Saturday, January 14, 2012

How cold has it been today

BRRRRR is not the word for it....
I was up at 7am..walking Tasmin by 730..
and wow...I was so not prepared for the cold....
Tasmin wasn't at all fazed..due to lots of fur..but me...
Polar neck... cardigan and a huge coat...still cold
so Tasmin only got a half hour walk instead of an hour..
Then we toddled off to pick up the new second hand car...
We need one as the Portuguese one is going back to Portugal
If we sell it over there we will get about 3 thousand pounds more.!!!
Then we can buy a decent car over here although it will be second hand again

Then onto see our grandson Olly...
WOW has he grown...
I will post some pics tomorrow..when I have them on the PC 
and not still on my mobile...(it is new and not sure how to transfare yet)

Then I have been knitting...yes knitting
I have bought some black wool... and started to make a scarf..
I Googled how to cast on..took me a little while.
and now I have about 6 inches of the very first scarf...!!!
oh and because it is black wool and not easy to see in the evening
I have decided to make a dishcloth... I saw the yarn and thought why not
it said for crochet as you never know I may have a go at that too!!!

Card making is going ok,,, 
I have played with the new pens at last
and I have to say I love them....and am getting better and better with each digi I colour.
So watch this space for my very first card using one..
(tickled pink image too, so will have to look out for the challenge)

Right I am going to go and see if I cant finish my dish cloth 
then Google how to cast off.... if I don't succeed am sure Paul's mum will help

See you all tomorrow with pictures....
thanks for stopping by xxx


misteejay said...

Bit of a shock to the system this horrid drop in temp.

Well done you on your venture into knitting.

Your ruffle scarf is on its way - hope it doesn't take too long as I'm sure you'll be making use of it with this weather.

Toni xx

Sheetal Ahlawat said...

Hi Claire,
It is really cold, I don't feel like going out even to get groceries. Lets hope all the forecast about a freezing winter doesn't turn real. keep us updated about your scarf. I made one recently for my daughter's teacher as a Christmas gift. I too learned it from the net :)

Chrissy said...

Oh! are freezing cold, and I'm the middle of a heat wave...34oC in Napier the other day and in the high 20's today at 9am...
I dont do heat....I want Autumn/winter


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