on..yes sale on craft things.
BIG BIG mistake taking me in there..well I think so
I didn't buy tooo much...haha
see  and it was all in the sale....
here is the full extent of my desk in the bedroom
 ooo you can about see the
I have the middles all printed out and in a pile..
I just need to get them all inked and made.. Shouldn't take long
they will all be the same..
the one with 50 was a trial...I didn't like
so the blue one without 50 is the one I am doing
best get on...49 lots of backing to cut
and then 49 white to cut ready for stamping
thanks for stopping by and I will visit you back as soon as
Claire x


Michelle said...

Ooooh, it looks like you found some great stuff at your garden center! Love it when you find a good sale. Happy WOYWW! --Meechelle #114

misteejay said...

So glad you are having the chance to go out and visit real craft places.

Toni xx

Clare with paint in her hair said...

Fab desk! cute puppy!

May said...

Beautiful invites,you are going to be busy, and great crafty bargains, Enjoy!! Hugs May x x x

Twiglet said...

Hehe Just noticed the iguana - check out our blog shop if you want a fab Iggy puppet!! (Sisters Crafty Creations)

505whimsygirl said...

Oh my, that's a lot of nice sale items you found.

Your desk looks like you've been busy with the invitations. Very nice!

Happy WOYWW #45

Amy E said...

OH look at all that crafty goodness you found!!!! What fun! I can't wait to see your invitations when they're all done. i just bet they're going to be awesome!

Amy E.
#60 (finally!)

L00py's Craft Creations said...

Ohh stash
I'm seeing how many I can get round this way.then when I have finished I'll come back again, that is if I can STOP reading all the posts first Happy WOYWW


Princess Judy Palmer said...

It is always a good day when you find a lovely sale on craft stash. You'll be done with those invitations in no time, just you see!

Sarah said...

Busy times! Lovely thing in the make - hope you find some you time to play with that great stash...! Thanks for the peek in to your crafty space...Sarah at 6

Enfys said...

Sorry I'm a day late, but lovely to see a nice busy desk, with masses of goodies, lucky you!

bohemiannie! art said...

I love a good sale on art stuff! And think it's very generous and kind of you to take care of Paul's mum!

Pauline said...

Think you did well on your crafty purchases ! Love a work in progress desk always looks like you've just walked away a minute ago and will be back to pick up where you left off :-)

riliska said...

Oh, fantastic stamps! I am mad about any stamps - but it is impossible to get them where I live... So- I have fust one chance - to win some in candies... And I try again and more - but I am never lucky... the winners are always the ones who have the craft-rooms fulfil with everything...

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