Thursday, March 29, 2012

One whole week

And not one post from me..
I bet not one of you
Well truth be known I have been ever so busy...
last weekend we where house hunting once again
and I am pleased to say WE have found a lovely house
WE BOTH like.... it isnt until a time like this you realise
 how different your partners taste is to your own
I mean we chose a house in Portugal so so easy
but after three weeks of driving around a looking 
we are finally taking the plunge...
Anywhere there she is....quiet big... and you see that HUGE bay window at the front top
Well I have to say.... if all goes to how we have planned
that will be my workroom !!! lots of natural light
anyway I am excited.... but also nervous
We move on 10 April, so I am trying to slowly pack things
not that we have a lot here...although it has been mentioned by Paul
That my small box of craft things seems to have grown to 7 drawers of craft things
I blamed it on the fact that the UK has amazing craft shops...
and you just cant leave without buying
I do have a card to share with you...
I made this for Paul's nephew who is 16
and loves Assassins Creed (PS3 game)

 As you can see I found images on Google to make the card
one of the man himself Etzio in the stance he does when walking
And one of a tower which in parts of the game he jumps from into hay stacks
I tried to do it fairly manly...using dark red and blacks... 
as you can see in this pic there is one panel empty
that is where I put the verse once Paul had thought of one..
He loved the card a lot and has asked me to make one for his DAD

Well that's what I have been doing all nine days I have been away
I am hoping not to be away for so long this time...
Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you tomorrow
Paul's mum wants me to take her to the local craft shop !!!
would be so rude not to I
CLaire xx

Toni.... if you read this...I have posted your candi...Hope its got to you in one piece !!


L00py's Craft Creations said...

Oh well done on the House front, that can be really stressful! Love the card, my middlests and my eldest stepson, are both into Etzio, lol, and now I know what to do for their birthdays, ta hunni,
Hope that the taking MIL shopping means that you are there all day, and of course, you might find some stuff you can use to make the House a home as they say, well that would be my excuse anyway lol

misteejay said...

The house looks fab Claire and the thought of having that big bay window in your workroom must be super.

Hope Paul is okay now.

The card is great and of course you now have to go and buy more stash (hehehe) - enjoy your shopping trip.

Thanks for the heads-up about the goodies - I'll start stalking the Postie LOL

Toni xx

Chrissy said...

What a great house Claire, and I did miss you, I actually came to your blog to see what was happening as I had not seen any posts come up.
You wont know yourself with all that space, and privacy!!....Fabulous card, love the shape and great place in the world to get images when you are stuck, or need a specific theme.
Hope all goes well with Paul..and Happy Birthday to Hannah...


Amy E said...

WOW! Claire, your new house is extraordinary!!! You just don't ever see houses like that here in the US. What a lucky girl you are! And now you'll have room for your very own DESK again!!!

The card for Paul's nephew is awesome!!!

misteejay said...

Hiya, missed the Postie Friday (he was late) but found a card saying there was a parcel for me - collected it this morning.

WOW!!! Fan-dabby-dozy!!! What a great collection of goodies - at the moment I'm still taking them out of the parcel...looking at them; stroking them and then putting them back LOL

Thank you so very much.

Toni xx

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