Thursday, January 26, 2012

Before I forget..

I would like to say a huge huge Thank you for my amazing Scarf
 Toni over at My World Sort Of had a candy last month..and I was the VERY lucky winner..
It came last week the day the PC broke... I have to say it is amazing.. I have used it everyday from the day it arrived.. It keeps me so warm while walking Tasmin.. Who at this moment in time is going nutty... yes she is.. why your asking... well I have just got said scarf and taken a picture.. to Tasmin that
Bless her..she is now sat at the kitchen door waiting..
Anyway here is the Scarf

The colours are amazing..and the way it is knitted!!!   WOW
It made me want to have a go at knitting a scarf myself... so off I have been to a yarn shop and bought wool
fluffy black wool..and I have started to knit my own... I chose black as I am really knitting it for Hannah to use at I keep telling her NO YOU ARE NOT USING MINE...yes she wants my NEW scarf
anyway here is the start of the scarf
Very black and shiny..
Once again I would like to say a HUGE Thank You to Toni


Chrissy said...

Gorgeous scarf, and good on you kniyying one for Hannah...I used to love knitting, and then got a really sore wrist,burning pain, so stopped knitting and week later pain was gone...never done it since...
Did you get my e-mail re candy?


Chrissy said...

Spelt knitting too fast and not


misteejay said...

I'm so glad you like it - I know you like blue but this was the nearest I could get (blue/green mix). It is surprising how warm they are despite being 'holey' and very light.


Toni xx

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