Friday, January 6, 2012

Info needed

Right as you know I am not a long term stamper
Fairly new to it to be honest..
Well Pauls mum has some sheets of stamps that need cutting out
and I know I need to do something with them 
before they will stick to a block...
Could anyone please help...
What do I need to buy???
Taking into account that she has Hundreds of the things...!!!!!!
I am going to google...but I thought I would ask the experts....
and yes that you lot on here...
I know you will do your best to help.. 

I hope you all have a fab weekend...
I am going to the pictures tomorrow night
to see the man with the amazing eyes.
do you know who I mean
Coooooorrrr.... mmmmm.... 
right on that note I am going to go and Google about these stamps
(after looking through a few more Robert pics)

Thanks for stopping by and a HUGE thank you in advance for any help..


misteejay said...

Stop drooling - you naughty girl LOL

E Z Mount - has two sticky sides. One side sticks to the stamp and the other side is the tacky side (like with your Magnolia stamps) - some folk stick the sheet to the stamps before cutting out some cut out first then stick to the E Z Mount and cut out again (less waste this way but requires two lots of cutting).

Crafters Companion stick & spray - (can never remember the names but you would need the non-permanent one). If there are really loads of stamps this might be the cheaper option as you cut out and then just spray the back.

Toni xx

Sheetal Ahlawat said...

hi Claire, I am new to stamping myself. As misteejay said you can use the two options with your unmounted rubber stamps. But if you have clear acrylic stamps, then you need a stamping block. I think you can mount the ezmounted stamps on the block too because it is really easy to see where you are going to stamp.
Best of all, use the back of a CD cover. When I hadn't got a stamping block, I used them to mount my stamps. It is easy to usee and cost effective too. I still use them for large stamps.
I hope it helps :)

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